Friday, March 1, 2013

The United States is a terrifying Police State.

And there is no way on God's Green Earth you could ever get me to visit that evil fucking hellhole.

This shit makes me sick.


  1. Uh, while most of the incidents were in the USA, two were in Canada. That's right; the second and third incidents on the video occurred in Canada; the second took place in Kelowna, BC, while the third was in Windsor, Ont...

  2. That's true, for sure. But we don't have NEAR the amount of interaction with cops in Canada that the average US citizen has. It's ironic, but there's NO WAY Canadians would allow 'checkpoints' on their roads, or the setting up of portable bunkers and military presence on the streets.

    Yes, it happens here...but nowhere NEAR as often... Frankly, the United States scares the shit out of me...they really truly are on a Nationalistic Totalitarian path, and even have the tight-knit relationship between Big Business and Government needed to effect Fascist Rule.

    Honestly, I don't know how Americans can keep telling themselves they are the 'Land of the Free' when it's so patently obvious the USA is among the worst Police States in the World.

    It's not Anti US sentiment per se...the people are great. But they sure let the Government and Police rule them with an Iron Fist.

  3. Factory,

    I TOTALLY get where you're coming from-totally! There's no insult taken. How could there be when you spoke objective truth that I, as an American, have LIVED with?

    I've thought the same thing about Americans lacking backbone. When my mom was alive, we'd watch the European news services available on the cable TV; you got a lot of interesting stuff our media would NEVER carry. Anyway, I remember how some change in France's agricultural policy impacted French farmers, and boy, they took to the streets by the THOUSANDS; they shut down Paris! I remember saying to my mom that I couldn't see our fellow Americans doing that.

    As for how and why Americans put up with what they do, I think it's due to a couple of reasons. One, for example the highway checkpoints you spoke of, were phased in gradually; it wasn't put in all at once. Secondly, they were for 'good' reasons, like catching drunk drivers. Thirdly, Americans have been dumbed down, so they don't know any better.

    To expand on the point about highway checkpoints, many of them were started to catch drunk drivers. Here in the USA, there was a huge (and I do mean HUGE) campaign against drunk drivers. We got fed horror stories of all the young people killed by drunk driving, etc. It was a classic variation of Hitler's maxim that, if you revoke people's liberty in the name of 'saving the children', then you can pretty much get away with anything. No one fought the drunk driving checkpoints because the response was, "What about the young people having their lives cut down prematurely?" This was particularly true if a horrific, drunk driving accident occurred, e.g. a car fire resulting from the impact.

    Then, as time went on, these checkpoints were conducted for other reasons; they were done for reasons having nothing to do with drunk driving. Even the drunk driving reason was spurious, because it infringes on our Fourth Amendment, which addresses having probable cause, unreasonable search and seizures, etc.

    However-and this goes to the point of dumbing down the population-most folks don't KNOW the Constitution anymore. It's truly scary how ignorant my fellow Americans are WRT the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I would be surprised if one in ten Americans even knows what the Bill of Rights are, let alone be able to NAME any of them; I'm serious! Anyway, if folks don't know what rights they have, then they won't be aware of what they lost.

    That's not an all encompassing answer as to why Americans tolerate what they do, but that's my read on it anyway. But rest assured that, among those of us who know, we don't live under the delusion that we're the land of the free and home of the brave anymore. It's a line from our national anthem, of course, but it has no real, substantive MEANING anymore-not for those of us in the know anyway; those of us in the know try to fly under the radar and stay out of trouble. At this point, the country is beyond saving, and we're just trying to ride things out the best we can...


  4. I hear you...Politicians are trying to boil the frog here in Canada too, but the irony is, we use the US as example of why encroachment on Free Speech is so bad...even though we technically don't have that right in Canada in the same sense. And the outrage over the Warren Farrell thing? Probably wouldn't have been an outrage in the States...weird.

    Anyway, I think people in the States have allowed themselves to be polarized too much (exactly the state the Weimar Republic was in...actually, it's truly frightening the parrallels between Weimar Germany and present day USA), and have allowed an Us vs Them mentality to blind them to the real threat.

  5. Anyway, I think people in the States have allowed themselves to be polarized too much (exactly the state the Weimar Republic was in...actually, it's truly frightening the parrallels between Weimar Germany and present day USA), and have allowed an Us vs Them mentality to blind them to the real threat.

    Yeah, the parallels between today's USA & the Weimar Republic are truly eerie. Everyone here who knows what's going on invariably makes the same comparison. We all know what FOLLOWED the Weimar Republic, don't we? That's the SCARY part! What came after the WR is the same thing likely to come here-a dictatorship of some sort...

  6. To be honest with you MM, if I were living in the States right now, I would be thinking awful hard about expatting. I don't think your Gov will make the same mistake the Nazis did.....they will demonize and oppress men, but at the first sign things are going in the open, they'll start arresting them.

    I think I might be one of those 'Conspiracy Nuts', because frankly I can see absolutely nothing in your Governments behaviour that even HINTS that FEMA camps won't be used for mass extermination.

    Yes, I said mass extermination, and meant it seriously.