Sunday, December 2, 2012

A glossary of MRM terms.

dhanu over at AVfM forums has started to piece together a glossary of terms commonly referenced in the Manosphere (Androsphere).  This is an attempt to drag it from a discussion forum into the larger 'sphere.



The MRM Glossary

(This is a collection of terms you're likely to encounter on the men's rights sites, with links to relevant articles, intended as a reference and also a beginners' resource to make themselves familiar with the men's rights and the obstructions in their ways. Some less commonly used terms have been included within other terms, so if you cannot find their entry in the list, try using your browser's text-search functionality. Some of the definitions are my personal interpretation of them, and might not be accurate. Feel free to suggest new terms - along with any relevant links - and correction/extension to the existing ones.)

Here we go.

2+2=5: (The slogan is part of Orwellian speak.) Refers to the outright lies and half-truths in the feminist statistics (like, "one in four women is raped", the wage gap, exaggerated women trafficking stats, etc) that still go unchecked, and are believed by the politicians and law-makers (for their selfish reasons) and by the general blue pill populace. The statistics showing the institutionalized misandry, female-on-male violence, female-on-male rape, female sexual child abuse, non-sexual child abuse, and child murder, etc are often manipulated, suppressed, hidden, or downplayed. (See also: Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Blue Pill, Dear Colleague, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Orwellian, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, Title IX, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.)

AFC: (Acronym for "Average Frustrated Chump".) A man who cannot attract women with his natural skills (physique, brains, wits, etc) and so chooses to try ideologically, that is, by adhering to the feminist-defined norms for a 'good man'. (See also: Briffault's Law, Game, Incel, Mangina, PUA, Shit Test, White Knight.)

Affirmative Action: (Short form: "AA".) This is preferential allotment (or reservation) of jobs and other opportunities to the women, minorities, and other interest groups (African-Americans etc). Women - making up 52% of the total population, 65% of the university students, majority of the job-holders, holding majority of wealth, and earning higher than the men - are termed as minorities under the Affirmative Action. Whereas men - having no protection from domestic violence and discrimination, no reproductive choice, having 6 year shorter life spans, being the majority of the homeless, making up 93% of the total prison populace, making up 92% of work deaths, and almost 100% of war deaths - are supposed to be privileged. Such absurd policies and laws exist everywhere. (See also: 2+2=5, Apex Fallacy, Dear Colleague, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminization, Glass Ceiling, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Male Disposability, Man Up, Orwellian, Paycheck Fairness Act, Princess, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Reverse Discrimination, SCUM, Title IX, Victimhood, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Alimony: Family-court enforced allowance for support paid by a person (usually man) to the person's former spouse (usually woman) after separation or divorce. Owing to the unjust alimony laws, women usually devise ridiculously dishonest reasons or create situations to provoke the husband as to create a ground for the divorce. For example, this Frenchman has been ordered to pay his ex-wife £8500 in damages for failing to have enough sex with her during their marriage (reverse the sexes and the court would have shouted marital rape). In fact, now the husbands are expected to pay a monthly salary to the wives, even without any divorce, separation, or anything at all, merely for being a husband. This is the next step toward the completion of the Orwellian feminist utopia. (See also: Chalimony, Feminism, Gold Digger, His-Fault Divorce, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Marriage Strike, Misandry, Objectification, Orwellian, Palimony, Wage Gap.)

Alpha: A man who is head of the group, even if only because of being popular owing to personal characteristics. An alpha can exist anywhere; being an alpha is not necessarily about being in a powerful position. For example, the male student most popular in the class is an alpha (but has no special powers). A boss in an office is also an alpha (and has special powers). An alpha can be good or bad for the men's rights; there's nothing in being alpha specifically related to their behavior toward men. Celebrities are usually considered alphas. Alphas give gina tingles to women. (See also: Apex Fallacy, Beta, Evo-Psych, Gina Tingles, Hypergamy, Mangina, Omega, Shit Test, Social Proofing, White Knight, Zeta.)

Apex Fallacy: The general mentality of a woman to always look only at the men that are at a higher social level than herself (alphas), ignoring the men (and problems faced by them) who are at her level or below it (betas). So the women assume that the men always have some kind of male privilege that women lack, and never face any major hardships or difficulties like the women do. This is, of course, a fallacy. This partly explains why women in general are unable to see the problems and discrimination faced by the men; the men equivalent to or lower than them are invisible to them. Apex fallacy is observed quite frequently in daily life. For example, when it's reminded to a woman that the men are having difficulty in making it to the college owing to the misandric policies and rules, the woman might respond like thus: "True, but the problems faced by women are much greater and serious", etc. That's because the college men are invisible to her; she is only seeing men at the higher positions like CEO's, politicians, athletes, movie stars, etc. Another common statement showing apex fallacy in action is, "It's a man's world" or "Men run the world" (the speaker is only seeing the top male leaders while saying this, completely ignoring the common men and their problems). Feminists always show this behavior. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Alpha, Apex Fallacy, Beta, Briffault's Law, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Evo-Psych, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Gold Digger, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Hyperagency, Hypergamy, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Misandry, Patriarchy, Paycheck Fairness Act, Projection, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Solipsism, Title IX, Victimhood, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.)

Beta: A common man, not leading other people (but might be led by a leader or might be working under a boss). This defines the largest proportion of the men. Currently, a marriage strike is being observed among the beta men. In relationships, a beta is a man only moderately successful with women. (See also: Alpha, Mangina, Marriage Strike, Omega, White Knight, Zeta.)

Blue Pill: This term is influenced from the movie "The Matrix". A person who cannot see the reality or refuses to accept it even after being presented with adequate evidence is said to have taken the blue pill (or a blue pilled person). Owing to the feminist indoctrination so prevalent in the academia, politics, and the mainstream media (which freely distribute blue pills in terms of doublespeaks), most people are by default blue pill people; they see the word through a feminist viewpoint (men as bad, oppressors; women as good, victims). Blue pill people can be anything from bad to harmful, even if sometimes unintentionally, just because of their stereotypical mindset. (See also: 2+2=5, Feminism, Glass Ceiling, Orwellian, Red Pill, Reverse Discrimination, Solipsism, Wage Gap.)

Briffault's Law: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions (of relationships) of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place. There are corollaries to this law:
~ 1. Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association. (That is, as a male, do good and forget it.)
~ 2. Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1). (That is, as a male, don't expect any ROI once your utility for the female is gone.)
~ 3. A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which is not bloody likely). (Well, duh.)
The law largely holds true for most relationships, some exceptions (like those of zeta people) also exist. (See also: Cock Carousel, Evo-Psych, Feminist Logic, Game, Gold Digger, Hamsterbatics, Hypergamy, LTR, Male Disposability, NAWALT, Objectification, Paternity Fraud, PUA, Zeta.)

Cause and Effect: Cause is the reason of something happening, effect is the consequence of that happening. The cause gives rise to (results in) the effect. So if there's a cause, the effect is expected. However, if there's only effect, a specified cause may not always be correct or the only one. The phrase 'cause and effect', when used like this: "confusing cause and effect" or "reversing cause and effect" or "not understanding cause and effect well", means that someone is feeling that the effect is implying the cause. Example: The cause of the marriage strike is the unjust laws, the effect is men getting uninterested in marriage; but the PC machinery spreads the message that men are uninterested in (or incapable of supporting) marriage and that is the cause of the women's unhappiness after marriage and therefore more of women-centric laws are needed. This is getting the cause and effect wrong. Solutions based on this approach are always ineffective and often with devastating results. (See also: 2+2=5, Apex Fallacy, Cognitive Dissonance, Evo-Psych, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Marriage Strike, Orwellian, PC, Patriarchy, Projection, Paycheck Fairness Act, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Wage Gap.)

Chalimony: Court-enforced allowance for child-support (CS) paid by a person (usually father) to the person's former partner (usually mother) after separation or divorce, when the child custody is not directly awarded to the person. The chalimony rules are so one-sided that women are incentivized to regularly make any ridiculous false allegations whatsoever, to reap benefits from the unjust and broken legal system. (See also: Alimony, Feminism, FRA, Gold Digger, His-Fault Divorce, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Misandry, Objectification, Palimony, Parental Alienation, Paternity Fraud, Single Parents, Wage Gap.)

Cock Carousel: A woman's chosen promiscuous lifestyle of freely having sex with multiple male partners. (See also: Briffault's Law, Evo-Psych, Gina Tingles, Gold Digger, Hypergamy, Marriage Strike, Objectification, SMV, Social Proofing, The Wall.)

Cognitive Dissonance: Feeling of anxiety owing to simultaneously holding two or more conflicting beliefs, attitudes, or ideologies together in mind. This usually shows up in the comments of a dishonest poster (like a fembot). Feminists show this trait frequently, implying that the women are just as capable as men when it comes to demanding equal pay, but constantly maintaining the women's victimhood status in order to recieve special rights, favors, and benefits from the govt and society. They hate female objectification but also want the perks (like pussy pass) associated with it; they hate the wage gap but also want all the career related choices (paid leaves, shorter and flexible work hours, etc) available to the women. This behavior is so common in the feminists that they can make statements like "the female murderer of an innocent husband is a victim" and "I do favor the idea of extermination of male half of the population but I'm not a violence supporter" with a straight face. (See also: Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Cause and Effect, Evo-Psych, Fembot, Feminist Logic, Gina Tingles, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Orwellian, Projection, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Social Proofing, Solipsism, Victimhood, Wage Gap.)

Dear Colleague: This is a US govt recommendation letter under which, in the educational institutions like colleges, if a female student accuses (even falsely) a male student of any sort of sexual misconduct, the male student will have no right to the due process. This is based on the big feminist lie that women never lie. Obviously there have been, and are being, cases of false accusations resulting in destruction of the future prospects of male students (and other men); but this is acceptable to the govt on the grounds that such cases are an inevitable result of the letter and should be ignored so that more victims get encouraged to report the crimes, as they always are whenever men are discriminated against. The feminist stance of the government can also be checked by the fact that there's only a "Register Him" program from the govt for registering the male criminals and make their identities public for life; there's no equivalent "Register Her" program from the govt - Women are exempted from being rapists or the performer of violence, etc. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminization, Male Disposability, Man Up, Orwellian, Princess, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Title IX, Welfare, White Ribbon Campaign.)

