Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Dynamics of the Mens Movement

I'm a bit of a visual thinker, so I'll try and illustrate my take on the way ahead.

Imagine this if you will:

Before you is a canvas on an easel, filling your vision.  Imagine taking a wide brush, and painting a thick stripe down the left side of the canvas, the paint thick and gooey and running off the bottom of the canvas all over the concrete floor.  Lets say the colour is a rich blue.  This stripe covers about one fifth of the canvas, and represents MRAs/MGTOWs of the world.  Immediately adjacent to this stripe, imagine painting another stripe, again about 1/5th of the canvas wide, only this time it's a thick dripping layer of lipstick red paint.  And beside that, another stripe, only this time, the stripe is yellow.  And again beside that, pink.  And finally, black.

Standing back, in order you'll have 5 sloppy, dripping messes of, in order, blue, red, yellow, pink, and black.  Now, imagine walking up to the canvas, and taking your hand palm first, fingers spread wide, and pressing your hand hard into the canvas...then wiping your hand toward the black on the far right edge.

That hand, is our message.  The path it took, started in MRA circles and then passed through, in order, the PUA sphere, the Traditionalist camp, then to women, and finally to feminists.  And the mess, with the mingled colours and blurred edges and chaotic blotches of colour are the various blogs, forums, and articles addressing mens issues.  And by and large, that is exactly the trajectory nearly every mens issue has taken on the way to public awareness.  More to the point, the return fire from the Feminist side of the canvas makes a far bigger splash than our initial foray - just like the black overwhelms the other colours.

Someday, enough people will notice that all that blackness is turning the world grey.

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