Monday, August 12, 2013

The Answer: A Case for Integration

Since the initial burst of growth in the online Mens Movement (circa 2000), the question of what we wish to accomplish, and how we should go about it, has dominated much of the internal political discourse.  The topic has swirled around in the background now for well over a decade with no resolution in sight.

Until now, this has been one of our strengths as a movement.  The Mens Movement is about as 'grass roots', as 'anarchistic' of a movement as I can imagine.  Literally, no 'official' leadership with adoption of ideas based simply on debate and general acceptance of the 'membership'.

The problem is, this hyper-democratic approach does not work once we have attracted the attention of those who would twist the movement to their own ends, and have the resources to become a majority of posters on whichever discussion board they wish.  It can hardly be argued that the movement isn't daily assailed by 'tone police' and trolls, as well as those genuinely trying to argue our movement is unnecessary.

As well, there has been 'adoptions' of relatively new, nebulous, vaguely positive sounding goals attributed to the Mens Movement that are wholly a product of the latest influx of neophytes.  This is born of generalized ignorance of mens issues, utter lack of understanding of human nature, and unrealistic approaches that are frankly characteristic of newby anythings.  I have no doubt at all, though, that a good portion of these newcomers are false flag MRAs pretending 'agreement' while taking for granted, for instance, that Patriarchy Theory has merit, and arguing for 'smashing male Gender Roles' (this is different from Feminism how exactly?) is 'what the MRM is about'.

I will leave to another time the subject of the actual goals of the MRM, although I will share my own beliefs on what some of them are (or were).  What I want to address here is The Way Forward.

The big Kahuna...what do we do as a movement to obtain our goals?  This is where knowledge of both human nature re: the SMP and a non-idealized understanding of politics becomes quite important.  What has to be understood at the outset of any strategizing, is that women by and large do not care about 'men', and in fact tend to have a baseline mistrust, if not loathing, of 'men'.  It is only when 'men' becomes 'her man' that a woman tends to care.

This is true of men as well.  Men tend to not care about 'men', and in fact also tend to not care about 'man', as in someone they know.  The world is Gynocentric, and has been since time immemorial.  This is a reality we have to work in the shadow of, because it is NOT going to change.  Not even a little bit.

We also have to acknowledge that Female Supremacists, the limitation of and outright abuse of men's human rights, misandry, unfair double standards, and all the rest are going to exist.  Forever.  In fact, it is much more productive to think of things in these terms:  what are you willing to put up with?  For the more cynical minded, the question boils down to 'what are you willing to put up with in exchange for a little pussy?'

Keeping this question in mind, we then must filter it through knowledge of human nature (and the path of least resistance) to understand what is achievable, and to what extent.  For example, 'MRAs' whining about having to pay on dates and being defined as 'human doings' are going to forever be viewed as ineffectual Betas, but an awareness of that dynamic is essential to future progress.

Thus, we must know more than we say, and do so with an open mind to expanding our knowledge.  It is because Feminism is a society-wide shit test that men have failed spectacularly for decades, and yet those who explain what is happening are treated by MRAs in much the same way Feminists treat MRAs.  It's embarrassing, counter productive, and frankly exposes a vast swath of Hypocrisy among the MRM 'elite'.

I'll say it again, Game Theory might say things you find 'incredible', or uncomfortable, but reacting to it in the exact same manner Feminists did to our message is fucking inexcusable.  And for the record, not one of the 'leadership' that is so engrossed in the anti-Game mindset has disproved, or even seriously challenged, any of the core Theory tenets of the behaviour to expect from either sex.  But plenty have dismissingly mocked it.  Sound familiar?

Sure, the forums are full of teenage braggadocio.  But read Rollo Tomassi or Athol Kay and tell me where he's so off-base....I dare you.  This wilful ignorance HAS TO STOP, or this movement will continue to spin it's wheels aimlessly while the narrative is co-opted like every other civil rights movement has been since the 1960's.

It is therefore imperative that such related spheres as PUA/Game Theory, Traditionalism, MGTOW, MRAs, and to a much lesser extent the 'egalitarians' be considered.  By incorporating the various views of these spheres, filtering the goals through these lenses, we will again see them take different form both in acceptability and likelihood.

It is also important to maintain an awareness of how the Propaganda fed to society daily is playing on these same aspects of human nature, in order to develop an effective counter.

Frankly, that counter is usually 'sunlight'.  And that brings us to the meat of the matter:  strategy.  A lot of this we are already doing as a movement, and it is not accidental at all.  I personally have been pursuing a strategy of integration of the disparate movements since MrM! Issue 1, and if you've read any of the 'zines, you know that was the case from first to last issue.  I also know that many prominent MRAs, PUAs, and MGTOWs have quietly been pursuing much the same goal.

