Thursday, March 19, 2009

Misunderstood my ass.

What a lot of the feminists that come on these MRA boards and sites miss, and what is also paradoxically the most important thing for them to learn, is that MRA's are not "leading" anyone. We are the bleeding edge of a much larger social attitude, we're simply more vocal about injustice.

Maybe that's because many of us have nothing left to lose, maybe it's because we have children that we want to see in a happy, healthy relationship. Maybe it's just because we're really fucking tired of the abuse heaped upon us daily.

But we are not telling anyone what to do, or supplying men in general with anything for that matter...(we don't have that kind of political reach). We simply say out loud what most men are thinking...

Feminist man-haters come here and elsewhere to try and argue against many of the issues MRA's have raised. This is all fine and good, since any political position is, and should be, assailable. The fact that these selfsame feminists accuse men and MRA's of "misunderstanding" feminism, given their collective (lack of) grasp of Men's Issues, betrays their desire not to engage and understand men and MRA's, but to misdirect, muffle, and otherwise frustrate efforts for reform.

We understand it all right. We understand it just fine. It is a movement dedicated to removing every last vestige of male power (leaving men, obviously, powerless)...i.e. "The Patriarchy". It is a movement that has continuously, and vocally, denigrated men...and continues to do so to this day. It is a movement that has promoted a negative male image consistently, and looks at Masculinity as a social disorder, and testosterone as a poison.

It is man hate.

As to the feminists who would "never act like that" (and neither do ANY of their friends..of course), the inability to admit even ONE thing done to men, in the name of women, by feminists, betrays their moral position.

The inability to admit men have a serious image problem (created via feminist rhetoric), that we are aggressively put down in every area, we are routinely denied opportunity while women get incentives, our problems are ignored or diminished, and resisted at every turn when we try and balance things a bit...and all the while they blame lawmakers, and society, and ad if these people came to these conclusions all by themselves...

It's the sheer refusal to believe women have had it much better than men for decades, if not for history...

In other words...these feminists who care for men so much, betray their hatred of men every single time they minimize men's suffering, every single time they try and steer the conversation away from men and onto women, every single time they defend not funding men's initiatives because "there's already not enough"...(lady, there will NEVER be enough for your type to share...).

If you want to see a man hater...bring up men's rights.

If they laugh, or deny, or misdirect, or place women above men....well, you have your answer.

It really IS that simple.


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  2. One cannot even talk about the double standards, troubles and difficulties of men in mainstream society, less one be berated or shunned socially.

    Yes, we can say a word or two quietly to another man who we may get an indication that he understands the situation. But even then one can go too far if not careful.

    Between the PUA, MGTOW, MRA community and I include PUA as the forums I frequent talk about these issues as well and there is much overlap, I in one sense have found what I thought was wrong but couldn't previously grasp. However I now feel very isolated, as I consider that I live in a parallel world that most others do not see.

    Yes, I understand the nature of woman, the injustices of men and am more successful with women as a result, yet I feel far more alone in the world than before.

    Once one learns the truth, one can never go back, not that I ever want to.

    The red pill is a fantastic illusion of idealism, the blue pill a reality of pragmatic realism.

    One part of me has died since crossing onto the path less travelled, another has awoken...

  3. I know the feeling. It's like realizing that the illusion of the "interesting, loyal woman" is gone.

    Truth is, there still are women like that...use your new knowledge to weed out the ones that respond to the bullshit PUA stuff (which it isn't, but if they respond to it, they will to the next guy too).