DV: Acronym for "Domestic Violence". Violence happening between a married or live-in couple. When a woman performs it (no matter if the husband was completely silent and stable, and no matter if the husband is the one who reports to the police), it's considered self defense, by law (so even a video proof will be void). When a husband performs this (even if it's in self-defense, or even if the wife claims falsely), then it's DV. At several places, there's a mandatory arrest provision of the male, no matter what (even if the house belongs to the man, and the woman is just his partner, not wife, she'll be allowed to stay in the house and the man arrested). Usually, men don't even complain about the DV happening to them, one reason being no resources or help available to the male victims of DV; while women casually use it as a tool against husbands. (See also: Feminism, Gold Digger, His-Fault Divorce, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Male Disposability, Man Up, Marriage Strike, Misandry, Parental Alienation, Patriarchy, Projection, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pass, The Plan, VAWA, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Entitlement: Something reserved for or desired by a person based, not on the ability, but on the person's being from a particular group. For example, tax cuts or quotas in the jobs if the person is a female, government rewards for the single parents, pussy pass, etc. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Gold Digger, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Orwellian, Paycheck Fairness Act, Princess, Pork, Pork Bloat, Pussy Pass, Reverse Discrimination, Single Parents, Solipsism, Title IX, Victimhood, War on Women, Welfare.)

Evo-Psych: (Short for "Evolutionary Psychology".) Study of human behavior from a perspective of their biology and how it evolved with time as the biology underwent changes. According to Evo-Psych, the evolution of the humans, along with bringing changes to the body shapes, also resulted in development of instincts and natural behaviors. It explains the sexual tendencies of men and women (such as, hypergamy, women are at least as promiscious as men, women prefer sex with promiscious men, men - especially intelligent men - prefer relationship with sexually inexperienced women, etc), that is, explains these tendencies as the "effects" of evolution. However, since those facts are bitter to some people, they tend to suppress Evo-Psych by painting it as a movement to "cause" those tendencies (i.e., spread those tendencies), which they believe are not true; thereby reversing the cause and effect. (See also: Alpha, Apex Fallacy, Briffault's Law, Cause and Effect, Cock Carousel, Cognitive Dissonance, Gina Tingles, Gold Digger, Herd Mentality, Hypergamy, Male Disposability, NAWALT, Paternity Fraud, Patriarchy, Social Proofing.)

Fembot: A troll employed by the feminists, commenting on a site with pre-selected or typically stale and known messages, as if like an automated script. A fembot tries its best to hide its identity but that ultimately shows up. For example, look at the comments of 'Brittney' in this article. (See also: Cognitive Dissonance, Feminism.)

Feminazi: A feminist who did something particularly cruel or hateful (for example, helped passing a clearly misandric law or policy) or posted or discussed such ideas, views, and plans. (See also: Feminism, Femmo, Misandry, Orwellian, Projection, Radfem, Rape Culture, SCUM, The Plan, VAWA.)

Feminism: A misandric and hateful ideology, cult, or religion whose pursuers (called feminists) view every positive or negative action by an individual person from a social, group, or collective perspective of sex/gender. Under feminism, it is believed that any and every action or trait attributable to the female sex is positive and inherently good for society, and any and every action or trait attributable to the male sex is negative and harmful to society. Thus, if a woman commits any crime (particularly against a man, including his murder), feminism will say that the woman should not be punished because overall historically women have performed less crimes than the men (yes, you read that right; this is really the feminists' argument). Similarly, feminism believes that the natural and biological male behaviors (including those of male children) are wrong and tries its best to make them illegal or punishable with the help of state and justice system. Feminism believes that any individual woman is always a victim because of patriarchy, no matter if she performs the crime; and any and all discrimination or violence (e.g., proxy violence) done against any individual man is justified because he is male and has male privilege. The goal of feminism is, globally, to absolve women of all responsibility, criminalize all male behavior or even being a man, feminize every system, transfer everything from men to women through the power of state, silence any complaints by men about this, and ultimately destroy or severely reduce the male half of the population, thereby achieving the female supremacy (feminists call this ultimate state of the world a "feminist utopia", are trying their best to achieve it, and have been considerably successfull so far globally). Since, however, this definition will turn many people off the cult, feminists do not define feminism in these words publicly. So that more people adopt feminism, they define feminism in some nice but decieving fashion, like calling it the radical notion that the women are human beings (hiding that the men are not). Such people that fall into this trap and adopt feminism are called candy/sugar feminists, garden-variety feminists, or nice feminists; they're not really feminists and are just ignorant or misguided (blue-pilled) people, acting as useful idiots for the mastermind or mainstream feminists. Feminists also use misleading or completely false statistics and generalizations to get more and more misandric laws and policies passed. In short, feminism is a mental disorder spread through self-victimization, and to a feminist, exceptions are more important than rules. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Alimony, Apex Fallacy, Blue Pill, Cause and Effect, Chalimony, Dear Colleague, DV, Entitlement, Feminazi, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Femmo, Glass Ceiling, Herd Mentality, Herstory, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Mangina, Misandry, Musculism, Orwellian, Palimony, Patriarchy, Pro-Choice, Proxy Violence, Radfem, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, The Plan, Title IX, Useful Idiots, VAWA, Victimhood, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Wimmin, Womin.)

Feminist Logic: This is a very scientific, efficient, and fast-track kind of logic. Its algorithm involves the following steps:
If something bad has happened and a female did this:
~ Find the nearest male to blame. (See Katie's comments on this article.)
~ If no such male can be found, blame on all the males collectively (patriarchy).
~ If even that is not possible (very rare cases), find a historical event and use any non-imaginable twist of logic to blame males for the bad event.
~ If no such historical event can be found immediately (or at all), be creative and make something up to hold responsible a male (or just anybody or anything, like physical/mental/emotional conditions, or some feelings, or ghosts, or pets, etc).
~ If all else fails (almost never happens) and the female has been found guilty, then demand acquittal, or some kind of medical/pshycological treatment, or less punishment for her at the excuse of her children, or her being a woman, etc.
If something bad has happned and a male did this:
~ Blame the male behavior and patriarchy, while also demanding the harshest possible punishment for the criminal.
~ Demand more laws and restrictions for punishing all innocent males, raising the fear that they'll do it in future.
If something good has happened and a female did this:
~ Attribute it to the womanhood, while also pedestalizing the woman who did it.
~ Demand quotas or special rights for women everywhere to encourage them to perform in the same way, because if one woman did this, every woman can do this (does not apply to bad things).
~ Shame men.
If something good has happened and a male did this:
~ Stay silent.
~ If that is not possible, find some female related to the man in any way (say, his third-cousin or great-great-great gramma). Then, while praising the man, also include this: "Sisters and mothers like have been supporting and encouraging their menfolks forever; their contribution is invisible but now is the time that we must recognize it." etc.
~ If that is not possible (the man is an MGTOW, for example), attribute it to the man, and make sure not the entire manhood gets a positive mention by saying something like, "If only a few men were like him" etc.
With manginas at their feet to agree and please the feminists, and White Knights ready to carry out proxy violence on anyone who questions, how hard can it be to apply in real life? Not hard at all. (See also: 2+2=5, Apex Fallacy, Briffault's Law, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminization, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Herstory, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Infantilization, Male Privilege, Mangina, MGTOW, Misandry, Paternity Fraud, Patriarchy, Projection, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Rape Culture, Rationalization Hamster, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Shaming Language, Solipsism, Victimhood, Wimmin, Womin.)

Feminization: Making something (for example, an institution, a group of people, a society, religions, a country, a profession, toilets, or simply anything) adhere to the feminist rules, thereby making it suitable or favorable to women and difficult/impossible and hostile to men. When a system or person (e.g., a mangina) is feminized, the female traits (artificial, false, feeling based, and misandric) are the politically correct norm for/in it, and the male traits and behaviors (natural, fact- and evidence-based, reasonable, and logical) are criminalized. The politics, the justice system, the education system, and the MSM have largely been feminized. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, DV, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Herstory, Mangina, Misandry, MSM, PC, Princess, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, The Plan, Title IX, VAWA, Wimmin, Womin.)

Femmo: (Plural: "Femmies".) Feminist. (See also: Feminazi, Feminism, Radfem.)

FRA: Acronym for "Fathers' Rights Activist". A person active in the advocacy and awareness of father's rights, and removal of policies and laws discriminatory to the fathers (in terms of child custody, chalimony, etc). (See also: Chalimony, Gold Digger, His-Fault Divorce, MRA, Parental Alienation, Paternity Fraud, Single Parents.)

FTSU: Acronym for "Fuck (expose) Their (the feminists') Shit (lies and misinformation) Up". Whenever feminists' lies are exposed, they tend to say, "STFU" (Shut The Fuck Up; not always literally - sometimes by actions like bans or censorship or proxy violence or hidden plans) in order to silence the truth and never allow it to be brought in front of the public eyes. The MRM has the goal of bringing forth the truth hidden behind the misinformation spread by the feminists. (See also: Male Privilege, MRM, Parental Alienation, Proxy Violence, Red Pill, SCUM, Wage Gap.)

Game: A special theory or social course helpful in learning about women's nature and psychology, and ways to manipulate them into having a successful relationship. People pursuing this course are called gamers. Gamers practicing their learned lessons in the real-life are called players. The most accomplished players are most probably PUA's. (See also: Briffault's Law, Gina Tingles, Incel, LTR, Marriage Strike, PUA, Shit Test, Social Proofing.)

