Friday, February 14, 2014

I want to tell you a story...

A few years ago, I was occasionally employed as what is known as a 'photographer's assistant'.  A better term might be 'sherpa'.  But I'll get to that.

The particular job in question involved a commercial/industrial shoot in the far north of Saskatchewan, my home Province.  Mining is a huge industry here, employing thousands, thus the annual reports and advertising images are important.

This particular job, I was mostly loading film in the helicopter while the photographer was hanging out the door, feet on the rails, while we banked so a straight down shot could be taken.

Some of this work involved going underground, though.  What this meant, was getting into a small steel 'box' with 7 other guys, with no light other than one man's headlamp (those lamps on the helmets of the guys in coal mining pictures), and swapping places with a giant bucket of slag in a 2.5km trip into the bowels of the Earth.  The 10 minutes or so you are travelling undergound with almost no light, it's hard not to fixate on the fact that you are in a box at the end of a mile and a half long cable, with a mile of air beneath you, and no brake system to save you if things go pear shaped.

Friday, January 31, 2014

The protective instinct

I just watched the movie 'Homefront', the storyline of which is geared straight into the heart of Divorced Dads everywhere.  Jason Statham plays a Widower (I guess that's the easy way to explain why Dad has custody) who is an ex-DEA agent with a Death Warrant hanging over his head, and that of his 10 year old daughter.

I mean, what guy like me wouldn't love this storyline.  Normally quiet and reserved (yet ruggedly handsome and intriguingly single) Dad is up against a gang of Bad Guys threatening the only thing in his life he cares about....his daughter.  Of course Badass Dad triumphs, and the trepidation on his daughter's face saves the life of a somewhat in-over-his-head baddy in the end.

Just like any narrative that appeals largely to men.  We like to think we are protective of our families.  Especially so when 'family' is largely a matter of imagination in the first place.

I have no real idea of what it is like to raise teenagers, for example, even though my daughters are late teens / early 20's now.  I am, in fact, a Grampa as of a few days ago, to be honest.  But whenever I see this kind of movie I eat it up.  It's like a surrogate form of parenthood.

My youngest daughter doesn't speak to me anymore, maybe that's why I usually picture her in the 'Damsel in Distress' role in these father/daughter dramas (It's a psychological thing older daughter, don't be jealous).  It seems to me maybe that's the purpose of these films, to re-awaken that protective instinct in men that have had it beaten out of them.

In this movie, the only adult woman portrayed in even a moderately congenial light has about three lines (and is amazingly attractive...that hair, never been attracted to that before...).  All the other women are utterly reprehensible.  Almost as if they were taken from the worst stereotypes of women the Manosphere complains about, x10.

And this leads me to Hollywood extending an Olive Branch in times like these?  And if so....why?


I've been having more and more discussions with Atheists about this whole God thing, and I've found the typical assumption is anyone pro-Christian is obviously a Bible Thumping Zealot.  And I think that's fucking ridiculous.  It's reductio ad absurdum, or whatever.

Here's the thing.  I'm one of those newly convinced guys, after looking into this stuff more out of interest in the story and my typical love for conspiracy theory type stuff.  I've also seen more than my fair share of Biblical quotes in the Manosphere drawing parallels to Game Theory, as well as a virulent, almost rabid hatred of anything Christian both in the general culture and more specifically (and more vitriolically) from 'Atheists'.

Now, before I go on, I should point out why I put Atheists in scare quotes just then.  It comes from my (admittedly rudimentary) knowledge of Satanism.

You see, Satanism is publicly a mockery of the very idea of religion itself.  The basic precept of Satanism, is that there is no Satan to worship.  Nor is there a God.  therefore, do as thou wilt.  Because after this, there is nothing, no punishment, no reward, no afterlife at all.

Sound familiar?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Who The Fuck Do You Think You Are?

His face was beet red.  This wasn't bullshitting me, he was genuinely angry.  My roommate really was kicking me out.

"I don't want to come home to some kind of mess.  You're really selfish.  How could you do that to me, to the people who care about you?"

It wouldn't be the last time I heard those things.  Nearly everyone that remained in my admittedly shattered life said pretty much the same thing.  And reacted in much the same way.

They ejected me from their lives.

My own father committed suicide when I was eighteen, and I remember feeling these exact same feelings, blaming him for taking the cowardly way out, for not thinking what it would do to me, his son he barely knew.  Since then, I have heard many times how mental illness runs in the family, how suicide can be 'contagious', all of it, really.

