Thursday, August 12, 2010

An appeal to fellow Canadian MRAs.

I am looking for other Canadian MRAs to connect with. As we all know, here in Canada nothing matters unless you're majority Canadian owned, or the info you use is Canadian-sourced. At least, when it comes time to ignore you.

For this reason, I am asking. No. BEGGING anyone who is Canadian, and an MRA, to contact me immediately.

I want to gather statistics from you, I want to know what specifically Canadian things are going on, I want to know where the websites are for Canadians...anything really.

Honest to God, there have to be some...stop letting the typical Canadian "I'm not important" shit come out, and show yourself! Here's why:

I want to put together a 'press pack' of sorts, for various mens issues. I'm also a Canadian. Which means U.S. Statistics will be ignored as 'irrelevant' since they're not Canadian stats. (For those of you in the US, it's cause we Canadians are 'different', and 'we don't do things like that in Canada'.

Seriously, unless you can show it happens here, we just assume it's particular to the States (a totalitarian, Right-wing police state to many Canadians).

It is absolutely VITALLY important that I get in touch with some of you (at least from my perspective), because frankly this job is too big for one guy.

Once I get the Press Pack done, I will distribute it freely to all who want it...and move on to the next issue.

But please, I cannot stress enough that it is vitally important that you show yourselves. I can't do this alone, and American/British MRAs might have the info too (in which case, sharing is appreciated)...but they have their own countries to worry about.

So what do you say guys? Are there ANY other Canadian MRAs?


  1. well im not canadian (sorry) but i do remember a manwomanmyth video on the wage gap that talked about some canadian stats when it comes to job preferences you might wanna check that out.

  2. I'd like to help even though I'm American. =)

    There are a couple of Canadian MRAs that I know of on YouTube, that you can get in touch with. One is Johntheother, who's channel is here:

    Also, if you want, I might have some free'd up time to do a little research for you on men's issues in Canada. Get back to me on YouTube, if you'd like that.

  3. Right here Buddy - what do ya need? (I even wrote about Archetypes once.)

  4. What I really need is a list of good Canadian authors in the MRM, or a list of blogs Canadians keep. It's funny, but everyone BUT Canadians seem to be pretty open about where they're from...

    Anyway, the big thing is I need to get Canadian stats on things like suicide, divorce, etc...same stuff, just particularly Canadian info.

    It's hard to take on, for example, the SK government when all you have is info from the States....

    Any ideas or help would be MUCH appreciated...