Gina Tingles: (Shorter and more commonly used term for "Vagina Tingles".) A woman's feelings of sexual arousal and excitement. Alphas, thugs with street cred, and white knights give women gina tingles; betas turn them off. (See also: Alpha, Beta, Briffault's Law, Cock Carousel, Cognitive Dissonance, Entitlement, Evo-Psych, Game, Hypergamy, PUA, SMV, Shit Test, Social Proofing, White Knight.)

Glass Ceiling: An imaginary non-existent barrier (or conspiracy by men), a myth, devised to hide the inabilities of women to (or their choices not to) achieve higher positions in their careers. There are certain fields where women do not reach higher positions (because of lack of abilities or because they make other choices). Now, under feminism, every woman is just as capable (or more so) than the best man, so it's not PC to accept any possible shortcoming in women (because they're assumed to be perfect and fully capable, except without any responsibility or accountability). Therefore, new reasons have to be created (holding men and their discrimination/violence toward women responsible, of course) to account for women's under-achievement or failures. Glass ceiling is one of them. When a female at a higher position is pointed out, she is said to have reached there by bravely fighting against and breaking the glass ceiling (which actually never was there to begin with). By the way, it's the women themselves who often set up as a team (Team Woman) against men in the office settings due to their herd mentality; there being numerous examples in the academia, courts, politics, and elsewhere. The assumption of the corresponding behavior in the men is just their projection of their own mentality on the men. Other artificially created myths include male privilege, patriarchy, rape culture, victim blaming, wage gap, etc. The feminists' addiction with these myths is so strong that the word "real" or "very real" is invariably prefixed to all of these myths, even in their definitions, so that the reader doesn't even think of the possibility of them being myths; as if repeating a lie multiple times makes it true. So, when reading about these myths in the popular media, always let your general experience be your guide rather than assuming that they're real without question. (See also: Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Blue Pill, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Herd Mentality, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Patriarchy, Paycheck Fairness Act, Projection, PC, Rape Culture, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Solipsism, Victimhood, Wage Gap, War on Women.)

Gold Digger: A woman who marries or makes relationship with a wealthy man for his money, often to divorce him later (often after having children) and use the corrupt and feminist legal system (such as false DV allegations) to extract grand alimony/palimony and child support from him. (See also: Alimony, Apex Fallacy, Briffault's Law, Chalimony, Cock Carousel, DV, Entitlement, Evo-Psych, FRA, His-Fault Divorce, Hypergamy, Marriage Strike, NAWALT, No-Fault Divorce, Objectification, Palimony, Parental Alienation, Paternity Fraud, Princess, Shit Test, SMV, Single Parents, Social Proofing, The Wall.)

Grass Eaters: These are people who - seeing how the government and justice system treats them unfairly - refuse any further cooperation with the system. They earn only as much as is required to survive, hence avoiding taxes; they don't marry or have relationships, hence avoiding fees for divorce, courts, etc. Currently, this trend is being observed in an appreciably large segment of the population in Japan. A similar (less commonly used) term is "Ghosting", wherein, in addition to 'grass eating', a man disappears from any social gatherings and is virtually non-existing for most people. (See also: Incel, Marriage Strike, MGTOW, NAWALT, Omega.)

Hamsterbatics: Tactics of classifying something as good or bad with a self-presumed moral authority, to suit one's own agenda or ideology. This is different from willful ignorance. Under willful ignorance, you know what you're doing is wrong but choose to ignore the consequences anyway. Under hamsterbatics, you define that wrong to be right under the delusional presumption that you have the moral authority to do so. The corresponding action is known as "Hamsterbation". (See also: 2+2=5, Apex Fallacy, Briffault's Law, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Feminist Logic, Herd Mentality, Parental Alienation, Patriarchy, Projection, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Solipsism.)

Herd Mentality: (Also used as "Herd Behavior".) The natural instinct of a woman to accept and follow the path chosen by the majority of other women, without questioning it even if it seems wrong ("if other women are doing it, it must be right and good for me"). A common statement reflecting this mentality is, "Women always work as a 'Team Woman' first and consider themselves as individuals second". As a real-world example, when a woman's college-going son was falsely accused of rape, she stated that although she is sad about the situation but she won't fight too hard against the false accusation laws because that would weaken or undo the decades of 'hardwork' of the women (feminists) to establish such laws for the protection of women. That is, she thought of the other women first, before her son. Similarly, you're more likely to encounter a woman sympathetic toward an unknown third-world country's women sooner than one sympathetic toward the men and boys nearby her (including her relatives, friends, and family members). Feminism makes full use of this mentality to poison women's minds. (See also: Apex Fallacy, Briffault's Law, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Evo-Psych, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Hypergamy, NAWALT, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Social Proofing, Solipsism, Victimhood, War on Women.)

Herstory: History. (May also denote a subset of history created by feminists or successful women.) Some feminists (wrongly) thought that the part "his" in the word "history" was sexist because it was chosen to represent only the male contribution to the story of the humankind. So they chose "herstory" for the story of humankind and they think it's not sexist. (See also: 2+2=5, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Patriarchy, Projection, SCUM, White Feather, Wimmin, Womin.)

His-Fault Divorce: No-fault divorce. Since it's almost always the man who gets the short end of the stick in a no-fault divorce, the more fitting name for the no-fault divorce is his-fault divorce, as if the man was the one in the fault to have deserved the outcome. (See also: Alimony, Chalimony, DV, FRA, Gold Digger, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Marriage Strike, Misandry, No-Fault Divorce, Single Parents, The Plan, VAWA.)

Honey Badger: A female MRA who is particularly annoying to the feminists. (See also: MRA.)

Hyperagency: (Opposite: Hypoagency.) Perception about a group of people to have more agency (rights and responsibilities) than they actually have. Hyperagents are expected to protect and provide for the hypoagents that depend upon them. Men are typically viewed as having hyperagency (See also: Affirmative Action, Alimony, Apex Fallacy, Chalimony, Cognitive Dissonance, DV, Feminist Logic, His-Fault Divorce, Hypergamy, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Man Up, Musculism, No-Fault Divorce, Objectification, Palimony, Patriarchy, Proxy Violence, Reverse Discrimination, White Feather, White Knight, Zeta.)

Hypergamy: A woman's choice or urge to marry a man of a higher social status or more wealth than her. (See also: Alpha, Apex Fallacy, Briffault's Law, Cock Carousel, Evo-Psych, Gina Tingles, Gold Digger, Herd Mentality, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Marriage Strike, Objectification, Social Proofing, White Knight.)

Hypoagency: (Usually used as 'female hypoagency'. Opposite: Hyperagency.) Perception about a group of people to have less agency (rights and responsibilities) than they actually have. These people enjoy their lack of responsibilities (which are expected to be shared by the hyperagents on which they depend), and are also able to paint themselves as infants and victims claiming their seemingly less rights, and demand special rights. Women are typically viewed as having hypoagency. (See also: Affirmative Action, Alimony, Apex Fallacy, Chalimony, Cognitive Dissonance, DV, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, His-Fault Divorce, Hyperagency, Hypergamy, Infantilization, Male Disposability, Musculism, NAWALT, No-Fault Divorce, Palimony, Patriarchy, Princess, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pass, Reverse Discrimination, Victimhood, White Feather, Zeta.)

Incel: Short for "Involuntarily Celibate"; someone staying single (because of any reason - social, legal, political, etc, or due to lack of skills of attracting someone) even when one wants to be in a relationship. (See also: AFS, Game, Grass Eaters, Marriage Strike, MGTOW.)

Infantilization: Treating grown-up people like (or causing them to behave as) kids, e.g., keeping them dependent (on the state and its socialist policies, for example), changing laws and rules in favor of them (just as there's more tolerance and less punishment for a kid's wrong behaviors, and more rewards for its good behavior or action), absolving them of all guilt and responsibilities (stating that they do not control their emotions and behaviors, just like kids), and painting them as innocent victims in any and all cases (the female hypoagency). This is similar to victimhood in many points. Feminism infantilizes women. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Alimony, Chalimony, DV, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, His-Fault Divorce, Hypoagency, NAWALT, No-Fault Divorce, Palimony, Paternity Fraud, Princess, Pussy Pass, Useful Idiots, Victimhood, White Knight.)

LGBT: Acronym for "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans-gender". The first letter L emphasizes the lesbian prominence. (Less common form is GLBT, with emphasis on the gay sexual identity. Alphabetical form, free from any sexual identity prominence, is BGLT.)

LTR: Acronym for "Long-Term Relationship" (often sexual). STR is "Short-Term Relationship". These are alternatives to, or sometimes warm-ups before, a marriage. (See also: Briffault's Law, Game, Marriage Strike, Palimony, PUA, SO, Shit Test.)

Male Disposability: (Also known as "Male Expendability".) An attitude of indifference toward (or of giving less importance to) the sufferings or deaths of male human beings, as if their lives don't count or matter. For example, you'll often hear in news stories lines like this: "13 people were killed, including 3 women", whereby the emphasis immediately shifts to the death of the 3 women, as if the men who died were just mosquitos. Similarly, you see rampant killings of men in the games and movies whereas murder of a female is much highlighted as some seriously bad event (often a female never gets killed in a story plot as that would cause a big shitstorm among the feminists whereas killing of any number of men is totally acceptable). Some other examples of the male disposability include:
~ Mandatory male-only registration to the Draft.
~ Government's indifference toward the higher number of male work deaths (92%).
~ Suicides (4 to 10 times higher than females).
~ Neglect of male health related issues (like prostate cancer).
~ Legal acceptance of male genital mutilation (MGM) - circumcision - despite proofs of its severe mental and physical ill-effects (including death). (To contrast, the female genital mutilation - FGM - is illegal everywhere.) One reason for a lack of opposition to the MGM could be that the foreskin collected is sold in bulk to the cosmetic manufacturers, as the foreskin is used to make women's facecreams and wrinkle treatment.
~ Lower average life-span (6 years shorter than females).
And the list goes on. (See also: Affirmative Action, Briffault's Law, Dear Colleague, DV, Evo-Psych, Glass Ceiling, Hypoagency, Man Up, Misandry, Objectification, Reverse Discrimination, SCUM, The Plan, Title IX, VAWA, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, White Feather, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Male Privilege: A set of benefits that the feminists believe are available to the men for being men. Some men deserve them; for some, their ancestors or the other men have done great things to achieve them; however, for the most part, male privileges don't exist (or are actually female privileges or entitlements projected by the feminists on the men). Quite the opposite, in fact; because for the most part, men have it harder for being men. Male privilege is used to make misandric and discriminatory laws and policies (any discrimination against men, including their murder, is justified because they're assumed to have male privilege). It is also part of the feminists' shaming language, "Check your privilege", that is, "Just accept meekly whatever we (the feminists) are saying or doing, because questioning or opposing us shows off your male privilege (so, just become a mangina)". Another related common feminist shaming language phrase is, "He's furious/sad because he's not getting (things done) his way (the way of male privilege)", uttered when a man is rightfully angry or disappointed at a discriminatory treatment he recieved. (See also: Apex Fallacy, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Hyperagency, Mangina, Misandry, Patriarchy, Paycheck Fairness Act, Princess, Projection, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Shaming Language, Victimhood, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.)

