Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is a placeholder post for design / advertising ideas regarding men's rights issues. Post 'em if ya got 'em.

Ok, this is where I sit for now. The first order of business is to decide on a campaign theme. This is a unifying idea that runs as a common thread throughout the group of ads. My suggestion:

"Speak Up".

To this end, I have one or two ideas. One would be a group of angry feminist protesters (concept) behind or around (threatening) a man that is muffled in some way. Perhaps duct tape...

Anyway, I like the tag line "You don't have to be silent, they'd just prefer it that way." (reference to FIRE's website...) But I am open to suggestions. I also agree that this campaign should be aimed at university level audiences, for obvious reasons.

Another is a picture of a small boy, possibly even a baby, surrounded by vile quotes from prominent feminists, with the tag line "What is this doing to your son?"

What I would like at this stage is a series of concepts, or issues. Like "reproductive rights for men", or conversely "Keep it in your pants or you're paying a ton". The latter might even qualify for some kind of government grant, and these possibilities shouldn't be ignored.

What I need are ideas that will "piggyback" on popular feminist issues, with a "oh yeah, did you forget to mention...?" sort of flavour. The issues I can think of are the boy crisis in education, educational opportunity/grant/funding issues/imbalance, false rape accusations / paternity fraud / reproductive rights type issues, etc.

Any popular feminist myth that is thoroughly debunked, and still spread around campus is fair game....that sort of thing.

I want consensus here, and for that to take place there has to be participation. There is no financial commitment, it's just your brain I need, so no excuses.


  1. Factory- Congrats on the new job. Hope it sticks. My idea- a simple poster-board display for college orientation week or special campus events (e.g., take back the night rallys) featuring MRA websites and personalities (with their permission, of course), Glenn, Men's News Daily, Marc Rudov, Marc Angelluchi, Michael Robinson and CAFC; maybe another poster with a "Hall of Shame" of feminist lies (DV stats, women's studies materials advocating gendercide available in the campus bookstore (I'll bet MCA could rattle off the titles in his sleep!), the wage gap, VAWA, suicide rates, drop-out rates (men:women ~2:1), graduation rates (men:women ~1:2, percentage of "outside agency" scholorships or other financial aid available only to women (typ. ~ 30-60%) vs. outside agency financial aid scholorships available only to men (typ. 0%)- leave as a open field on a poster to be filled in at the college, . . .? ).

    This would serve two important purposes: 1) it would provide young men and women access to information and forums they probably didn't imagine existed in their wildest dreams, and 2) it would encourage, by example, individuals to speak up, and speak the truth, to the entrenched PC/feminist dogma . If there's enough $$ to play with- include a link on the display so that others wanting to order materials can easily find them.

    Keep it factual and squeaky clean. Go for the free publicity. Maybe include a "Great Karnak" envelope, to be opened after the event, predicting ten things the presenter will be called: 10: misogynist, 9: Neanderthal, 8: threatened by women, 7: small wee-wee (aka LaSall's Law - Mike LaSall hosts Mens News Daily, if you didn't know) 6: can't get laid, 5: lives at home . . . well, you get the idea.

    Perhaps include on a poster the predictable sequence of reactions from feminists: denial, attack (aka "whataboutery"), mocking, . . . I can't remember the rest, . . .listening, acceptance. Callum or MCA might be able to get you the correct sequence. It really helps alot to know this extremely predictable sequence when dealing with feminists. If it's published on the poster, then the presenter can just say "I beleive we're about HERE in the process." - pointing to the appropriate reaction. Maybe have a half-circle and red arrow, like at the fire station, and just set the arrow to the appropriate reaction as she's shreaking at you.

    To paraphrase Chief Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes: "The mind of a feminist is like the pupil of an eye. It contracts when exposed to light." The point is not to engage sexist bigots, it's to educate others.

    Hang in there!

  2. I think a good idea would be to develop a video like "Super size me". That one video changed the way fast food restaurants were serving. And it made millions of dollars too.

    We should hire/recruit/have a willing couple(s) with kids and we start filming. The wife does all the false allegations, goes to the court, wins custody, does not give visitation to the husband... We film as much as possible. We can show how easy it is to obtain RO, fool the judge, fool the system and put fathers/men through lot of pain.

    This could be a big hit, we could end up making some money too.

  3. Sorry, continuation of the previous post...

    If this is filmed properly we could end up changing the entire system. One such film could be very powerful..

  4. Unfortunately, I'm not a film maker. It's an interesting idea, one that could be explored, but for now I need to stick to what I "know".

    It does bring up a good point though, one which should be explored.

  5. Factory,

    How about a caption like "Sweet Male Privilege" followed by a list of statistics on things like workplace fatalities, suicides, life expectancy, sentencing disparities, prison conditions etc. etc.

  6. I made a collage in MS Paint. Albiet, it's sucky and amatuerish, but it gets the point across: