Monday, July 20, 2009

Beat me to it...

I was going to do a post on the similarities between Feminism and NAZIsm, but Angry Harry has beaten me to it.


  1. For a good analysis of this subject, I would recommend you read some work by David Shackleton (if you haven't already). He wrote a good essay a while back called Feminism Exposed: Our Blindness to Feminine Evil.

    Shackleton and other writers have looked at the social psychology which gives rise to various political movements, and believe there are certain parallels between the rise of Nazism and fascist movements and the rise of modern feminism.

    The belief is that Nazism and other fascist movements tend to arise in societies that have unresolved issues around father abuse, male authority and the like. That is, if people are conditioned to accept a dictatorial draconian father presence and not permitted to challenge such notions, they are more conditioned to look for such a figure to lead them.

    Shackleton believes that feminism has largely arisen in a similar fashion, but as a response to unresolved issues about maternal abuse and an unwillingness to recognise feminine evil. That is, because we have been conditioned to not recognise feminine evil, and have often repressed the truth about abuse suffered at the hands of mothers or other women, such evil is effectively embedded in the social psyche and free to reproduce itself through society and politics, all the while being seen as a great good.

    Shackleton makes some good points about how feminism shares similarities with other totalitarian evil ideologies like Nazism. He also points out the similarities between the tactics women tend to use to get their way in relationships and families with those employed by feminists to get their way in matters of public policy.

  2. I'll have to check it out...