Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GREAT article...great should check it out...

OK, so the tone is a bit harsh, and no man likes to be scolded like that, but it's real wisdom...and much as it hurts to read (and see your own behaviour castigated), I hope all of you give it some thought.


Personally, I have seen enough of this crap from men to last me a lifetime. There are men out here right now, fighting an uphill battle you can’t imagine just to give you a fair shot at justice when the wife calls in the lawyers and the state to dissolve your marriage and your assets; to dissolve your life.

You don’t owe them or me anything, but you might, if you can pull your head out of your ass for five minutes, think about what you owe your sons.

Many of you who have already been destroyed by family courts are still raising your daughters to be overly entitled little princesses, and your sons to be the mules that will carry the weight for them through life, only to be discarded when they are used up.

And you are still more interested in big screens than the big picture. It’s fucking pathetic.

This chosen ignorance is fatal. Men die more frequently of all the top killer diseases than women, though women get the lions share of gender specific medical research money. Women outlive men by seven years, and though they have had a national office for women’s health for decades, we are just now hearing the first inklings that we might have one for men. It hasn’t happened yet.

Maybe you don’t give a shit if you die of heart disease or prostate cancer before you are sixty. But if you have a son, at least give him the honesty to turn to him and tell him you don’t give a shit if he does either.

The site is Here.


  1. We all have to pick our battles, and those battles will be determined by what is most immediate to us. There is not big picture when our lives are dictated by thousands, perhaps millions, of smaller skirmishes.

    Men's health is an important issue, but the most important? I seriously have to doubt it. What good is a long and healthy life when that life is spent in servitude to some whore? Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

    And that comment about not giving a shit about sons is below the belt. It's shaming language of a similar type used by our enemies, and no man will give it any countenance.

  2. "It's shaming language of a similar type used by our enemies, and no man will give it any countenance."

    Ummm, bullshit. It's not shaming language, it's blaming langauge, and it's dead on the money.

    Men raise their daughters to be entitled little parasites. Men raise their sons to be pack mules for someone else's entitled little parasites, and tell them they need to man up when they balk at shouldering the burden. Men run a family court system that panders to lying false rape accusers and false DV accusers and then feel a big and manly for protecting the frail little liars; men staff the police departments that drag innocent men out of their houses on a woman's whim instead of hanging the lying skanks up by their lying tongues and leaving them to die.

    And men need to stop it. If women are so equal, let them take care of themselves. And if they come crawling back asking for protection and provision, we need to beat them back down as unfit to be with us. These days because of men's inventions, a man needs no woman to do any of the work we used to need them for. Anything they can do, we can do better. We only need them for reproduction. Fine; they can shut up and breed. And then turn our kids over to us so they can get proper care.

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