Monday, May 9, 2016

Affirmative Consent

This blog post was originally written in August, 2014.

So, as of this writing it hasn't been signed into Law, but it looks like California is going to pass the Affirmative Consent law.  Quite a few people have expressed alarm over the implications of this law already, and I'm sure there's more to come, but I'm not one of them.

I know, weird.  Allow me to explain.

First off, the gist of the law in question:

Every 'stage' of sexual contact must be agreed to clearly ahead of time, any touching at all without express permission constitutes sexual assault.  Further, this consent can be revoked at any time at least during, possibly even after any contact.  Revocation of consent does not have to be communicated.  Instead, if there's any 'confusion', everything stops until clear verbal consent is again given.

It is also plain the accused is guilty until proven innocent, since the revocation of consent does not have to be proven...the continued existence of consent does.  So, the RadFems got their legal definition of 'all heterosexual sex is rape' after all.  Color me surprised.

Oh, and this is all with a Preponderance of the Evidence standard, no right to representation for the accused, indeed no right to see the evidence gathered against you, and no protection from public exposure.

Sounds pretty damned scary doesn't it?  Well, if Gerry Brown signs that document, returning and Freshman University students will be facing this environment in a few days.

And I hope he signs it, I truly do.  And here's why:

Not one sane man in California is going to attend college this September.  Those with the means will instead go to out of State universities, and those without the means will put off their education for one year.  To do anything else would be outright suicidal.

But some men will go anyway.  The True Believers will go.  The blase will go, thinking themselves immune from disaster.  The Male Allies will go.  Basically, the people propping up this ridiculous Politically Correct Totalitarian State will attend, to support the cause, to show they are good little citizens, or to show they really are above 'all that'.  Sadly, the uninformed men will attend as well.

In a Just world, those men unaware of the legal minefield they are enrolling in would be made aware as soon as possible.  And I believe a good portion of those men are going to hear the warnings, and educate themselves, and comport themselves, accordingly.

The remainder will wilfully remain ignorant.

I predict an absolutely massive drop in male enrollment in California schools this fall, just because this law got this far.  Even if it doesn't pass, the disparity in education in California will grow massively.  If it does, I fully expect well over half of the men currently enrolled will not be showing up for class any time soon.  And don't count on many applications from men any time soon either, Dean-O.

To me, this is a fantastic activism opportunity for MRAs, doubly so if the law is enacted.  And all we have to do is simply tell the public what the law says.  Tell men what they face, and cite the actual law.  Maybe throw in a quote or two from legislators saying they have no clue how an accused could prove consent.  It's sure to make an impact.

The silver cloud in the lining, is that the only men to be hurt by this are White Knights, True Believers, and the wilfully ignorant....all of whom have no one to blame but themselves.

Why should this law go into effect?  Not because it will help lawsuits.  On the contrary, it will make such lawsuits impossible.  This law should go into effect because they have finally, FINALLY gone so far over the top the damage they cause cannot be denied.  That, and the fact this will push so many men so far away from women in general women will have no choice but to finally open their mouths and speak up, makes this a watershed moment in the Mens Movement.

Am I crowing over the corpses (figuratively) of the men mowed down by this travesty of law?  That depends.  If it's some guy who simply had no option, had to attend a CA school, and had to do it this year, then no.  Ditto if it's a guy who genuinely had no idea.  But if it's some dude thinking himself immune?  Or a white knight?  Fuck no, I don't feel bad at all.

SO here's what I suggest.  We need to tell the young men of California what is what with the Law.  We also need to demand mandatory 'rape education' sessions include an accurate representation of the law to the young men they speak to, and detail the full scope of their rights.

As Carnell Smith says, we need to allow them to take full credit for their actions.  We need to broadcast their accomplishments as far and wide as we can.  We owe it to the young men of California.  We owe it to the legacy of the people who made all of this happen.

I'm sure it will look fantastic on them.

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