Because we see a way forward.

Step One: publicize.

This is relatively simple in concept, but it is important to note which aspects of exposure work, and which do not.  An easy example is which video clip garnered more MRM support, the video of the chick calling the curious man 'scum' for daring attend a Mens Issues event, or Big Red?

The reasons for Big Red being more popular than Bitchy Slav is because Big Red is an embarrassment to Feminists, while Bitchy Slav is a Feminist hero standing up to the Man, even though it put off some 'moderate' Feminists.

It's amazing to me that it hasn't dawned on the majority of MRAs why certain tactics work, and others fail.  Apparently none of them went to High School or paid any attention to the way women freak out over damage to their reputation.  I mean, has no one wondered why Sluts, Fatties, 'Strong Empowered Women', career girls, single Moms, etc are lionized so much in society?

We tend to get half the equation "Because Government wants to encourage that behaviour", but completely fail to see the flipside "and if people actually told these people the truth, or exposed them, they would be too embarassed or ashamed to continue".  So, one campaign works, another doesn't (or gets portrayed as 'men whining'), and no one seems the wiser as to why.  Here's a hint: if you understood how women see men and themselves, you would know why.

The easy answer?  Because one made Feminists 'look bad', and one didn't (in their eyes and in much of societies as well).

Step Two: Sympathize

But wait, won't doing THAT make the MRM 'look bad', given the gynocentrism of society?  Well, if you come off as a petulant nerd, then yes, it will.  But if you come off as a Principled Alpha protecting those less fortunate...well, now it's game on.

It is vitally important to cultivate a mindset and position that is not 'Beta' or supplicating in any way.  MOST importantly, we are not 'seeking equality with women', we are 'fighting injustice'.  That distinction must be made, and reinforced regularly.  This avoids Oppression Olympics, sure, but again if you know Game you know why you don't EVER want to portray men as weak or disadvantaged, even when they are.

Instead, you portray injustice divorced as much from the Feminine Imperative as possible.  A man described as being forced to pay for a child while having it taken away, who then fights the injustice with head held high, is FAR more sympathetic of a figure than a poor 'loser' who cannot afford to live after Child Support is deducted, and begs 'someone do something'.

Take a page from the Feminist Handbook here, and lead women around by THEIR genitals for a change.  It's a proven fact women vote for the 'hottest' candidate.  Do you think that only applies to Presidential Politics?  Want women to support the Movement?  Make them want to fuck you, even though, nay, BECAUSE you are an MRA.

Women are NOT attracted to whiners or even guys willing to meet them in the middle.  But again, if you think Game is bullshit, you wouldn't know this.  If you doubt, ask any of the women involved in the MRM if they got involved for a reason not connected to their Genitals.  I mean that sincerely but non cynically.  I hear concern for sons, husbands, boyfriends, 'friends', etc.  Even concern for the general injustice of it all is non existent, except as byproduct of a relationship with a man who was affected.

And yet to this day, the well known propensity for Feminist Projection (ie, they think men are doing to women, what they would do to men) has yet to be applied to their well-known principle of controlling men through access to sex, and sexual promise. 

Why?  Probably because Game is bullshit.  And guys who live their own life for themselves (and fuck you if you don't like it) are patently unattractive to women.

Step Three: Demand

The last step in this relatively simple PR campaign (ie, popularity contest), once we have shamelessly stood up for men and boys in the face of massive opposition, once we have refused to bow and even turned the adversity into a virtue to a limited degree, once we have made ourselves sufficiently palatable to enough women, and have their support, then and only then can we make demands.

And by that time, having massive power behind the demands will be a defacto reality.  The policies will by then have been fully exposed, and popular opinion will be against them.  The reasonableness, or realistic policies will be implemented, and indeed might be well before such time.  Those containing barbs that run counter to human nature will fail.

And this is why it is important to understand all of this while codifying the goals of this movement.  This is why the stupid fucking schism between MRAs and PUAs absolutely must be closed for there to be any chance of success, outside of wild luck (and a good portion of the success of the MRM is due to being ignored for too long - a mistake Feminists are rectifying).

If this seems an overly simplistic analysis, that's because it is.  It's a cloud-top view.  Because the Mens Movement hasn't progressed to the point where it can be grained down yet.  But if you see both how simple, and incredibly difficult this is going to be, you see the forces arrayed behind the quick acceptance of the most Totalitarian of Feminist concepts, and how that works against our success in equal measure, then you know I'm not talking out of my ass.

And you know how important it is we get this right, and right now.

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