Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Mens Movement is Going Nowhere (my Ass)

When I see new MRAs - or just people exposed to these heresies relatively recently - ask a certain question, I always feel compelled to answer it.  I'm not sure why, although I think it's because the answer is a message of hope, to some extent.

That question is "Is anything ever going to change?", or some variant thereof.  And of course, the 'hope'ful response is, "Of course.  Things have massively changed already!"

Usually after making such a statement I would then launch into a litany of accomplishments of the MRM...from breaking through the Lace Curtain (the refusal of the Media to consider mens issues) to putting MRM issues on the International center stage (male genital mutilation).

Then, I would try and make it perfectly clear that even fantasizing about such a thing as international controversy over MGM would have gotten you laughed at by even the most devout MRA not 10 years ago.  And would assume this would be 'enough' to show the gains we have made, the worthiness of the effort.

Lately, to placate these fears, we have begun to point out the fear displayed by our ideological opponents, even to the point of offering strategy tips.  This sort of confidence would NEVER have happened without the gains made so far.

But the gains I speak of are perhaps not on your RADAR, so let me elaborate a little.  When one wants to measure 'progress', one has to define the parameters to be judged by.  Part of the reason Feminism is so out to lunch, is because they based their progress on comparisons to an utter fiction, so it's important we be realistic.

This is why I reject the Legal reforms, the correction of systemic bias, and all that rot, as being the 'aims of the MRM'.  We can't accomplish those goals.  We don't have the money, or the political power, to do such things.

Sure, they serve as 'ultimate goals', serving as guideposts much like a mountain on the horizon might, but as to day-to-day effectiveness, actual bots-on-the-ground role of the MRM?  ...Has almost nothing to do with any of that.

The MRM is mostly about refusing to be silenced or controlled at the micro level.  On a person to person basis, the MRM is more about respecting reasoned personal opinion and demanding not to be 'politically corrected' (or concern trolled), more than it is about lobbying Congress for Bill revisions.

If there's any truly defining characteristic that could be applied to all MRAs, it's the maxim "Your Rights end at the tip of my nose."  The Mens Movement is more Anti-Authoritarian, pro-personal Liberty AND accountability, and more analytical in it's Largesse than the reverse.  And as a result, the MRM's 'tentacles' can be seen in the Game community, it's burgeoning in the Traditionalist community, it's spreading in the Gay community, it's becoming a topic of interest for the Intelligentsia and Chattering classes.  The Mens Movement is simply about more interesting stuff, usually written about in an entertaining/enlightening manner, there's just more going on and to talk about with mens Issues....and that last part is the death knell of Feminism.

Our job as an 'activist community' is NOT about 'changing Laws', or 'Lobbying for funding''s changing the social discourse.  It's injecting questions and demands where they have not been allowed before, and refusing to be shamed into silence.

It's asking the hard questions, and accepting the facts even when those facts contravene the prevailing sociopolitical winds.  It's refusing to accept any cows as being 'sacred' (although temptations to start our own herd pop up on occasion).

And in that the opening of certain subjects for debate, or inspection, or even simple acknowledgement... well, MRAs are SPECTACULARLY successful.

To the point where our opponents are now adopting a strategy where they assert primacy in driving this debate (ie "We said it first."), rather than owning up to their prior bigotry.  We've all seen it, and setting aside what this says about legitimacy of views, think what it means in terms of perceived threat.

They have officially acquiesced that at some point, certain issues will become concerns of the general public, and are trying to set themselves up as the 'go to' folks for those issues TOO.  Sure it's a cynical money-grab...what did you expect?

But included in there is the tacit admission that these issues WILL be addressed.  Even our opponents are beginning to admit they don't stand a chance, and are trying to shuck and jive into an MRA-like 'uniform'.

And that is now our biggest threat...that the growing public awareness, and attendant 'funding', will be diverted to more of the same, only this time in the name of 'improving' boys and masculinity (a la Michael Flood).

No doubt the newbies will be more familiar with these more recent 'problems' the MRM faces...but when you look at it, these are problems brought on by SUCCESS, not failure.

 So buck up little camper!  We're on a roll.


  1. Hear, hear! Just 5 years ago misandry was the default narrative on any discourse on teh any site or forum or blog discussion.

    Misandry never went challenged, Feminism was the default. Any men's issues that got pointed out would quickly get shamed and shouted down.

    From football sites, to car hobby sites to mainstream news sites, the feminist/Matriarchal narrative was unchallenged and universally accepted on all corners of the net...(except for, of course, the proto-MRM sites like Angry Harry, Eternal Bachelor, No Ma'am, et al.

    Not anymore. Mainstream media sites and other places that have nothing to do with the MRA or the MAndrosphere will regularly get innundated by comments and debaters challenging the Feminist narrative.

    This is certainly progress!

  2. I agree with KG. Five or six years ago you would never see the comments outside the manosphere that you see now. It is very encouraging that so many men are figuring out what is really going on around them. Just waking up and not playing along will do more to cut feminism off at the knees than any amount organized activism ever will.

  3. Exactly. The aspect of the MRM they can't stand, is that we have no 'positions' to attack.

    That's sort of what got me thinking....

  4. Ooops, meant to add:

    Our real effect has simply been to make feminism wildly unpopular, by pointing out what its saying/doing.