Friday, December 13, 2013

Feminism, Fascism, tow-may-tow, tow-mah-tow

So it turns out Lenore Zann, a Nova Scotia Member of the Legislative Assembly (that's Provincial Law writing levels of power - and Provincial Law can actually override the National Constitution in Canada) used to be an actress.  Seems she did a part on "The 'L' Word" where she did some nude scenes.

Seems a 17 year old tweeted a link to a screencap from said INTERNATIONALLY TELEVISED program.

Seems the aforementioned MLA had said 17 year old put under investigation for 'cyberbullying', under new legislation introduced under the auspices of a manufactured moral panic over Retah Parsons.  Problem, reaction, solution: now, tweeting an image grabbed from a televised program, then getting pissed off at being put under investigation for it is an Indictable Offense (meaning jail time is possible).

And they didn't even wait for the Law to come into effect before attempting to use it to extend even more State power over our lives.

This Law was never put into place out of good intentions.  This Law was put into place to do exactly as this POLITICIAN is doing.  To intimidate and oppress.

Anyone in the Manosphere thinking this WON'T be swiftly applied to MRAs and the like is free to try and say it with a straight face.

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