Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something other than political shit for once.

For quite a while I sold cars...and in the business you tend to move from dealership to dealership for a while.  As a result, I've driven everything from Nissan 350Z's to Chevrolet Cobalts, to Hummers and Tundras, both in summer and winter. 

People often ask what kind of car is the 'best' one to buy.  This subjective question is obviously influenced by the needs of that person...but for me, given my 'hot buttons' (namely, I love the shit out of driving, demand a manual transmission, am single without kids, don't give a fuck about 'cargo space', and will not accept anything less than a total blast when I get behind the wheel....) this is the only car I want.  Maybe because I haven't driven Porsche or Lotus....who knows?

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