Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Well, I'm doing something....

I'm not sure if that something is right or not though. I'm now officially "moderated" on both sides of the gender debate. Hilarious.

All of my posts seem to be "awaiting moderation", regardless of content, at both PunkAssBlog (a feminist blog) and Glennsacks.com (an MRA blog). Ah, the perils of being a loose cannon.

I don't wish to seem unduly harsh in my "criticism" of this behaviour, since there have definitely been times when I've deserved moderation. I just find it funny that I'm now "under suspicion" from both sides.

This could be stemming from an artful piece of editing on PAB, on a thread in which I mildly criticised Glenn, found here.

The salient quote:

Glenn has been trying to get a discourse going on, specifically to influence the men’s movement with some mitigating influence from “the other side”. I see value in this approach, and try to do the same, only I’m not quite so concerned about appearances.

There are a LOT of MRA sites around that think Glenn is a pushover, a pansy, a Fifth Columnist to the Men’s Movement.

The way I see it, you have a choice between the Glenn Sacks’ of the world, or the guys more extreme than me.

To which Glenn replied:

“While [Glenn] can’t deny the success of F4J, he denounces their actions every time.”

Actually, I have praised and promoted F 4 J’s nonviolent protests countless times in newspaper columns, on the radio, and on my blog, going all the way back to 2003.

However, I have stated a tactical difference with them when they protest at judges’ or government officials’ homes. I believe it’s counterproductive, for reasons I explain at http://glennsacks.com/blog/?p=2923.

Best Wishes,
Glenn Sacks
(Pushover/Pansy/Fifth Columnist)

Obviously, Glenn takes offense at the characterization. To clarify, I responded in a rather lengthy post, which was summarily "hypnotoaded"....


Anyway, that's where that whole thing stands in case anyone's interested.

For the record, I personally don't think that of Glenn at all. In fact, I'll even go on record right here and say the man is admirable, and I wish I had a 10th of his character and integrity.

Unsurprisingly, that won't stop me from differing in opinion from him, nor will it stop me from vocalizing that difference to advocate my own position. After all, the man's not God.

And frankly, it's further testament to the man's character that he extends the platform on which his critics may stand. The fact I've been doing so for going on 2 years (I think) is a testament to his patience as well.


  1. As far as those MRAs who see Glenn as being a pushover/fifth columnist, it seems to me that if Glenn adopted the approach they wanted then he would be just another voice howling in the wilderness. Part of the reason why Glenn has been successful in getting these issues into the mainstream is precisely because he has adopted a more conciliatory approach.

    I agree that at times Glenn is too diplomatic towards the other side, or that he underestimates the degree of problems we are up against. But within the scheme of things, this doesn't really matter. A movement won't be ruined because not everyone involved is as strident as others.

    But I think the existence of more radical elements actually strengthens Glenn's hand, because it allows him to play good cop to their bad cop. And you can only really look moderate if there are people promoting more extreme ideas.

  2. Factory, as far as you being permanently moderated on PAB, I think you are wasting your time there.

    On the Feminist Dissident thread, Lisa said something about how comments on those threads have to be feminist-friendly or they will be deleted.

    WTF? Who is that damn precious and prissy that they need people to be friendly to them on their own forums, lest they fall apart?

    I can understand Glenn moderating your comments more, because at least he has some sort of standards to maintain. Over there at PAB, they are basically running a brothel. So why the fuck they would need to moderate you is beyond me.

  3. I may be wasting my time, but I'm having a bit of fun. The approach Glenn takes is indeed the best way for him to do what he does.

    I get to be a "scary MRA" in this good cop / bad cop scenario. The bad guys always have the fun parts.

    I gave up being able to "convince" feminists a long time ago. Nowadays I just hold up their hypocrisy so they can see it.

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