Man Up: A term used to silence a man to conformity whenever he refuses to comply with a misandric policy, law, order, or social norm because he sees risk or danger of harm in it and wants to avoid it for his own good or oppose it for the good of his self and his fellow men. Society uses this phrase to reap the benefits for itself from the sacrifice of the man without providing any viable incentive or reward to the man in return. A "Real Man" is supposedly a man who always holds his (male) part of the social contract (protecting and providing for the women) and silently accepts any physical and mental violence from women. Women are never reminded of their own (female) part of the social contract (not falsely accusing or attacking the men) anymore. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, DV, Hyperagency, Male Disposability, Marriage Strike, Misandry, Shaming Language, Title IX, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, White Feather, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Mangina: A male feminist or female-ass-licker. The word is made up of a combination of the words 'man' and 'vagina' - a man with a (mental) vagina, that is, a feminized man. A feminist-brainwashed (fully blue pilled) man who sees the word through a feminist's viewpoint and is ashamed of his manhood or masculinity. A normal man can sometimes be turned into a mangina by repeatedly telling him to check his male privilege. (See also: AFC, Alpha, Beta, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Male Privilege, Misandry, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pedestalization, Useful Idiots, White Knight.)

Manosphere: The websites devoted to the men's issues and causes, helping men know more about their actual position in the system, and informing them of the related news and events are collectively known as the manosphere. (See also: MSM, New Media.)

Marriage Strike: Dearth of marriages among young marriage-age people in a specified region. The reason for this is the unwillingness of young men to marry becuase of the misandric marriage laws, DV laws (The Plan, VAWA, etc), divorce laws, child custody laws, alimony, and child support etc, wherein upon marriage, the husband gets all the responsibilities (and loses all rights) and the wife gets all the rights (and no responsibilities). Due to this status, marriage for men is like a state-enforced slavery - Men are actually imprisoned for not being able to afford to pay the alimony and child support after divorce (those prisons are called "debtors' prisons"). Also, women can use any flimsy excuse to file for divorce and she'll be believed at her word alone. (No wonder 60 to 70% of divorce cases are filed by the women.) Currently, a marriage strike is going on in the nations like the US; and rather than blaming the real reason (the corrupt feminist laws), the MSM, the religious bodies, women, feminists, and the politicians are blaming the men (who else?) for the marriage strike (thereby adhering to the PC bullshit and getting the cause and effect wrong), and are telling them to man up and get married (that is, "be a provider, regardless if we actively snatch away your earning resources"). (See also: Alimony, Beta, Briffault's Law, Cause and Effect, Chalimony, Cock Carousel, DV, Feminism, Game, Gold Digger, Grass Eaters, His-Fault Divorce, Hypergamy, Incel, LTR, Man Up, MGTOW, Misandry, MSM, NAWALT, No-Fault Divorce, Omega, Paternity Fraud, PC, PUA, Shaming language, SO, The Plan, VAWA.)

MGTOW: Acronym for "Men Going Their Own Way". (Less common form is MGHOW - "Man Going His Own Way".) These are men who - usually after knowing how the government and justice system treats them unfairly in the matters of marriage, relationships, and divorce - choose to have no romantic or sexual relationship of any kind with women. Except for this, they do everything that anybody else does (they can have jobs, run business, travel, make friends, watch movies, enjoy life, etc). The original intended meaning of MGTOW was a man's desire to choose his own path and refusal to cooperate with the govt or society (which always told him what he must do to earn the label of a 'man'); this definition didn't include anything about relationship with women. However, with time and effects of feminism, women demanded (and recieved) govt's support and favor, and now the women, in general, advocate big government and its intervention in every field of life, which contradicts with the MGTOW's goal. Therefore, the current trend among MGTOW men is to avoid romantic relationship with women, because that's mostly where they face the most severe discrimination, and that's one of the govt's gateways to intrude into their lives and rob them of their resources and money. (See also: Feminism, Grass Eaters, Incel, Marriage Strike, Misandry, NAWALT, Orwellian, White Feather.)

Misandry: Mentality of collective hatred toward men and boys. "Misandric" (adjective), "misandrist" (someone supporting misandry), and "misandrists" (plural of misandrist) are some related words. The misandry is extremely widespread and systematic in the present culture, and is heading the society toward collapse. However, since those in the position of authority (the govt, the justice system, etc) benefit from it, misandry is not only acceptable but is encouraged by the system. (See also: Alimony, Chalimony, DV, Feminazi, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, His-Fault Divorce, Male Disposability, Male Privilege, Mangina, MGTOW, Objectification, Palimony, Parental Alienation, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Rape Culture, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Reverse Discrimination, Wage Gap, White Knight, White Ribbon Campaign.)

MRA: Acronym for "Men's Rights Activist". A person active in the advocacy and awareness of men's rights, and removal of policies and laws discriminatory to the men. (See also: Honey Badger, FRA, MRM, SCUM.)

MRM: Acronym for "Men's Rights Movement". (Less common form is MM - "Men's Movement" - sometimes also considered a superset of the MRM.) Currently, there's no government support or department for the protection of the men's rights (only women's rights are recognized politically and legally; almost no politician speaks about men's rights), and therefore, MRM is basically a self-sustained (member-supported) movement comprising of a group of people spreading awareness about the men's rights mostly through online sources but also sometimes with posters and banners etc. Lately the MRM has been successful in bringing about some real positive changes in the legal system and elsewhere. There's no funding from the govt, so donations from the people supporting MRM are probably the only main financial source. (See also: FTSU, MRA, Musculism, Pro-Life, Red Pill, SCUM.)

MSM: Acronym for "MainStream Media". MSM comprises of the popular resources (websites, magazines, newspapers, etc) of news and current happenings. MSM is often biased while reporting news about certain groups of people and often prefers political correctness over the inconvenient truth. MSM always highlights even the smallest crimes against the women, and hides or manipulates even the biggest wrong done against the men. If the MSM informs the public about the truth, the public can immediately oppose any wrong moves; so MSM does not (as during the Orwellian times, it's usually merely a mouthpiece of the politicians). Owing to media's intentional hiding of male-hating bills, misandric laws are passed secretly when most people are not watching, and then used against the individual men. People don't get to know about the wrong laws eroding their most basic rights even after they have been passed. It's only when some man gets entangled that he will come to know what the law has in store for him. The usually feminist and politically correct MSM is mostly critical of only men; it ridicules their achievements and laughts at their problems, often to the extent of hypocricy. For example, it criticizes the Boy Scouts for not having gay leaders for the "unreasonable" fear of gay sex; while at the same time, it criticizes the churches to have gay priests and hence encouraging the gay sex! You see, it only picks up the negative points about men, even if they amount to totally opposite views. Everywhere, when the girls fail to achieve as much as the boys, the MSM accuses of discrimination (it NEVER states the girls' incompetency); whereas if the boys fail, that is, of course, because the today's girls are empowered and trump the incompetent boys. (And then it demands special policies to help girls!) MSM also twists statistics to suit its purpose; for example, you must have come across many surveys or interviews with local households. When something goes wrong in the families (for example, their children perform bad), and it's obviously got nothing to do with the fathers, the media would call it a fault of "parents", but when something good has come out, it's always due to the efforts of "moms". In short, MSM can never be trusted in the matters related to the sex and gender (or, for that matter, the race, religion, minority, or protected groups). (See also: Feminization, Manosphere, Misandry, New Media, Orwellian, PC.)

Musculism: (Another form is "Musculinism".) The male counterpart of the nicer (garden or fun or sugar-candy) variety of feminism. (Whereas feminism destroys gender roles of males, musculism reinforces them.) So those following it are musculists (like there are feminists), etc. They often advocate male dominance in certain specific fields and assign certain other roles specifically to females. (See also: Feminism, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, MRM, Patriarchy.)

NAWALT: Acronym for "Not All Women Are Like That". (A related acronym is AWALT - "All Women Are Like That". A less common term is NAFALT - "Not All Feminists Are Like That" - used to portray the feminists in a good light when their bad intentions get exposed.) This sentiment is expressed when the bad or misandric deeds or views of a woman or a group of women suddenly get exposed to the public. Example: A man's life gets destroyed in a divorce by the family court (also called 'anti-family courts' in the manosphere since they encourage women to break families). When it becomes clear to the public that the fault entirely lies with the wife, some men feel that they should never marry. But that would make it impossible for the wives and the government and legal system to extract financial benefits from these men through one major source (divorce). So the NAWALT mantra is uttered to these men to encourage them to ignore the event. (See also: Briffault's Law, Evo-Psych, Feminism, Grass Eaters, Gold Digger, Herd Mentality, Hypoagency, Manosphere, Marriage Strike, MGTOW, Misandry, Schrodinger's Rapist, Shaming Language, Social Proofing, White Feather, White Ribbon Campaign.)

