Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wisdom from Angry Harry

"Feminism has very little to do with equality between the genders, and it also has very little to do with the rights of women.

First and foremost, feminism is about various groups seeking to acquire power and money, and to build huge self-serving empires in which millions - literally millions - of people nowadays have a vested interest - a vested interest that is, in fact, highly detrimental to those societies in which these people operate."



  1. I used to read Angry Harry fairly regularly, but I stopped doing so a while back and now just pop in occasionally.

    He is something of an extremist. And he has a tendency to simply recycle every crank conspiracy theory that any whacko wants to attach to the MRM.

    I find myself caught in the middle, because Glenn is often too moderate or conciliatory for my liking. But at the same time I can't abide some of the extremists.

    That said, I think there is a place for everyone. And the radicals like AH actually increase the bargaining power of moderates like Glenn or Warren Farrell. If the establishment doesn't want to deal with Glenn, they will end up dealing with AH, Pankaj or others.

  2. That's hilarious!

    But true, really.

    It sounds like threatening doom and gloom, but really, I think if the "moderates" lose out, the "radicals" will make sure we win....whatever the cost.

    Angry Harry is kinda weird, sure, it's like Supermarket Tabloid Journalism for the MRM. Never know what you'll find.

    Myself, I'm into a more earthy, direct but hopefully witty approach. Why pull punches when the "woofing out air" responses and following shocked reaction shows the character of the person addressed so quickly.

    PLUS, it focuses the mind on the crux of the issue, if the person addressed is inclined to think about it at all.

    OK, that, and it's really fun on an unmoderated board. :)

  3. Nice blog you have here, Factory! I will add you to my links, and give you a CF writeup. :))