Saturday, January 3, 2009

PUA? MGTOW? MRA? Oy, the acronyms!

There seems to be a bit of debate over whether the PUA (Pick up Artist) "community" is a friend of MRA's...

Now, getting over the sheer inanity of this question's face, it does expose a bit of a conundrum.

Do men REALLY want to understand women?

Many former PUA's will tell you that after a while they began to ask themselves "Is this all there is?" The ease of manipulation and shallow relationships, combined with the prevalence of women who respond quite willingly to this, tends to jade a guy.

Myself, I firmly believe that every man should read at least a few pieces from these "shysters" selling the Pass to the Golden Valley to the masses. They've got a lot of wisdom in them.

Mostly because they take a "What women DO, not what women SAY" approach to relationships, and many men need to get their heads out of their asses in these regards...and right quick if possible. I confess, I read and listen to many of these guys, and have utilized some of the techniques...frankly, they're generally right in my experience.

And you do get jaded quick. In my case, it was simply from watching my "mentor" do his thing...and he did it well. I almost immediately lost confidence in women's ability to "keep it in their pants" - ESPECIALLY when they are married or in a long term relationship.

As the saying goes..."Rings don't plug holes".

At any rate, the point is that once the majority of men are onto women's motivations, and call them on it, the more likely social pressure curtailing said behaviour is. Being angry about other's success with women, or refusing to do anything from lack of success on your own part, is counter-productive.

Knowing the wiles of the opposite sex has been taught to women since time immemorial, and lacking enough proper fathers out there to teach boys how to do this, PUA's will continue to proliferate.

One point made about PUA's is totally valid though...there are FAR too many of them that make getting laid the centre of their Universe. That comes from not listening to the rest of the advice, or failing to internalize that becoming your own man, with his own life that she can come along on if she pleases you enough, is the goal.

Not being an attention whore.

If I had to sum my position up, it would be that the quicker men internalize PUA stuff the better, but the more they follow the MGTOW attitude the better too.

Make women prove themselves to men, needing exceptional qualities in order to get laid / have kids, and you'll see a RADICALLY different society.


  1. Though I'm sure this will be used against me by every feminist who ever reads this, I'll share some of my story:

    When I was in highschool, I was "the nice guy" who never got laid or really much attention. I was an emotional blanket and girls would frequently call me to cry about the current dude they were fucking. I was grossly overweight and had acne.

    In college, I dropped about 50 lbs, my skin cleared up, I had a car and a job. Suuuuuddenly all these women were coming around talking to me.

    Really pissed me off and exposed how shallow, self-serving, and money-hungry women are.

    Since I was so pissed, I became resentful and rude to these women. They loved it and started to practically line up.

    I'm over all that now and have a wonderful girlfriend who, while admittedly a big spender, shares very few of the qualities of most American women. We're happy together.

    So, I'm not gonna Ghost and refuse to share with a deserving woman all that is great about me just because 99% of Ameriskanks are cuntwads.

    But yeah, having engaged in being a PUA for a few years really jaded me in my opinion of women. The sad thing is, I've seen very little to break me of this idea on women. They just keep proving it day in and day out.

    The funny thing is, men in my generation are completely onto them:

    "Look girl, you know that I wanna hit that.
    You only with it cause you know I kick a sick rap
    Your man wanna combat, but I ain't on that
    He just mad that AMB got the contract
    Funny how so many bitches wanna come by
    When back then it was, "Aww, he's just some guy"
    Now that my paper's straight, they wanna act right
    Flossin' them titties and steady workin' the backside
    Whisper in my ear sayin' they can treat a thug right
    Well, that ain't me, bitch. I live scrub life
    Cause that's the only way I escape
    Watchin' my old school Monday night Nitro tapes
    With my homeboys - And they' tap that ass
    Most times they do, it's just a part of the path
    From the crowd to the stage, from the stage to the head
    Through the back, to the crew, to the bus, to the bed
    If you had it your way it wouldn't end with a thanks
    It'd be bus to the bed then straight to the bank
    Fuck that
    All you want is some superstar sex
    To try to get you some of them superstar checks
    Keep callin' me superstar and this what you get
    Mister Otis chokin' the shit outta that pretty little neck (just fuckin' die!)
    And don't think for a second that you're wifey.
    You get a dick and that's it and then I'm like, "Peace!"

    It's like this; you ain't right you trife bitch, you sick
    Always out for my chips and dip
    You think them lips will get shit from me?
    Nothin' but a nut and a fuck and that's free.
    You think them lips will get shit from me?
    Nothin' but a nut and a fuck and that's free"


  2. It must be scaring the shit out of a lot of women that not only are their motivations and tactics being laid bare, but that men are actually paying attention and moreover calling them up to the carpet on them.

    I agree that "most women" does not mean all, problem is that you only know when she's in the position to drop the hatchet, and doesn't. Hardly an ideal situation.

    So for me personally, it's like Fidelbogen says...relationships (and large swaths of women) fail the cost/benefit analysis. Badly.

    I'll have FWB anyday over a "real" relationship.

  3. Reasonably intelligent and attractive. Dont want a man for his money. Don't want a man for his status. Want a man for love, sex and affection. I know I'm not the only one out there.

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  5. Men who are trying to show that they don't need women as society force them to believe, are just hypocrites.

    Men need women, not only for sex but many others things. Just to show it.
    When a man can't use his "dick", do you really think he is going to be a lonely man in his housse? NO.
    They will always try to find a woman to fullfi their empty life. And it's crazy that they dare to whine and complain about women attitudes towards them.