New Media: The online resources (websites, blogs, online forums, etc), providing news and info to the public about the latest events, and possibly also with interactive capabilities (wherein the readers can comment on the news stories and articles), are collectively known as the New Media. Currently, the New Media related to the men can only be found as part of the manosphere. The currently dominant (but increasingly obsolete) print media (newspapers, magazines, etc) and TV (not online) are called the Old Media. New Media is more free, capable, and widespread for delivering the news and info from an unbiased, un-opinionated, and neutral perspective (rather than manipulating the news to appeal to the culture of political correctness). (See also: Manosphere, MSM, PC.)

No-Fault Divorce: A divorce that can be filed by a spouse (or both of them) without the need to prove any fault on part of anyone of them. Logically, this would mean that both partners go their own ways after separation, without any transfer of pre-marital assets and wealth etc. In practice, however, the man almost always loses the most under a no-fault divorce, so much so that in the manosphere, this kind of divorce is also called his-fault divorce. (See also: Alimony, Chalimony, DV, FRA, Gold Digger, His-Fault Divorce, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Marriage Strike, Misandry, Single Parents, VAWA.)

Objectification: Treating human beings as commodities or objects. For example, the laws and policies that transfer money from men to women during marriage and divorce treat men like cash machines; most examples of male disposability are also examples of male objectification; the sexual portrayal of women in media is also considered female objectification (although in this case they're being treated like precious objects to be cared for and loved, unlike the male objectification wherein men are treated like objects to be used and thrown/destroyed). In other words, women are objectified as objects of desire (though with the women's own choices) and men as objects of utility (usually by forcing/shaming them). (See also: Alimony, Briffault's Law, Chalimony, Cock Carousel, Gold Digger, Hyperagency, Hypergamy, Male Disposability, Misandry, Palimony, Paternity Fraud, Pro-Choice, Projection, Schrodinger's Rapist, White Feather, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Omega: An omega person is the lowest member of the society, someone completely or mostly deprived of money, house, job, and of course, luck. In context of relationships, an omega in a group is a person with no or the lowest number of partners. Kind of opposite of alpha. (See also: Alpha, Beta, Grass Eaters, Marriage Strike, Zeta.)

OP: Original Poster. (The term is not manosphere specific.) Usually used in comments. On an online forum, refers to the author of the very first post (the thread starter); on a blog, refers to the author of the blog-post. In case of a discussion in the comments, OP can also refer to the pseron whose comment started the discussion. (See also: Manosphere, OT.)

Orwellian: (Used as an adjective, e.g., in "We're living in Orwellian times".) Refers to conditions (laws and policies) imposed by the government to control and limit the freedom and options for the society or a part thereof by the use of dishonest means such as, invading the privacy of the people by excessive surveillance; raising unreasonable FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt) and propaganda (such as War on Women), spreading completely false information and half-truths; ignoring and hiding the reality (including the past historical events that don't comply with the govt agenda); manipulating statistics, studies, and history to keep the public from knowing the truth (such as the feminists say 2+2=5 and make you accept it); and using the divide-and-conquer approach to destroy the unity among various sections of the society or even within the family (because individually, people are easier and possible to control, united they're not). The government uses technology (cameras, voice-recorders, GPS, the Internet, etc) for invading the privacy of people; the popular media (the MSM) for spreading misinformation; educational institutions for indoctrinating the younger generations; and the legal system to snatch away even the most basic rights of people (for example, taking away the right to the due process or the presumption of innocense, as recommended in the Dear Colleague letter), and for constructing discriminatory and socialist laws and policies (such as reverse discrimination, Welfare, etc) to destroy the unity among various sections of society or members of family (justifying them on the basis of twisted history or something similarly illogical). Following are some related terms:
~ 1984: Refers to the novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" written by George Orwell, describing the Orwellian situation and warning the society of its evils.
~ 2+2=5: Refers to the idea (the plan of the state) that if a lie is told multiple times (suppressing the truth), a large number of people would start believing it (any newcomer will then see that most people are believing it and would start believing it). In the very least, it would create confusion about the truth (for example, "I calculated 2+2=4 but people around me are saying 2+2=5, maybe sometimes it's the former and sometimes the latter, or maybe it's something completely different altogether, like 2+2=3...", etc) which will then be open to arbitrary interpretation. The govt can then take any of these results and stick that result, as it deems benefitial to itself, without public backlash (because either all the people believe what govt says, or different groups of people believe different things, out of which some support the particular result).
~ Big Brother: Refers to the govt controlling or micromanaging even the most basic, personal, or private aspects of people's lives and behavior.
~ Big Sister: An MRM-favorite twist of Big Brother referring to feminism being the cause and tool for the current Orwellian situation.
~ Collective Solipsism: Controlling individuals' thoughts by first making them isolated from the rest of the society and then using their instinct to overcome the lonliness by feeding them lies that they can identify with in some aspects.
~ Doublespeak: (Part of Newspeak.) Using contradictory speech (like, the politicians say one thing, do the opposite) to make people accept two contradicting ideas without question (making Cognitive Dissonance the norm), e.g., under feminism, women are empowered when it comes to demanding rights, and still victims when it comes to accept the corresponding responsibilities; and nobody seems to notice or question the contradiction.
~ Euphemism: Controlling the public perception of truth by choosing suitable words for describing something bad and harmful (like a discriminatory govt program or policy) to make it sound good and positive, and vice versa. Especially choosing names that are opposite of the policy's aim, for example, Dear Colleague for making the college environment hostile and dangerous to the students, No-Fault Divorce to hold the husband at fault, Paycheck Fairness Act to implement rules unfair to the off/late-hours-working and more contributing employees, Pro-Choice to limit the choice of life for an infant, Reverse Discrimination for implementing discriminatory policies like Affirmative Action (a pleasant-sounding name for an Apartheid-like policy), War on Women to provide means to the women to continue their war against innocent men, etc.
~ Newspeak: Kind of like feeding blue pill. Limiting the usage of the words in the language of communication (English) to make it difficult or impossible to express any idea against the govt or its plans. Some of the words are completely discarded as being negative (and are replaced with "non" or "un" followed by the corresponding positive words, etc); some others are watered down or censored to change their meaning and be almost meaningless. For example, the word "bad" is negative, so in the Newspeak, it is outdated and replaced with "ungood". Now, someone saying "The govt plan is ungood" will be misunderstood or taken less seriously.
~ Thought Police: Controlling even the thinking of people, and punishing people for having "improper" thoughts (that is, for commiting thoughtcrime). The govt constantly monitors all means of people's communications and information sharing, analyzes their bahavior and thought patterns, and finds and arrests those members of society who are seeing the truth (taking the red pill) and who may point this out and challenge the system. Their voices must be suppressed so that the rest of the society stays blind to the govt's plans. This usually starts with making trivial or minor inconvenient or unpleasant terms non-PC, and goes on until the govt can freely criminalize and ban any inconvenient truth, while calling it "respecting free speech of all" at the same time (euphemism).
By combining all the above things, we see that an Orwellian society is favored by a big government, socialist policies, discriminatory laws (to create and maintain a divide among people), and using police/courts to solve more and more conflicting trivial matters. And if you have taken the red pill, you also know how deeply (and increasingly more so) the current society is Orwellian. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Alimony, Blue Pill, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Dear Colleague, Entitlement, Feminazi, Feminism, MGTOW, MSM, No-Fault Divorce[/u], [i]Paycheck Fairness Act, PC, Pork, Pro-Choice, Proxy Violence, Red Pill, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Solipsism, The Plan, Title IX, VAWA, War on Women, Welfare, White Feather.)

OT: Off-Topic. If you have a news or something that you want other readers of an article to know but which is not relevant to the topic of the article, you may post it in a comment starting with "OT". Sometimes a commenter using OT apologizes for going off-topic even after starting the comment with "OT", so it's not clear whether OT is the aesthetically acceptable term for going off-topic or still somewhat odd. In any case, it's used quite often. (See also: OP.)

Palimony: Court enforced allowance for support paid by a person (usually man) to the person's ex-lover or former live-in partner (usually woman) after separation. In short, this is just like alimony but for the unmarried couples. (See also: Alimony, Chalimony, Feminism, Gold Digger, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, LTR, Misandry, Objectification, SO, Wage Gap.)

Parental Alienation: Attempt of a parent (usually mother) to turn a child away from the other parent (usually father). This causes a syndrome or disorder in the child whereunder it starts hating the other parent, which may affect the decision of child custody in a court case of separation or divorce between the parents. Most courts do not consider Parental Alienation a factor; even though when the father is booted out from his house on a mere DV accusation of the mother, the mother can make up all kind of stories about the event to tell the children (painting the father as the villain). FRA's have the goal of making it taken into consideration and outlawed. (See also: Chalimony, DV, FRA, FTSU, Gold Digger, Hamsterbatics, Misandry, Paternity Fraud, Single Parents, The Plan, VAWA.)

Paternity Fraud: The lie told by a mother about the identity of the father of her child in order to receive child support or chalimony from him, when actually that man is not the father. A DNA test can reveal this fraud. (See also: Briffault's Law, Chalimony, Evo-Psych, Feminist Logic, FRA, Gold Digger, Marriage Strike, Objectification, Parental Alienation, Single Parents.)

Patriarchy: A society where men are the heads (or the main decision-makers) of the family. (Matriarchy is the female equivalent where women are the heads.) Feminists so like to ascribe anything and everything wrong or bad to the blanket term patriarchy, rather than holding the person doing the wrong thing accountable if the person is a female. If a man does something bad, they say that men (or the traits of musculinity or manhood) are inherently bad; if a woman does something bad, they say the patriarchy made them do so or that she's a victim of the patriarchy (even if she's the criminal), and so she must not be held responsible for her crime. (See also: Apex Fallacy, Cause and Effect, DV, Evo-Psych, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herstory, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Musculism, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Victimhood, Wage Gap, War on Women.)

