Sunday, March 3, 2013

Effacing the Male

This essay by Adam Jones is a seminal work, and should be read by everyone who wants to know what sorts of obstacles faced by men, indeed what one of the sources of the Lace Curtain is.

A quote:

The effacing of male victims in mass media is generally accomplished by three interrelated strategies. The first might be called incidentalizing. Modern news, as noted, is a hierarchical creature. It generally "leads" with the dominant theme of the article, which the headline is also meant to convey. Many newspapers, printing or reprinting an article or wire-service report, will include only (a version of) the headline and the first several paragraphs of the story. Thus, to relegate an important theme to passing mention in the middle reaches of the article, or to introduce it only at the end, is effectively to render it incidental and inconspicuous, if not outright invisible.

I highly suggest you give this a read.

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