Monday, June 22, 2009


Seems to me there's a lot more actual questioning going on in the media. Seems to me there are a lot more men standing up and saying "screw you, this is wrong and I'm gonna do what I can to stop it". Seems to me there are a lot more people listening to these men, and agreeing with them, if not always for the right reasons.

For example, men and boys faring poorly is an international tragedy...but not because women will find it harder to snag a "good catch". That's selfish in the extreme, and any woman (or man) presenting that as an argument should be placed firmly in the "man-hater" category.

And they frequently are.

Hell, a lot of newspapers refuse to allow comments on stories they present from their traditional PC-Leftist viewpoint....because otherwise they get lambasted by the general public, with support only from a few obvious man haters.

But some of the media is listening now...and paying attention...and sometimes even trying to be "balanced and fair"....a novel concept for them of late.

Even the Obamessiah is being criticized for his view of men and boys...openly, by non-MRA commentators.

Hey.....maybe we're getting somewhere.

Edit: Will wonders never cease. Here's a letter to the National Post (Canada)...check out the title of the person writing this letter....

Wonder if THAT can be written off a "some crackpot woman-hater"...?

As an Albertan, I was brought up to believe in equality of men and women. So I was appalled to learn that the government of my home province has created a website that publicizes the pictures of dads who have missed spousal payments for six months or more. They are made to look like criminals.

They are not. Family courts across Canada, instead of helping families stay together, are openly biased against men. They act on perjured evidence, refuse to allow cross-examination, make orders against men who are not present or order unrealistic payments that violate the principles of justice and equality.

The courts don't care about whether the woman is responsible for the breakup or whether she is a wife or a live-in or whether she cleaned out the bank account before demanding support.

The result is destruction of families. Some men resort to suicide. Some disappear or are in and out of the legal system constantly. Many men lose their children and many children lose their fathers forever.

We can do better. Governments should use these funds for qualified advisors to identify the problems and help work out better solutions. The family courts have failed completely.

Marguerite E. Ritchie, president, Human Rights Institute of Canada, Ottawa.

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