Paycheck Fairness Act: This act, on being passed, would entitle employees to disclose salary information to the co-workers even if workplace rules prohibit such disclosure, and the employers would be required to prove that any wage discrepancies are based on genuine business requirements and are characteristics of the position. While this might seem fair, it increases govt control on the private businesses, snatches away their freedom to enact their policies, discriminates against employees working over-time or off-the-hour, and provides any disgruntled employee a tool to retaliate against the employer. (See also: Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Cause and Effect, Entitlement, Glass Ceiling, Male Privilege, Orwellian, Princess, Reverse Discrimination, Title IX, Wage Gap, War on Women.)

PC: Acronym for "Politically Correct" or "Political Correctness". PC speak is used to please the so-called protected and minorities groups (women etc). For example, calling a slut a slut is not PC; she should be called an open-minded woman with an easy-going approach to the sexual relationships (I just made this up, so not sure if even this is acceptable, but you get the idea). (See also: Feminization, Orwellian.)

Pork: The big sum of money collected by the feds from the tax payers and ready to be spent on dishonest and discriminatory causes (welfare etc). (See also: Entitlement, Feminism, Orwellian, Pork Bloat.)

Pork Bloat: An increase in the pork dollars. (See also: Entitlement, Feminism, Orwellian, Pork.)

Princess: (Also known as: "Cupcake".) A female person seeking entitlements. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, Entitlement, Feminism, Gold Digger, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Paycheck Fairness Act, Title IX, Victimhood, Welfare.)

Pro-Choice: Supporting abortion. Feminists believe that abortion of a child must be legal (at the choice of the woman alone) at any time during the pregnency and a few weeks after the birth. And that there should be no role of the child's father in the decision (this already is the law). This idea assumes that the child has no "personhood" or human right to life because the child is not a human being, but just an organism (unless, of course, it's a matter of DNA test to catch the paternity fraud; then the child suddenly gets rights to its bodily elements); so the mother can legally do anything to the child. (Feminists in some countries do not support this idea for now for their own selfish reasons - where the female children have more possibility of getting aborted; but they're pressured by the mainstream feminists to support it or otherwise they'll cut their funding to those countries' feminism. So those feminists hypocritically support abortion in general, and oppose it in their own countries.) (See also: Feminism, Objectification, Pro-Life, Rape Culture, SCUM.)

Pro-Life: Opposing abortion. This idea assumes that the child is a human being and has a "personhood" because, after all, it's the child that becomes a human on growing up. That is, if all the children are killed because they're not humans, how will the humans survive anymore? This common test is called "if applied to all" (or a variant) and is a common test to determine if something is right or wrong. The pro-choice argument doesn't pass this test; the pro-life does. The MRA'a, in general, have mixed views regarding being pro-life and pro-choice - Some believe that abortion should be illegal (except under extreme medical emergency conditions or in the cases of rape); some believe that it should be legal and a mother's right alone (but with father's contribution to the child support being made voluntary rather than enforced because the father doesn't have a say in the birth of the child); still others believe that this is not an MRM issue (only the child support is). (See also: MRA, MRM, Pro-Choice.)

Projection: Seeing a false reflection of one's own mentality or thoughts in a member of the opposing group. For example, when feminists claim that men are violent, it's actually the feminists themselves that are violent; the feminists are assuming that men have the same violent tendencies as the feminists themselves, which is not truth but projection (one's own image into the opposing group). (See also: Apex Fallacy, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Dear Colleague, DV, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Herstory, Male Privilege, Objectification, Proxy Violence, Rape Culture, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Solipsism, Victimhood, Wage Gap, War on Women.)

Proxy Violence: The act of a person or a group of people "A" using (urging) another person or group "B" (powerful or in position of authority) to punish (physically, verbally, mentally, financially, or otherwise) a person or group "C" for unjust reasons. The violence here is carried out on "C", by "A", but indirectly with the help of "B". (See also: DV, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Mangina, Misandry, Projection, Schrodinger's Rapist, The Plan, Useful Idiots, VAWA, White Feather, White Knight, White Ribbon Campaign.)

PUA: Acronym for "PickUp Artist". (Also known as a practical or real-life "Gamer". A particularly skilled PUA might be referenced as Casanova.) A PUA is a man who seeks relationship with women (but typically not a long-term one or a marriage) by impressing them with his personality and traits, while at the same time trying his best to avoid the legal danger that those women can put him in because of the female-centric laws. Some PUA's are naturally attractive to the women, some learn the techniques to attract and impress women, some fail in their efforts. (See also: AFC, Briffault's Law, Game, Gina Tingles, Marriage Strike, LTR, SO, Shit Test, Social Proofing.)

Pussy Pass: Another name for the female privilege. A privilege of a female person wherein she gets away with minor to no charge or punishment for doing something for which a male person would get higher charges or sentence. Also sometimes, this enables a woman to do something that a man is not allowed to do; for example, parking a vehicle at some places where it's not allowed. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, DV, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Misandry, Pussy Pedestalization, Title IX.)

Pussy Pedestalization: The act of holding a person in high regards or giving preference and priority to that person, just because that person is a female. You could also say it's a mild form of female-worship. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Male Privilege, Mangina, Misandry, Pussy Pass, Schrodinger's Rapist, Title IX.)

Radfem: (Short for "Radical Feminist".) Feminist. Someone seeking female supremacy, and destruction or severe reduction of the male sex. (See also: Feminazi, Feminism, Femmo, Projection, SCUM, The Plan, VAWA.)

Rape Culture: A feminist belief that all the men are potential rapists, women are constantly in danger of being raped any time, and therefore more and more misandric laws and policies are needed. For example, a woman should immediately be believed when she accuses a man of rape or sexual misconduct, without demanding any proof from her. In some places, the burden of proof of innocence is on the accused man; in others, the accused man doesn't have any right to prove his innocence and is mandatorily arrested. Feminists believe that all PIV (Penis-in-Vagina) insertions (even between consenting couples) are rape, and have got this view fully implemented in the law (a woman can report any PIV activity as a rape any time). Even a few anonymous people can report any man anywhere any time to the police to get him arrested, all in the name of a prevailing rape culture. On the other hand, most male victims female sex predators are not believed, and are actually considered lucky for having been raped. Owing to so blatantly misandric laws and policies, increasingly anti-male redefinitions of rape, and manufactured rape statistics, the society has been randered into one of false rape allegations and indifference or disbelief toward the male rape victims. (See also: 2+2=5, Dear Colleague, Feminazi, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Herd Mentality, Misandry, Pro-Choice, Rationalization Hamster, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Solipsism, The Plan, VAWA, Victimhood, War on Women, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Rationalization Hamster: Using dishonest techniques (like hamsterbatics, or deprecated theories) to provide illogical justification for a wrongful act. It's more of a feeling-based reasoning rather than fact-based; one is simply desperate to prove the right or wrong side of the things the same way as one feels about them, and is using any and all means to do so, valid or invalid. (See also: 2+2=5, Apex Fallacy, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Male Privilege, Patriarchy, Projection, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, SCUM, Wage Gap.)

Red Pill: This term is influenced from the movie "The Matrix". A person who can see right through the bullshit and is not influenced by the propaganda is said to have taken the red pill (or a red pilled person). Few people get the chance to take the red pill. Red pilled people become aware of the truth of the system of which they're a part, and are therefore difficult to be manipulated by it. Red pill people can be useful to the MRM when they start distributing the red pill (the truth) to the others hence bringing about awareness. (See also: Blue Pill, FTSU, MRM, Orwellian.)

Reverse Discrimination: Also known as "Positive Discrimination". Discrimination performed by a dishonest group "A" of people against another group "B" when the former group is unable to find any logic for the discrimination and presents manipulated irrelevant statistics from historic times to justify its actions. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Blue Pill, Dear Colleague, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminization, Glass Ceiling, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Male Disposability, Male Privilege, Misandry, Orwellian, Patriarchy, Paycheck Fairness Act, SCUM, Title IX, Victimhood, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Welfare, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Schrodinger's Rapist: Any male stranger approaching a woman for any purpose whatsoever. The feminists believe that all men are potential rapists, always waiting for a chance to rape a woman, and do perform a rape on her as soon as they get a chance. The definition of rape has been arbitrarily extended to include anything and everything, including making a woman feel threatened (even if just by not looking handsome or pleasant to her). So, to avoid being a Schrodinger's Rapist, a man must not approach a strange woman in any way; only the woman can initiate any such interaction. More proof how feminism is criminalizing the male behavior and feminizing the social bonding. (See also: 2+2=5, Dear Colleague, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Hamsterbatics, Misandry, NAWALT, Objectification, Orwellian, Proxy Violence, Pussy Pedestalization, Rape Culture, SCUM, Shaming Language, Solipsism, Victimhood, War on Women, White Ribbon Campaign.)

SCUM: (Acronym for "Society for Cutting Up Men".) Refers to a piece of writing titled "S.C.U.M. Manifesto" by the feminist Valerie Solanas, in which she states that the men are not the 'proper' human beings (only women are), and therefore are dangerous not only to the women but also to themselves. Therefore, the society must not produce male children anymore, and also murder the existing males. To achieve this, she encourages women to abort male fetuses, and men to kill each other and suicide. To avoid (and downplay) the criticism of these views of feminism by the public, the piece has been called a joke or a satire, and to be taken as fun. However, when we take a look at the life-herstory of the author Solanas (who mercilessly shot men), we know that she was quite serious about what she wrote. SCUM remains relevant to the day and its ideas are increasingly being implemented indirectly:
~ Presently, SCUM is the roadmap for the goals of feminism.
~ In November 2010, an event highlighted SCUM on YouTube quite a lot, when a theatre group named "SCUM" of Swedish feminists (identifying themselves as followers of Valerie Solanas) posted a video of a stage production of the S.C.U.M. Manifesto, depicting women murdering an innocent man, licking blood from the dead man's head, and dancing to celebrate the murder, followed by the message "Do Your Part" (that is, urging the viewers to target and kill the men of their choice). The MRM site AVfM and other MRA's around the world criticised the video and made the world aware of this hateful stage production. Despite complaints to YouTube, the video was not taken down and remained public for a year. Since then, the original video has gone private. However, the Swedish theatre group "SCUM" continue to present the stage adaptation to the school children (yes, school children) routinely.
~ The ideas of SCUM are also in the roots of the Australian government's national plan named "The Plan" in short.
Once the men have been stripped of enough rights and power, a direct implementation of the SCUM ideas is expected as the next logical step. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, Feminazi, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, FTSU, Hamsterbatics, Herstory, Male Disposability, Misandry, MRA, MRM, Orwellian, Pro-Choice, Radfem, Rape Culture, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, The Plan, Title IX, VAWA, Victimhood, War on Women, White Feather, Wimmin, Womin.)

