Monday, July 12, 2010

21st Century Equality

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  1. Wonderful video and great special effects. Truly something that would cause many campus feminists and princesses to pull their hair out.

    That said, I would add (as I often do) that feminine preference double standards isn't due to gender roles but rather hyperchivalrous idealizations of women as noble and innocent along with children.

    In the past, children were "protected" but hardly considered "innocent." I know. I was raised in a traditional household during the 1960's and I didn't live in a sitcom where I could just make a cute face and get out of trouble. If I did something wrong or didn't meet up to expectations, I was punished.

    It's rather amusing that even as Obama lauded women as "better" than men and able to do anything a man can do, the fact is that most women still can't, say, financially support their children as sole breadwinner in a two parent family. I laugh when feminist women say: "Us women will save the world!" Yeah, right. Pick up the dinner check and get back to us.