Monday, March 18, 2013

The Blogger Dream Team.

Since my recent decision to branch out in new directions, I've had a few comments wishing me well and all that.  And while I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think I'm the kind of guy to keep his mouth shut for very long, so I have been thinking about what kind of a 'group blog' would be interesting.  While I have been approached for a possible endeavour in this regard, this is a far from done deal as far as I know.  It may or may not come to pass.

But it did get me thinking....what kind of place do I personally think would make a kick-ass site on as many levels as possible?

I gave myself a couple of criteria for this particular thought experiment:

One, it had to be a potentially marketable idea, as in it should be a vehicle for those involved to make money.

Two, it had to serve an educational end to some degree...there's enough pointless fluff out there as it is.

Three, it should be controversial enough to be interesting, even newsworthy in it's own right at times.

Four, the subject matter covered should be as broad as possible.

Getting past number one should be relatively easy, since the Internet Age has made 'Publishing' a largely virtual industry, although one typically governed by 'content rules' as are nearly all 'cultural industries'.  Considering how difficult this is getting to be to enforce for online publications, such restrictions may not last for long.

The added benefit, such a site would go towards fulfilling one of the Prime Commandments of the Manosphere - "Thou Shalt earn a location independent income".  Plus, it's about time some of the excellent talents in the Manosphere got paid for their efforts.

Number two really got me thinking (as I am wont to do when number two is involved)...what sort of 'theme' would work best at fulfilling number one?

Well, obviously a Red Pill perspective is the big draw to the Manosphere, so that's gotta be in there.  SO what is the Red Pill perspective?

To me, Red Pill encompasses the full political spectrum, the full social spectrum, the full Religious spectrum.  It is not so much an ideology as it is a willingness to acknowledge reality.  If Game Theory (a Red Pill subset) can be routinely derided, even by Manosphereans, as little more than 'How to Pick Up Chicks' is it also that Game theory is espoused by such Traditionalist (or Religious) - and married - bloggers as Athol Kay, or Dalrock?  Some Game sites have more in common with Traditionalist websites (or flat out are Traditionalist websites), than they do with MRM sites, or MGTOW sites.

Obviously, there is a wildly diverse range of opinions to be had...I'm not going to be able to pop bloggers into neatly labelled boxes and set up categories....

I decided instead to look at the blogs I read personally, and see who I would like to see all blogging in one spot:

Roissy / Heartiste - Since Roissy in D.C., this guy has had not only spot-on analysis of many of the sociosexual issues plaguing our civilization, he has employed so many frankly hilarious concepts in his writings that have so perfectly captured the spirit of the subject under discussion, they can safely be called 'Roissyisms'.  A writer this Iconic simply has to be listed.

Vox Day - I've read Vox forever, since I love the logical Religion vs Atheism debates he often gets into, where he debates Atheists about Religion on Atheists own Faith required.  Truly a master of reasoning, one does not have to share that faith to admire the insight provided.  And lo and behold, Vox is also a practitioner of Game.

Captain Capitalism - An Economist that doesn't put me to sleep in 12 seconds?  Will wonders never cease!  Cappy is the proud Papa of a new book, "Enjoy the Decline", which is receiving widespread praise.  I haven't read the book myself (deciding to eat instead of buy things), but from what I hear, it's essentially Atlas Shrugged for the Proletariat.  Finally, some advice about the economy I can use. 

Rollo Tomassi - One of the 'Three R's of the Manosphere' (Roosh, Roissy, Rollo), Rollo also has amazing insight into male / female interactions, without diving straight into nihilism.  (I would also list Roosh V, but he's pretty busy with book writing and Return of Kings, so I'm mentally giving him a break and not asking for yet more).

Pierce Harlan - COTWA is an excellent resource and highlky acclaimed in it's own right, but Pierce is a fountain of knowledge and great writer, and would be a prime candidate for articles advising men on such issues.

Karen (Gww) - In my view, one of the most perceptive female writers in the Manosphere (is this an absurd concept?), Karen has a talent for packaging VERY complex stuff into easily understood videos and articles.  It's a rare thing to see the female perspective on men portrayed so compassionately and honestly at the same time.  Obviously, this is a perspective of immense worth to imaginary websites that generate buckets of cash.  So she's in for sure.

Mark Richardson - Oz Conservative is one of my favorite TradCon blogs, for the simple fact that Mark is engaged in actually trying to find Traditionalist solutions to current problems, instead of sticking his fingers in his ears while yelling "Man Up!" at every passing male.  I'm not a Religious dude by any stretch, but the perspective needs to be reinserted into the dialogue somewhere....why not in the imaginary dream team?

Fred Reed - Anyone who has ever read any of Fred's articles already knows why he should be included.  Those who haven't read him, go read him now.

Uncle Elmer - As far as I know he doesn't have a blog of his own.  But he's hilarious, and a weekly satire from him would be GOLD, gold I tell you.

Ian Ironwood - A manosphere blogger who works in the Porn industry.  The fact that he's utterly brilliant is actually icing on the cake in this instance.  A column written by him would get tons of views, and keep them.

Susan Smart - Hooking Up Smart is doing well, as it serves as a sort of male / female interface in SMP discussions.  Ergo, a good addition to a Dream Team blog.  Plus, she knows what she's doing in growing a readership / audience crossover...worthy skills AND good reads?  In.

TyphonBlue - Fiercely insightful nearly always, one of the greatest intellects in the Manosphere today.  She understands this stuff better than most, and is a shoe-in for any Dream Team.

Zed - because, well, he's The Zenpriest.  What more needs be said?

Robert Franklin - Excellent source of Legal articles, especially relating to Family Law.  Also, high in dietary fibre.

This list is getting long....anyway, I think I made the point I was looking to make.  I couldn't possibly list off all the incredible talent on the Manosphere if I took all day...and even then I would miss a bunch. 

Anyway, looking over the list I see a whole lot of relationship stuff, some economics, some political stuff...

Alrighty then.  What's the common theme?

Learning to cope with the society you have been shafted with.

Alright then...what else should a guy know if this is the actual theme?

How about articles on how to build a shelter in the woods?  How about "How To" articles on things like Survival skills, or mechanics?  An article on how to replace brake pads can be found almost anywhere, sure, but done well, these kinds of additions make an audience stick around...maybe stumble across something else interesting on the site...  Considering how many Manosphereans also have what I would term 'interesting hobbies', ranging from Photography to Ballroom Dancing to Parasailing and surfing, I doubt a single additional author would have to be added.  Anyway, breadth of articles is one thing, talent another.

Obviously, the writer...the the key to success.  The subject matter (aside from Red Pill issues) can be found elsewhere on the net already.  The key is to select authors who are already interesting or attention-grabbing in some way, that already cover the topics.

This has led me to believe that a good published work is entirely dependant on the cast of characters writing for the place....branding is a necessary addition, but not sufficient in and of itself.

Hardly a revelation.

What this little thought experiment did make me realize though, is the caliber of talent in the Manosphere is EASILY on par with the most 'well respected' online publications, and frankly, pool them all together and you have a media powerhouse that would positively steamroll the NYT and related garbage.

Food for thought.  Now, back to the Job Hunt.

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