Shaming Language: (Also known as 'Shaming Tactics'; the 'tactics' might include actions in addition to language.) Words, phrases, and accusations (commonly stereotypes or just plain false) used for someone belonging to a particular group by the members of another group with a different or opposing ideology, with the intention of silencing or embarrassing the target person for having views different from the latter. Here are some examples:
~ Feminists call non-feminist men desperate failures with awkward personalities and evil oppressive fantasies; MRA's call feminist-women hairy legged ugly loudmouths.
~ 'Abusive' or 'Pedos': When men want the rights to child custody, or taking their children out in a park for a walk, or even just sitting around in a children's section of a library, etc.
~ 'Deadbeat Dads': When men cannot earn enough to pay alimony or child support in case of a divorce and hence are either locked up in prison or run away from the authorities like criminals.
~ 'Gay' or 'Losers': When men don't wish to engage with the women for the fear of false accusation.
~ Mansplaining: When a woman isn't familiar with a topic (or is wrong about it), a man explains it to her (or corrects her), and she doesn't like learning (or being corrected) from a man, she would use the word 'mansplaining' to silence him (as in "Oh look, he knows more about my own experience than myself, and is 'splaining as to how I ought to think").
~ Misogynyst: When someone makes a logical argument against women's special privileges and the feminist is unable to counter it, this is uttered, "You just hate women" (or the very famous catch-all, "You're a misogynist").
Often, even if someone speaks in favor of men, one normally shames them as if it's the men only that are at fault and the women are never to be blamed. For example, a priest who is actually in favor of fathers' rights, starts his message somewhere along these words: "Today, we know the divorced fathers are not playing an active role in the children's lives, but..." (notice how in this lecture he makes it the fathers' fault rather than the biased legal system's which almost never gives them the child custody). (See also: Male Privilege, Man Up, MRA, NAWALT, Schrodinger's Rapist, White Feather, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Shit Test: A test performed by a woman on a man to judge if he qualifies her standards before accepting him for a relationship. The test might involve presenting a challenge (usually not meant to be accepted as such), changing the style of conversation or behavior unexpectedly (for example, a woman suddenly starting to sound more intimate or using more informal words, or appear more attractive and open), etc, with the intent of observing and analyzing the reaction of the target man to see if he is genuine enough (e.g., how close to an alpha he is) or just an AFC/PUA/etc. Shit tests are usually performed by women with high SMV but any woman is capable of it depending upon the character/value of the man. Shit tests are necessary tool for a gold digger, but are not always bad intentioned because women also use them to avoid unsuitable suitors. (See also: AFC, Alpha, Briffault's Law, Cock Carousel, Game, Gina Tingles, Gold Digger, Hypergamy, LTR, PUA, SMV, Social Proofing.)

Single Parents: Single moms for all intent and purpose. Since in case of divorce, the child support payment dollars benefit the moms in 90% of the cases, the overwhelmingly large portion of single parenthood is single moms. Also, single moms are the only ones who receive child support, shelters, and welfare benefits. Numerous studies have shown that children raised by single moms end up being criminals (boys) and whores (girls). When referring to these statistics, the MSM always calls these people the children of single "parents". Most often, though, the MSM just hides these statistics and always praises the single moms calling them the "heroic" single moms (here it doesn't use the phrase "heroic parents"). (See also: Chalimony, FRA, Gold Digger, His-Fault Divorce, MSM, Parental Alienation, Paternity Fraud, Victimhood, Welfare.)

SMV: (Acronym for "Sexual Market Value".) The relative sexual attraction or demand of a person. All other factors being equal, a relatively young person has a higher SMV than an older one, for example; or a more physically attractive person (e.g., a model or a model-look-alike) has a higher SMV than a less attractive one. (See also: Cock Carousel, Gina Tingles, Gold Digger, Shit Test, Social Proofing, The Wall.)

SO: Acronym for "Significant Other". One's LTR (long-term relationship) partner. Also used for a spouse but less commonly. (See also: Briffault's Law, Game, LTR, Marriage Strike, Palimony, PUA, Shit Test.)

Social Proofing: Assumption or judgement of a woman about something/someone (for example, about a man being fit for a relationship, etc) based on the society's opinions on that thing/person, rather than her own personal assessment and experience ("if that man has had two happy girlfriends, and women like him, he must be a great boyfriend to have"). This is closely tied to the herd mentality. PUA's use this to their advantage by making a better 'image' of themselves in society, and especially among women. (See also: Alpha, Briffault's Law, Cock Carousel, Cognitive Dissonance, Evo-Psych, Game, Gina Tingles, Gold Digger, Herd Mentality, Hypergamy, NAWALT, PUA, Shit Test, SMV, Solipsism, White Knight.)

Solipsism: A belief of a person that that person is the only existing entity in the universe; everything else is either unknown to that person, or that person considers it a means for the person's own happiness. When this feeling is artificially induced in a group of people by the govt (using slogans like, "You're the only individual that matter", "Be yourself and don't listen to others", etc), it actually works in the opposite way (just as the govt planned). The targeted individuals think that they're free to be whatever they want to be and have got nothing to do with the others. As a result, they become lonely and lost, and, owing to the human instinct of wanting companionship, seek someone close to them. Now the govt, using the popular media, can feed them anything (which is far from reality) that in some elements identify with these individuals, and these individuals start associating with it, making a great collective mindset favoring the govt's propaganda and lies. This is Orwellian "Collective Solipsism". People think they're enjoying their free thoughts and are seeing the reality, but actually they're completely blind to the reality and perceiving it as the govt intended. (See also: Apex Fallacy, Blue Pill, Cause and Effect, Cognitive Dissonance, Entitlement, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Hamsterbatics, Herd Mentality, Male Privilege, Orwellian, Patriarchy, Projection, Rape Culture, Schrodinger's Rapist, Social Proofing, Useful Idiots, Victimhood, Wage Gap, War on Women.)

The Plan: Short name for "The National Council's Plan for Australia to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children, 2009-2021". This is Australia government's plan to end the civil rights of men. Feminists who talk regularly about the extermination of male half of the population (just like we talk about having a dinner outside etc) held an international conference titled "SCUM Conference" in Australia. The Australian prime minister Gillard (and other politically influential women) attended the SCUM Conference and came up with The Plan. (It's been shown that the Australian government is directly linked to Radfem Hub, and there's big fraud in The Plan.) Under The Plan, the man, on the mere accusation of DV, would:
~ Be removed from his home.
~ Be issued restraining orders against him.
~ Be arrested and held in prison without bail.
~ Be denied access to his children.
~ Be registered on publically accessible DV registers (future planned).
~ Lose ownership and control of his assets.
~ Have his income garnished.
And the burden of proof of innocence will be upon the man (same as in the rape cases). Also, the definition of DV has been extended to include such acts as the following (which shows how easy it is to get a man to face all the above consequences):
~ Not listening to your intimate partner (wife/SO).
~ Disciplining your dog (i.e., yelling on your pets).
~ Making purchases without consulting your intimate partner.
~ Refusing to give your money to the intimate partner when she asks for it.
~ Asking your 'intimate partner' for her money.
~ Denying sex to your 'intimate partner'.
And so on. This excludes male victims of the same acts from the DV definition, so a wife can still do all the above things to the husband. If you watch and listen to the Holocaust videos (search 'holocaust footage' on YouTube and watch some of them), you'll notice that it also began with such plans (that is, ending the civil rights of the Jews exclusively), thereby equating feminism to Nazism. (See also: DV, Entitlement, Feminazi, Feminism, Feminization, His-Fault Divorce, Male Disposability, Marriage Strike, Orwellian, Parental Alienation, Proxy Violence, Radfem, Rape Culture, SCUM, VAWA, War on Women, White Ribbon Campaign.)

The Wall: The average age at which one's SMV (sexual market value) takes a plunge (starts decreasing fast). Usually near around 35 years for a woman. (See also: Cock Carousel, Gold Digger, SMV.)

Title IX: This is a US govt rule under which, in the field to which it's applied in an institution, there can be no more percentage of men among themselves as there's the percentage of women among themselves. For example, if there are 70 female students and 30 male students in a college; and if 7 female students (10%) join the college soccer team; then, under Title IX, no more than 3 male students will be allowed to join the soccer team. The only permanent way to apply Title IX is to artificially cap (limit) the male enrollments. Title IX currently applies to college sports and some more fields. Obama has promised to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) courses under Title IX in 2013. This and so many other similar policies show that there's an ongoing war against boys and it continues apace in academia. For example, boys are scolded, mistreated, punished, and prescribed mandatory medicines just for doing the exact same things which if done by a girl would be rewarded and considered a sign of her empowerment; like, moving a stick in the air like a sword - If a boy does this, he'll have to take mandatory medicines because the teachers are directed to treat this as one of the hundreds of newly discovered "syndromes" in the boys; if a girl does this, teachers would praise this behavior as a sign of bravery. Similarly, there were no protest marches or a single instance of opposition when the boys at one Arizona public high school were made by a teacher to spend their year learning to open doors for girls, pull out chairs for their female classmates, and stand when a girl enters a room. Owing to the systematic discrimination, the boys are constantly falling behind the girls, and still the policies and govt laws are increasingly been written to favor the girls. (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminization, Male Disposability, Man Up, Orwellian, Paycheck Fairness Act, Princess, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization, Reverse Discrimination, SCUM, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Welfare, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Useful Idiots: A group "A" of people not belonging to another group "B" but still supported by the latter group because of their common hatred toward a third group "C" for so long as the group "B" has not achieved its goals (destruction of or victory over the group "C"). For example, feminists are the useful idiots for the politicians (by supporting them, the politicians gain the majority votes, extract money from the men, and similtaneously suppress men's civil rights and power to oppose their corruption and tyranny). Manginas are useful idiots to feminists (against men). (See also: Feminism, Mangina, Proxy Violence, Solipsism, War on Women, White Feather, White Knight.)

