Saturday, May 15, 2010

MRm! Magazine - A call for Content

I've been getting a few requests for info regarding contributions to MRm! There's actually a lot more I want to do with this magazine, and frankly it's hard to get noticed these days as an artist of any flavour...

So, here's what I would have at my disposal in an ideal world:

Article Subjects:
Custody/Parental Issues
Crime/Prison Issues (incarceration rates, sentencing disparity, etc)
Journalism/Media Bias
Political Issues/ Politicians selling out men for profit / naming and shaming
Health Issues
Sexuality / Dating / Demonization

Outside of those, anything that's interesting is, er, of interest.

I have to say, looking around for this stuff on the blogosphere has opened my eyes as to how many great writers there are out there.

As to other stuff...

I also want to have a regular one page feature called "Activist Corner", where a worthy project gets a full page article to explain their thing. Issue 5's is already set (FRTF), but I need some in the hopper as I'm already halfway done Issue 6, and I need to keep the monster fed.

If you are a Cartoonist, I REALLY want to speak to you. I hope to have at least one strip in the mag, plus I would love to have one or two people good at one panel cartoons. There have GOT to be a few of you who either do this, or did at one contact me. It could be fun, and more importantly any success MRm! has will be yours as well.

I also want to find a designer or two, AND photographers would be most welcome. I know these careers are Image-conscious, so alias' are fine...of course.

If you've got one of these skills, and you've been sitting around thinking "You know, I should really figure something out to help this cause out"...well, here's a chance.

And the more popular this mag is, the more likely it is that people will follow the links to your website...

The contact email is:


  1. Off topic, but if youre going to use my content in MRm i would prefer you to put my site's name rather than just Porky.


  2. Not off topic at all. I'll make any necessary changes in the future.

  3. Thanks, Factory. My site is now the first on the page when one googles "Porky's Place" or "Porky Domesticus" but way down if it's just "Porky".