Friday, October 3, 2008

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as a Canadian, I am more than familiar with American Television. Hell, I’ve even been to the States once or twice! But I daresay I have about as much familiarity with economics and human motivation as anyone else, and I have to ask:

Why is the fact that Liberal agendas (like expanding the availability of mortgages to encompass more minorities to increase their share of home ownership (a laudable goal, I might add) continually escape the “menu of things responsible for this mess” when I watch TV?

It’s not that I object to the principle….I most certainly don’t. I just don’t understand how Liberal-, or Progressive-thinkers are automatically supposed to be right, 100% of the time, or the sky will fall!

Keep in mind, I live in the very city where nationalized Health Care was born as a concept in Canada. A province which has had an NDP (socialist) government for over 80% of it’s history. A Province widely regarded as Communist, in a country that most Americans view as only slightly removed from a Communist country….. so I think I’m not ill-informed on the effects of Socialism, or Liberalism (given the fact that our (national) Natural Governing Party actually is called the Liberal Party…and lives up to the name).

What I can tell you is this: the vast majority of Socialists would better be described as Socialites, or failing that, Academics. Scratch a Socialist and you’ll find his/her income depends on the Govt in some way, shape or form (in a relatively significant manner).

Most of us are sick and tired of still more tax breaks, and programs for and to help special interest groups, like single Moms, or minorities, or those with bad credit. Because the net result of most of these expensive programs is almost always an even bigger problem, that requires more resources, staff, and taxes (whoah, let me get you a chair, I’m sorry to shock you like that)…a self-perpetuating bureaucracy? Perish the thought.

Frankly, I think the Liberal Agenda of bringing minority families up to “parity” with white families (assuming there is a need, and that this is indeed a priority) would be far better served by…..well, just stop kicking the legs out from under the guys all the time.

Really. How is a minority man supposed to be “responsible” when he’s surrounded by both racist (which we both agree is a bad thing) as well as sexist (and that one belongs to feminism) messages daily? How is he supposed to get ahead when he owes 75% of his take home pay in Child Support? Or worse, is in jail for inability to pay? How is he supposed to avoid these issues when he has no right to decide if he wants to be a parent, and is also afforded the least effective (and numerically sparse) methods of birth control? With an educational system that has decided he doesn’t matter, and even if they did care, the curriculum would put him at a disadvantage by it’s very nature?

More importantly, given the way he is regarded and addressed in society, why would he bother?

All of these are issues that arose due to Liberal politics. All of those Liberal policies likely began with the desire to help these people out, a mindset I can definitely get behind, especially given my economic status. But NONE of them would have happened if any of the enactors had an iota of understanding of human nature.

Either that, or this is exactly the desired effect.


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