And as the child of a suicide victim, a man who was removed from my life and remained broken from that time until his death, I have seen this rationalization used many times.  As the mantra goes these days, correlation is not causation, and here it applies beautifully.  This is a moral resting stop, not an answer. 

Like most who end up in Hospital for self harm, I have struggled for years, decades really, with depression.  For the longest time I thought I was the wimp I was told I was for being so 'weepy' (morose really, since I never cried).  The 'fact' that I was never going to amount to anything became a self fulfilling prophecy, in many ways.

Like many depressives who believe they don't deserve good things, I had a tendency to self destruct whenever things started looking up.  I still, to this day, actively reject women who openly express interest - in an unthinking, kneejerk sort of way - likely out of some misplaced self preservation mechanism.  I have developed all sorts of weird habits over the years of isolation and depression that make it a little harder to re-acclimate to 'normal' society.

This made me a somewhat difficult person to know, to say the least.

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Slang, just for giggles.

Translate penises had by the female in question to 6 inch segments, then translate the number of feet into a typical boat.  eg.  "a skiff of penii", or as someone on TRP just said, 'she just bought a Yacht!'...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Manosphere in Geek Terms.

I just had a short exchange on reddit with a guy, where I explained my idea of the whole MGTOW 'definition', and it got me into an analogy I would like to share here if anyone is interested.

When I was a kid, like a lot of average guys my age, I played a game called 'Dungeons and Dragons' with my friends.  What the game was and how it works isn't really all that important here, but the system it used called 'alignment' is.

Actually, I guess some explanation is really necessary, so for the vast majority of you who know this already, slide on past the explanation if you like.  D&D is a Role Playing Game (or RPG) where the player assumes a persona, and 'plays that character'.  This meant a means of quantifying such nebulous characteristics as 'is this person a good person?  What is 'good' to you?' etc, had to be employed.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm stealing this....

A commenter by the tag of 'Badpainter' leaves what I would class as an Epic Comment over at Dalrock's:

Ok, I’m a recovering nice guy beta currently going through the angry, cynical stage of readjustment. While I have to accept responsibility for all the decisions that got me here, I can’t help but note I am the product of lies.

I have been told my entire life that by virtue of being white, straight, and male that I am by default a racist, sexist, homophobic, oppressive, entitled, bigot, and potential rapist. I was told I don’t, can’t, and won’t be able to understand the plight of others because of my privilege, and unfair advantages. I was told repeatedly by teachers, clergy, politicians, and cultural elites the my life has no meaning unless it in service to others, the nation, the poor, a wife, my parents, my church, or my community, my employer. Never was it suggested my life was to be in service of myself, any suggestion that I would pursue personal goals not in service to someone or something else it was an indication of selfishness  or greed. I was told that I am expendable, disposable, and infinitely replaceable.  I am to provide service but never expect it returned to me.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Feminism, Fascism, tow-may-tow, tow-mah-tow

So it turns out Lenore Zann, a Nova Scotia Member of the Legislative Assembly (that's Provincial Law writing levels of power - and Provincial Law can actually override the National Constitution in Canada) used to be an actress.  Seems she did a part on "The 'L' Word" where she did some nude scenes.

Seems a 17 year old tweeted a link to a screencap from said INTERNATIONALLY TELEVISED program.

Seems the aforementioned MLA had said 17 year old put under investigation for 'cyberbullying', under new legislation introduced under the auspices of a manufactured moral panic over Retah Parsons.  Problem, reaction, solution: now, tweeting an image grabbed from a televised program, then getting pissed off at being put under investigation for it is an Indictable Offense (meaning jail time is possible).

And they didn't even wait for the Law to come into effect before attempting to use it to extend even more State power over our lives.

This Law was never put into place out of good intentions.  This Law was put into place to do exactly as this POLITICIAN is doing.  To intimidate and oppress.

Anyone in the Manosphere thinking this WON'T be swiftly applied to MRAs and the like is free to try and say it with a straight face.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

MRm! Magazine Anthology

Hi all.  I just posted the (almost) complete collection of articles from MRm! Magazine up on Scribd:

Here's the blurb:

A (nearly) complete collection of every article run in MRm! Magazine, in the order in which they appeared. Spanning some year and a half, these articles bracket the advent of the Manosphere, and the term 'Red Pill'.

Please do me a favour and pop a link up to it on your websites...?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Satanic memes.

