Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great bunch of videos...here's one to get you started...


  1. I have seen these before. I don't want to be negative but I personally found them very dispiriting. I will give my reasons and you can reject as you wish.

    In the central section Erin Pizzy said that when she opened a refuge for men they did not interact with each other or help each other. In fact all they would do is answer the phone in order to give advice. This was a depressing image and for me summed up so much. All the men would do is try to pontificate to other men. In a way this is just trying to dominate them. Sadly I see this all the time in the comment sections of MRA blogs. It is not too long before the insults fly as each tries to dominate the others.

    Another reason I found this depressing was what was said in the first part. Harry said men where not taught to see themselves as men. This depressed me as it is saying that male behaviour is a social construct and we need to be taught. But I thought one of the centres of our thinking is that we reject the idea of our nature being a social construct. If something has to be taught the it can hardly be natural and must be a construct.

  2. I think Harry's point was more that men are not aware of themselves AS MEN...more than the "gender as a construct" argument. We think of ourselves as Fathers, Iron Workers, etc...not men... know what I mean?

    But I definitely get your point about Erin's statement.

    I think you'll find the two are quite related though....

  3. Yes I think you are correct concerning Harry. I was using rather a broad bush. I think my unease comes from the idea that the 'remedy' is to be found in men needing to be taught something.

    Also I personally have never been easy with any other concept of myself except as a man. I have always found all the other roles that I have admittedly accepted very uncomfortable and alien.

    My self image is that of the WildMan.

  4. My self image is that of the Running Man.

    Oh god, Angry harry needs to lighten the fuck up! GEEZ. I was hit by my girl once on the way to the mall. I happened to stare a little too obviously at a girl crossing the street in a miniskirt. She slapped me upside the head.
    Would I call it domestic violence? If I were a whiny bitch I would!! lol