VAWA: Acronym for "Voilence Against Women Act". Part of Obama's War on Women campaign. Under VAWA, the man's arrest is mandatory for performing any act of DV (domestic violence) as soon as the wife calls 911. VAWA extends the definition of DV to include these acts, among others: Arguing with wife, looking at the wife angirily, not asking the wife for buying anything from the market with the husband's own money, not agreeing to the wife's decision even if it's related to the husband's own money. The wife can file a DV complaint against the husband secretely without any information given to him at all so that he cannot defend himself in any way, etc. (See also: DV, Entitlement, Feminazi, Feminism, Feminization, His-Fault Divorce, Male Disposability, Marriage Strike, Orwellian, Parental Alienation, Proxy Violence, Radfem, Rape Culture, SCUM, The Plan, War on Women, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Victimhood: This is a state of falsehood in which a group of people always paints itself, no matter what the people of that group do to the other people or what others do to them, in order to seek approval and reap the benefits of entitlements. In other words, feminism makes women into professional victims, who threaten (personally or with the power of state) anyone that questions their victimhood. Under victimhood, since women are always the victims, it's not allowed to point out a woman's own fault for getting in trouble. For example, if a woman wanders alone in an unsafe area at night, gets killed or looted, and you point out that it was not wise of her to have been there, you're victim blaming. Similarly, if a woman murders her husband claiming that he was being violent, she is still the victim and you cannot blame her. (That is, if a woman has been a victim, or claims to be a victim, that automatically absolves her of any and all responsibilities). By the way, when you make the same statement in case of a male victim, that is fine and acceptable (common sense); that is, blaming male victims is okay. (See also: Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Entitlement, Feminism, Feminist Logic, Glass Ceiling, Herd Mentality, Hypoagency, Male Privilege, Patriarchy, Princess, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Single Parents, Wage Gap, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, Welfare, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Wage Gap: (Also known as "Pay Gap".) The difference in average collective earnings of men and women, women's being 77% to 84% of men's. Feminists say that this difference is due to (surprise!) patriarchal sexism against women. However, this reason has been repeatedly debunked and it's been established that the wage gap exists primarily due to choices women make for the kind of work they pursue (for example, they don't want to work on high-paying but difficult jobs, or they don't wan't to work overtime, etc). This turns the wage gap from a feminists' claim of oppression to a feminists' twisting tactic (and renames it to the "wage gap myth", implying that the gap is not a sign of sexism but the women's own choices). Now, in order that the victimhood ensues, the feminists twist the logic even further and claim that the women are not responsible for choices made by them because the patriarchal society expects them to make those choices and hence the reason behind the wage gap is still sexism against women. The reason this myth is important to them is that this is the basis for so many misandric laws and policies in action or being proposed (like Affirmative Action, Paycheck Fairness Act, etc). (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Alimony, Apex Fallacy, Blue Pill, Cause and Effect, Chalimony, Cognitive Dissonance, Feminism, FTSU, Glass Ceiling, Male Privilege, Misandry, Palimony, Patriarchy, Paycheck Fairness Act, Rationalization Hamster, Reverse Discrimination, Solipsism, Victimhood, War on Women.)

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: This is a mile long running event organized in colleges for male students in which they (are sometimes forced to) wear women's high-heel footwear and are made fun of by the onlookers. The cited goal is to teach them about their male privilege and how tough women have it (as if they forced the women to wear high-heel footwear). After being publicly humiliated, the male students are asked to help prevent violence and abuse against women by not being abusive (presuming that, by default, they all are). (See also: 2+2=5, Affirmative Action, Apex Fallacy, Feminism, Male Disposability, Male Privilege, Man Up, Reverse Discrimination, Title IX, Victimhood, White Ribbon Campaign.)

War on Women: (Short form: "WoW".) Obama's campaign for passing more man-hating laws and policies like VAWA, Title IX, etc, crushing the men and passing the taxpayers' money on to the women. It's an imaginary and manufactured fear that the American women are in danger from every corner of their life and need to be protected from men, including their own family members. This continued fear ensures his female-votes, as this campaign is based on exploiting the fact that women always have a herd mentality and they work as a group (Team Woman). Now, women are 52% of the total population, and about 75% directly favor Obama even though he has failed miserably on every front other than pleasing the single moms and killing Osama bin Laden. The WoW campaign makes women believe that there's a war that the men have collectively planned on the women (and that only Obama can save them from this imaginary war). The reality is the exact opposite; it's the feminists who have planned a war on men (by the way, this writer is no ally of men and only considers them utility objects for women) and are just projecting their own hatred in the men. (See also: Entitlement, Glass Ceiling, Herd Mentality, Orwellian, Patriarchy, Paycheck Fairness Act, Projection, Radfem, Rape Culture, Schrodinger's Rapist, SCUM, Solipsism, The Plan, Useful Idiots, VAWA, Wage Gap, Welfare, White Ribbon Campaign.)

Welfare: There are programs by the govt distributing food packages and money to needy people; collectively called "welfare programs" or simply "welfare". Some of them are good to those who deserve the help, without discrimination. Many offer ridiculously large amounts of money to ONLY the women. They don't look for a person's actual financial status for distributing money or residence or other goodies; they only look if the person has a penis or a vagina. So a dying man won't get anything whereas a healthy able-bodied woman will get everything under these programs. This discrimination is also at the core of certain international relief programs run with support from the UN, Red Cross, and such (which otherwise used to be extremely good and reputable). For example, in the recent Haiti crisis, the food packages sent were only distributed to the women (making up a reason that all the men are selfish, and so only the women should get the packages). Similarly, international groups organize men's sports events (only because they are more popular and raise more money; otherwise their focus would only be on the women's events) and regardless, send the gathered money to the feminist causes (women's health, girls' empowerment, etc). In short, these dishonest and discriminatory programs of the welfare are a misuse of the taxpayers' money for the lazy entitled women who never work for themselves (because they don't need to). It accounts for increased taxes and international debt. (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, Entitlement, Orwellian, Princess, Reverse Discrimination, Single Parents, Title IX, Victimhood, War on Women.)

White Feather: In 1914, during the first World War (WW1), common (civilian) young men were reluctant to join the armed services and go die or get maimed for the benefit of the royals. So the royals organized common women in groups, whose purpose was to publicly humiliate their menfolk for not wanting to die. The women (useful idiots to the royals) in large numbers from all backgrounds handed out white feathers (as a symbol of cowardice) to men not wearing uniforms, shaming many of them into joining the armed forces. This event marks the women's cruelty toward men, male objectification (as war toys), and male disposability. In the present times, a similar White Ribbon Campaign is being observed by Australia. (See also: Herstory, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Male Disposability, Man Up, MGTOW, NAWALT, Objectification, Proxy Violence, SCUM, Shaming Language, Useful Idiots, White Ribbon Campaign.)

White Knight: A man in a position of authority, who favors and gives preference to women based on their being women. A white knight is the enabler of feminism; the ideology would not have existed without him. White knights often give gina tingles to women. (See also: AFC, Alpha, Beta, Gina Tingles, Hyperagency, Hypergamy, Mangina, Misandry, Proxy Violence, Social Proofing, Useful Idiots.)

White Ribbon Campaign: This is a misandric and sexist yearly event celebrated in Australia, in which men are publicly targeted by women who confront them demanding to wear a white ribbon as a proof to support the notion that it's only the men who are violent abusers toward the women. Not much different from the historic White Feather event. The campaign, in addition to shaming men, successfully hides the women's violence on men. All this while it's been shown that every "1 in 3" (basis behind the slogan/campaign 'One in Three') victims of DV is a male, and the actual number is expected to be much higher - roughly 50% has been estimated - because men generally don't report, there's no support system for them, and actually they're more likely to get arrested themselves if they make a call or report to the police (yes, you read that right). (See also: Affirmative Action, Dear Colleague, DV, Male Disposability, Man Up, Misandry, NAWALT, Objectification, Proxy Violence, Rape Culture, Reverse Discrimination, Schrodinger's Rapist, Shaming Language, The Plan, Title IX, VAWA, Victimhood, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, War on Women, White Feather.)

Wimmin: (Other forms are "Wimmyn" and "Wimin".) Women. Originally used by feminists who thought that men are inferior to the women (or oppress women) and therefore the "men" part of the word "women" needs to go. Now also used by the MRA's who think that women have so fallen from their respectable status that they don't deserve the part "men". (See also: Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Herstory, MRA, SCUM, Womin.)

Womin: (Another form is "Womyn".) Woman. Originally used by feminists who thought that a man is inferior to a woman (or oppresses a woman) and therefore the "man" part of the word "woman" needs to go. Now also used by the MRA's who think that a woman has so fallen from her respectable status that she doesn't deserve the part "man". (See also: Feminism, Feminist Logic, Feminization, Herstory, MRA, SCUM, Wimmin.)

Zeta: A zeta man is one who treats the women as equals, not extending specific benefits to them for being women and not taking shit from them for the same reason. A zeta woman is one who behaves like a responsible adult, not expecting specific benefits for being a woman and not hurting or taking advantage of people for their being men. (See also: Alpha, Beta, Briffault's Law, Entitlement, Hyperagency, Hypoagency, Man Up, NAWALT, Omega, Pussy Pass, Pussy Pedestalization.) 

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