Seems to me that Feminism has encouraged women to take on the ethos of the Little Horn, as quoted from Anton LeVay Alister Crowley: Do As Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Seems to me men can, and should, answer with another Satanic quote:

Non Serviam.

Friday, August 16, 2013

And now, the PUAs...

The other day I wrote a fairly long post which addressed a part of future strategy recommendations and included a fairly strong diatribe admonishing MRAs for being so closed minded about PUAs and Game Theory.  I also pointed out the extremely useful aspects of Game Theory, and how it translates to the Political stage nicely.

In this post, I would like to address PUAs and Game Theorists.  Firstly, I would like to ask one simple question:  Are you fucking crazy?

Seriously, I can't think of a more likely group to fall afoul of the Feminist Police State than the aspiring PUA (experienced playas usually know how to navigate the shoals).  Why the Hell would you denigrate and ostracise those who are trying to let you know what dangers you are exposing yourself to?  It's the figurative equivalent to getting pissed off at the guy warning you of the deadly rocks below, because it fucked up your chance to impress the hotties with your cliff diving skills.

It is impossible to argue the MRM and Game Theory and all the rest aren't irrevocably intertwined as it is, let alone as it should be.  We use the same damn lexicon for the same concepts, we share the same opinion of our sociopolitical opponents, we face the same accusations of misogyny and are routinely lumped in together.

And the best I can tell, both groups are trying to dissociate from the other out of fear of 'looking bad'.

And that is fucking pathetic.

It's pathetic that MRAs are afraid of being tainted with the smell of unapologetic male sexuality, and it is equally pathetic that PUAs fear the association of actually giving a fuck about anything male related will lead to a pussy drought.

Sure, you might have contempt for the 'losers who can't get laid', and I fully acknowledge there are a lot of MRAs that can't.  A whole lot in fact.  If this differs from the general male population, I'll eat my own shoes, but sure I'll stipulate to that.  And you may even be narcissitic enough to let men you could help flounder so it makes your pickins easier.  But to contend that MRAs are somehow 'bitter losers' based on their (presumed) appeal to women is to utterly ignore the vast majority of neophyte PUAs are there *precisely because they can't get laid, and want to learn how*.

Chew on that one for a while.  The average PUA board is FAR more likely to be full of dweebs who can't get laid than an MRA board, simply because PUA boards are *about improving your success with women*.

So, like I said to the MRAs the other day, stop being such fucking hypocrites and grow the fuck up.  As a society, we are dealing with some pretty disabling shit, both socially and legally.  Each of these two 'movements' have much to contribute to the other, and the circular firing squad's utility is fast diminishing.

We can watch it all go to shit, or we can at least try.  Stop being afraid of looking bad for once, would you?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

ok, ill weigh in...

Hey Hugo.  Can't think of a guy more deserving of what you're going through.  Eat shit, you evil, twisted motherfucker.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Answer: A Case for Integration

Since the initial burst of growth in the online Mens Movement (circa 2000), the question of what we wish to accomplish, and how we should go about it, has dominated much of the internal political discourse.  The topic has swirled around in the background now for well over a decade with no resolution in sight.

Until now, this has been one of our strengths as a movement.  The Mens Movement is about as 'grass roots', as 'anarchistic' of a movement as I can imagine.  Literally, no 'official' leadership with adoption of ideas based simply on debate and general acceptance of the 'membership'.

The problem is, this hyper-democratic approach does not work once we have attracted the attention of those who would twist the movement to their own ends, and have the resources to become a majority of posters on whichever discussion board they wish.  It can hardly be argued that the movement isn't daily assailed by 'tone police' and trolls, as well as those genuinely trying to argue our movement is unnecessary.

As well, there has been 'adoptions' of relatively new, nebulous, vaguely positive sounding goals attributed to the Mens Movement that are wholly a product of the latest influx of neophytes.  This is born of generalized ignorance of mens issues, utter lack of understanding of human nature, and unrealistic approaches that are frankly characteristic of newby anythings.  I have no doubt at all, though, that a good portion of these newcomers are false flag MRAs pretending 'agreement' while taking for granted, for instance, that Patriarchy Theory has merit, and arguing for 'smashing male Gender Roles' (this is different from Feminism how exactly?) is 'what the MRM is about'.

I will leave to another time the subject of the actual goals of the MRM, although I will share my own beliefs on what some of them are (or were).  What I want to address here is The Way Forward.