Friday, November 28, 2008

So what am I supposed to think???

In the course of many, many debates, I have begun a TON of posts (or arguments) with the words "Women do" or "Women are". In short, I'm quite guilty of generalizing.

But here's the thing. When I say something like "Women only want men for their money", I base it on several areas of my experience. The main one would be the stress placed on boys to become a "good provider", and the importance women place on their man being a "good provider". Now, call me ignorant, but isn't this simply another way of saying "has money / good job"? Isn't the fact that this criteria shows up almost universally in women's list or "requirements" for an ideal husband cause for consternation?

The euphemisms change, of course. Now it's "responsible", "Stable" or somesuch, but the code words all mean the same thing.


THIS is where I would get the generalization that "Women pick men based on wallet thickness, while castigating men for mating based on attraction to physical attributes", or put another (more entertaining) way "Women want to marry wallets, Men want to fuck hotties". Men have been (largely unjustly in my view) castigated for physical attraction for decades, all while women's identical behaviour is celebrated as "empowered thinking", yet women have never had their own dirty little secret seriously examined, let alone outed and ostracised.

It's been attempted, sure, in such works as Esther Vilar's "The Manipulated Man" (which frankly should be required reading for all men). But larger society was successfully prevented from examining these issues concurrently with those issues promoted by Feminism (ie, body-image, self-image for women/girls ONLY) via misdirection, fabrication, one-upmanship, and ideological control of the Media and Academics.

The generalization the "Women go for bad boys" might offend some feminists (who may even then drone on about how SHE dates only intellectual pussy-men with long hair and Volvos), but it's true, generally. In fact, it's empirically provable, as has been done numerous times in the past, and moreover most women wouldn't dream of denying it (when her "current" isn't around anyway).

But to say something like "Women are gold-diggers who only care about your wallet" offends many women, seemingly especially feminists.

Both of the statements can be shown to be true, empirically. This, again, is seldom argued. What usually stands for "argument" is the degree of importance the amount of income a man has (as in, that's not the ONLY thing women look for in a man).

When have women discouraged this behaviour among themselves? What have they done (as a group, either collectively or through a series of individual choices) to discourage this mindset?

Nothing. In fact, quite the opposite.

Women are more openly mercenary and conniving now than at any point in our history. There are fewer reasons to even associate with women in our current society - let alone genuinely trust them - than ever before.

And far from working to change this path, women have enthusiastically plunged down it, to cries of "You go girl!".

And I can say these "Women" satements, and many others, because not only are they true, but women have done nothing to disabuse men (figuratively speaking) of the notion, and don't seem to think the effort is worth it.


  1. The problem is not simply that women are not blamed for being more likely to want men who are more successful or have more money.

    The problem is that men effectively get blamed for women's desire to trade up. If men are more successful or over-represented in higher paid jobs, this is used to blame men for perpetuating inequality or used as an excuse for why we still need feminism. Yet in reality men are only doing this to cater to women's demands.

    Today you have a situation where women want more opportunities than men (in relation to things like education and affirmative action), as well as being guaranteed equal outcomes with men in the workforce. And yet women also want to find a man who can earn more than they do.

    This would be a bit like having a situation where most men wanted to marry a beautiful woman while also demanding that women in general are no more better-looking than men. It is so ridiculously contradictory, schizophrenic and unsustainable.

  2. I would further refine that concept to say men are blamed for women's inability to EASILY trade up, since so many of us are "losers" that don't even make as much as she does!

    God, that's like having to SUPPORT a MAN!


    Hypocritical doesn't even begin to cover it....

  3. "I would further refine that concept to say men are blamed for women's inability to EASILY trade up, since so many of us are "losers" that don't even make as much as she does!"

    That's right. Men get blamed for their success, while also being blamed for their lack of success.

    The thing that is particularly ridiculous about feminist complaints that women haven't yet achieved equal outcomes everywhere with women is that it runs completely opposite to the realities of life.

    In reality, women are generally better off if there are sufficient numbers of successful men to marry. Women are worse off when the men are sufficiently marginalised that women have to take care of more things.

    If feminists want to gripe about things like the wage gap, that's cool. We'll just get men to work shorter hours and bum around and play with skateboards a bit more. That way, the wage gap will disappear. Women will be thrilled when their men make less money and there are no longer any successful men to marry.

  4. typo: the third paragraph is supposed to read "equal outcomes everywhere with men".

  5. Prec isely the point I was making at PAB, namely that "slacker culture" is a direct result of feminist assault on masculinity and competition.

    And we know how many "Where have all the Good Men Gone" editorials there are...

  6. And have you ever noticed when you point out women's behavior, *every single woman* will try to convince you "oh, that's not me, I'm not like that, I don't do that" (except, of course, for a few Power Bitches who'll stand up and say "Ya damn right I do dat, yo!").

    But it's funny how, with almost every single woman telling us "they're not that way", the statistics remain the same, and when you actually hit the dating scene, you find 0 women who are actually "not that way".

    I had a woman say "I'm not that way" yet over the years I've known her, every single man she's been with has been in University, had a car, and worn $500 outfits, and paid for everything.