Friday, January 31, 2014


I've been having more and more discussions with Atheists about this whole God thing, and I've found the typical assumption is anyone pro-Christian is obviously a Bible Thumping Zealot.  And I think that's fucking ridiculous.  It's reductio ad absurdum, or whatever.

Here's the thing.  I'm one of those newly convinced guys, after looking into this stuff more out of interest in the story and my typical love for conspiracy theory type stuff.  I've also seen more than my fair share of Biblical quotes in the Manosphere drawing parallels to Game Theory, as well as a virulent, almost rabid hatred of anything Christian both in the general culture and more specifically (and more vitriolically) from 'Atheists'.

Now, before I go on, I should point out why I put Atheists in scare quotes just then.  It comes from my (admittedly rudimentary) knowledge of Satanism.

You see, Satanism is publicly a mockery of the very idea of religion itself.  The basic precept of Satanism, is that there is no Satan to worship.  Nor is there a God.  therefore, do as thou wilt.  Because after this, there is nothing, no punishment, no reward, no afterlife at all.

Sound familiar?

This may be simply the more prosaic versions of Satanism, maybe there's a more 'enlightened' version in which extensive use of the Occult is normal (eyes wide shut), but that would be more Illuminati conspiracy stuff we don't really need to go into here.

Let's just say that functionally, the only difference between Satanism and Atheism, is one lacks any formalized ritual.

This is not to say Atheism isn't a Religion.  If you think of Religion (as I do) as something people Preach to others, they indeed become zealots about spreading the word of, there is no one quite so compelled to Preach as an Atheist.  Seriously, I doubt Jehovah's Witnesses could keep up the level of zealotry your average Atheist handles with ease.

And the hatred of Christianity.  Let's restate that...  The HATRED of Christianity, and in specific Christianity - not Judaism, Islam, Shinto, Hindu, or Tribal.  Just Christianity.

And let's not mince words here, 'Atheist' societies are BY FAR more murderous than the blackest of Christian historical acts.  Stalin alone outstrips the entire history of people misusing Christianity for their own devices (a Sin, by the way...something about taking the Lord's name in vain), without mentioning Nazi or Maoist or Cambodian or any other Genocide, since it would be piling on a dead horse.

Add to that the massive leaps of faith required to believe in Darwinism (and the denial of evidence that counters it's suppositions - the Pre Cambrian Explosion comes to mind), and the rigid adherence to Dogma that typifies Atheism, and it looks a lot like the 'non religion' of Atheism is far more Religious than Belief requires.

To be honest, the vast majority of 'atheists' I know have such beliefs because Christianity frowns on something they are, or love doing.  Many of my gay friends that are/were Atheist (over the years, mind, I don't have a massive social circle anymore) have usually told me they are atheist because of the Biblical stance on homosexuality.  I have also had total sluts (of both sexes) tell me they don't like the restrictions on their sexual autonomy.  Some just don't like the idea of submitting to hierarchy (gee, again, a familiar problem Biblically speaking).

I can't honestly say I have ever met an Atheist who landed on that 'belief' system simply out of logic.  I've seen plenty of atheists try and make their decision logical, but not the other way round.

Now, all this said, I have no skin in the game with atheists.  I don't give a fuck at all if you Believe.  I really don't.  But to sit and take the bullshit rationalizations framed as 'logical' arguments, to be proselytized to by sanctimonious non-Believers because Tolerance....well, like with Feminism, fuck that.

If you can't admit there are so many holes in Darwin's Theory of Evolution it takes every bit as much faith as Creationism, then you are lying to yourself and everyone else about your rationality.  Rationalizing is more like it.

Now, I don't push my beliefs onto you.  So stop fucking doing it to me.  Sound fair?

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