Saturday, January 4, 2014

I'm stealing this....

A commenter by the tag of 'Badpainter' leaves what I would class as an Epic Comment over at Dalrock's:

Ok, I’m a recovering nice guy beta currently going through the angry, cynical stage of readjustment. While I have to accept responsibility for all the decisions that got me here, I can’t help but note I am the product of lies.

I have been told my entire life that by virtue of being white, straight, and male that I am by default a racist, sexist, homophobic, oppressive, entitled, bigot, and potential rapist. I was told I don’t, can’t, and won’t be able to understand the plight of others because of my privilege, and unfair advantages. I was told repeatedly by teachers, clergy, politicians, and cultural elites the my life has no meaning unless it in service to others, the nation, the poor, a wife, my parents, my church, or my community, my employer. Never was it suggested my life was to be in service of myself, any suggestion that I would pursue personal goals not in service to someone or something else it was an indication of selfishness  or greed. I was told that I am expendable, disposable, and infinitely replaceable.  I am to provide service but never expect it returned to me.

I was taught that boys will be boys, and it would better if they were more like girls. Unless of course manual labor was needed than boys were barely  good enough. I was taught to treat women with respect, not as sex objects. I was told not to expect, demand, manipulate, or ask even for sex. I have no right right of entitlement to sex, even from a wife. But should I marry the wife is my highest obligation, to feed, breed, make happy, care for, house, support financially, emotionally and materially.  Being the idiot I am I believed it. I was taught women are my equals and deserve to be treated as such. But when I did this I was told they need to be treated as women. My confusion was something for me to work out by myself.  Thus to women I am undesirable, unfashionable, too passive, too aggressive, inattentive, clingy, lacking intimacy, untrustworthy, dangerous, too safe, selfish, too generous and worst of all I just don’t get it. But they still value my friendship.

I am too well educated for crap work, to inexperienced for good work, and too old for entry level work. I also fail to meet any sort HR need  for a diversity hire.  At work I am expected to produce a product or a service. But usually the product I am expected to produce is good feelings amongst my coworkers, as well I am to tell the boss the approved versions of the truth.  I must be likable, friendly, and sociable. The amount and quality of work I do is less important than my ability to talk about the work I do. The results are less important than the process. I am employed to serve the egos of bosses, and validate the feelings of my coworkers. I am paid as little as possible since production is not a metric. If I am lucky I will be presented with Certificate of Achievement to further dehumanize me. The economy doesn’t want me but it still values my spending.

If I fall on hard times the government tells me to man up. Since I’m neither woman nor child I am unworthy of assistance. But when I’m making good money the same government is there to collect its share. When I want to start a business the government demands a bribe, license, tax, fee, inspection, or approval of various drones who only exist to suck the life out of the ambitious and industrious. If I show ambition and chase the dollars I arouse the suspicion that I must be defrauding someone, stealing, or cheating. If am successful I am expected to give back, but there is never an explanation of what favor I am repaying.

My anger and cynicism is the result of too long giving sanction to the system that neither encourages me, nor rewards me. For some reason it believes I will continue to play this game. I won’t the game offers me no reason to play. 

Let Leftist SJW's everywhere tremble.

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