Saturday, May 29, 2010

A plea to Canadian MRAs...

I have to admit, I'm having a bitch of a time trying to find good quality Canadian MRA websites. Either they're not putting their nationality on the blog anywhere, or it's a mishmash of shitty HTML and disjointed ravings, or the commentary is largely about American issues (which I freely admit is also a problem I have with my own writing/videos).

Actually, that's why I want to get a bunch of links..

The MRM is largely seen as an American phenomenon here, and as Canadians, we 'naturally' feel far more sensitive to Social Issues, and therefore 'things aren't as bad here as in the States'.

This bullshit reasoning is damned tough to combat when all the stats and info you have to counter are all U.S. stats...

So please, could anyone who knows of a Canadian website or blog they admire PLEASE leave a link in the comments section?

I think this is, right now, THE most important issue I can tackle personally. I want to raise the silhouette here in my home country as well as Internationally. I also think at some point in time I will have to do a breakdown of the 'top ten', and explain the Editorial thrust, for the general public to consume...

I'd like to have some Canadian stuff in there far, it'd be purely US and UK. And that's not even CLOSE to the real makeup of the MRM...

So please, take 5 seconds, cut n paste a couple of links - ESPECIALLY if you yourself are the blogger - I need your content!


  1. Davout is Canadian. He still posts, I think.

  2. Canadian MRA's.. Snicker snicker.