Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beating a dead horse...

For Immediate Release:

The Institute for Correcting the Woefully Distorted View of Feminists as Hairy Legged Man Haters is proud to announce their new billboard campaign, entitled "Feminism, it's All About You!". The billboards aim to illustrate the continuing relevance of feminism in our daily lives. Bitsy Narcisse, director of I.C.W.D.V.F.H.L.M.H kindly donated some of her time to us:

Talking Head: Thanks for your time away from...your organization. MY but that's a lot of letters!

Bitsy Narcisse: Yes, it sure is TH. We tried to make up a catchy acronym, but, well, you can see the difficulty. We had an all day meeting about it, but even after three bottles of Wolf Blass the best we could come up with was to call ourselves "Yummy Mummies" for short. So it's still kind of up in the air what to call us.

TH: Well then how about I just say "You guys", would that work?

BN: Sure.

TH: So tell me then Betsy, just what are you guys trying to achieve with this campaign?

BN: Well Talking, I don't think it's any secret that Feminism has sort of lost it's shine with the public. Women are even taking the term Feminist as an insult, and that's just not right. We've been doing good works, and we still have a long way to go, so we need women to support us more than ever. We have to do something to counter the propaganda.

TH: Wait a minute, propaganda? That's a pretty serious accusation. Who would be trying to undermine feminism's image?

BN: The Patriarchy of course! One of our members hacked into her husband's secret eMale account (surprisingly, most women don't even KNOW about the Men's Internet), and got on the Patriarchy's mailing list. We know everything they're going to do in advance now.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that....

TH: ...er, so what types of advertisements do you have to counter the propaganda campaign?

BN: We prefer the term "Backlash" actually, it's sort of a code word, plus it sounds so much more dramatic. We styled the ads like a recruitment billboard, and in some of them we highlight our successes - like the one for the Justice System for example - while in others we show continuing challenges like sexual objectification, and the fact that some men that have children still aren't in Prison.

TH: Serious issues indeed. It's amazing that in this day and age women continue to suffer under such conditions. It must be challenging, and rewarding, work.

BN: Sometimes it's hardly work at all. When I started the organization, the first thing I did was hire some of my best friends with the grant money, that way I knew I would have a team that could work together. We're so collaborative, we multitask for each other!

TH: Women are so great! So which billboard is your favorite?

BN: Awww, talking, that's like asking me which daughter I love best. I guess if I had to choose, I'd say the one with Rosie the Riveter on it. Feminism has been re-educating people for a long time, whether we needed to or not. And that billboard makes my heart swell with pride, knowing Feminists will be dictating public policy for a long time to come.

TH: Thank the Mother Goddess for that I say! Bitsy, it's been a real pleasure getting to the heart of this crisis for women with you. Even though women are hit hardest, it'll be no small reassurance that my tax dollars go to support institutes such as yours.

The billboards can be viewed in attachment...

Antifeminist ad 2

Antifeminist ad 3

Anti feminist ad 4

antifeminist ad 5


  1. These pictures speak 1000 words.

    Just wonderful

  2. Thanks. I had a giggle making them. :)