Sunday, November 30, 2008

Women admit their sympathy for 'man flu' victims runs out after five minutes

And almost a fifth of women say they feel no sympathy at all for their partners' "man flu".

But men, by contrast, say they are prepared to take time off work to care for their suffering wives or girlfriends, cooking meals and cleaning the home.

A poll found that women were far less likely to sit by their man's bedside mopping his brow than the traditional stereotype suggests.


Of course, the article finishes with obligatory man-bashing...

"Pollsters suggested that men may be more keen to see their wives or partners get well soon so that they could take on domestic responsibilities again more quickly."

You'll notice it's the POLLSTERS THEMSELVES who attribute completely made-up "reasons" for men being apparently more caring than women.....cause, ya know, men suck and women rock.


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