Friday, March 5, 2010

Hey everybody! The Catholic Church hates men too!

Watch this commercial, see the portrayal of men...does this differ in any significant way from the portrayal of men that man-hating Feminists like so much?

I'm not a Religious person, but frankly, I find this commercial EXCEEDINGLY sexist, and I strongly urge every Catholic to contact these people and tell them you're not "coming home" to someone who obviously hates you....


  1. hahahhahahahahh Catholics hate men!! On the contrary! Catholics love men. Especially little boys!

  2. Cheap shot, anonymous.

    That said, though, as a lapsed Catholic, it's my opinion the Catholic church is out of touch with their community especially on basic, key values that this commercial doesn't surprise me and it makes it harder for the church to fall back on key values when such controversies arise.

    For starters, in the states, the church has taken the side of illegal immigrants simply because they are Catholic and a growing demographic. In addition, several Catholic churches are adopting leftist ideology such as global warming, women's equality, etc. that combined with marxism drive away middle class whites in droves. Western European Catholic churches are largely museums.

    On a personal level, I needed guidance about issues such as how to deal with parents, siblings, schoolmates, and other seemingly trivial stuff but the church was obsessed with abortion.

  3. i'm confused how is that sexist?.... when in the video was it said that that is how all men all? it was just portraying some EVERYDAY scenarios in which we have fallen short.... and I say EVERYDAY because those things are very common..... are u saying that they're not common?..... i'm a guy btw

  4. Pay attention to who is portrayed as 'fallen' and who is not....