Saturday, July 4, 2009

An open letter to accusatory feminists (or, a man refuses to keep writing the same responses).

A) If you think I'm single issue you haven't been paying attention.

B)Your feelings on a matter don't make them laws, and currently women enjoy the right to parental self determination while men do not. Pregnancy is a biological state, which women rightfully can decide if they wish to continue. The Law, however, holds men to standards women are NEVER held to (ie, you have to support this kid for the rest of your life, like it or not). Biology means women have choice. The only thing FORCING men into parenthood is - the law, again, never applying those same standards to women. (you will note, by the way, that I use the term "women" when it applies, and don't when it doesn't. You may wish to pay attention to the usage before you go off accusing a guy hey...?).

As for men taking're contending that they are not pursued for child support? Telling me they walked away consequence free forever (legally speaking), and no one can ever make them pay for a kid they don't want?

Hey, I have an idea you might like (since you appear to be pro life) about we allow legal abortions, but we tax the patient the equivalent of one child support check every month for 21 years, adjusted for changes in income (upward) whenever necessary? Sound like a good idea? Then we can finally fund all those DV shelters that are forced (FORCED mind you) to deny services to men due to lack of funding. See? 2 birds with one stone!

C) I'm here advocating for men. I'm an MRA for fuck sakes! Telling me I need to care about your issue is like bitching at Greenpeace for not talking about anti-taxation laws.. I am here to draw attention to these specific issues, so you must forgive me if I don't give a fuck about maternity issues when men are losing out in jobs, income, and education. They're refused parental/reproductive rights. They have a whole host of health issues not addressed in any meaningful way, and that's because society doesn't care. How many women's health commissions to ...what...ZERO men's health commissions? DV services for male victims? HAH! "Here's a hotel voucher (maybe), the batterer's program is right down that hall there (you abusive prick)"

The point is, I have enough to bitch about that I actually think needs serious attention...and frankly if there's anything underfunded in this world....women's medical care is CERTAINLY not one of them.

D) Just because I don't conform to your world view, or act in a manner YOU deem polite (or whatever) does not mean I am a woman hater. People without coherent arguments nearly always fall back on that one. Well, that one and the "women have problems too...we're all really equal, so let's just get along and leave things more or less like they are now" bullshit.

NO. Your problems as a gender fucking PALE in comparison to these inequalities in basic human rights, and you damned well know it. You just hate feeling so fucking selfish, so you equate stubbed toes with broken legs.

You might fall for that shit, but I'm not gonna. If that makes me an asshole, well then so be it.


  1. You never fail to impress me.

    Thank you for taking a stand against female supremacism,also known as feminism,and keep up the good work,bro.

    You truly are an inspiration to us all.

  2. Thanks. Everyone I know in real life is tired of this's good to know some people see value in it. :)

  3. What is this, some kind of left wing place?

  4. Beautiful, I'm still LOL at point B)

  5. I need to do a video or something about this weird tendency feminists have to equate crap like `workplace harassment` with no parental rights.

    Of course, failing that they can always yell RAPE!!!!

    Boring, boring boring.

  6. You don't have anything to apologize for. People who argue with mens-rights writers just want the "serfs" to be quiet. They have no real standpoint to debate from.