Thursday, July 19, 2012

MenZ Magazine....a dead horse?

You may have noticed those little thumbnails to the left over there, kinda look like little magazine covers (which they are) for MenZ magazine..

A while back I started that up to give people a better way to present mens issues than a link in an email.  Each issue has climbed in views WAY beyond what I thought they would get.  I figured it would be a success if 10,000 views each issue were reached..

As of July 2012, here is where each issue sits...

Issue #1 - 5,590 views
Issue #2 - 73,804 views
Issue #3 - 314,408 views
Issue #4 - 532,997 views
Issue #5 - 298,592 views (controversial cover)
Issue #6 - 889,208 views

Yeah, I'd say the Manosphere is growing....

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