Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More lunacy from the "fearless leaders" prepared to do our thinking for us...

Apparently, Top Gear is too popular to be an all male cast, and old Harriet HateMen is out to make sure the show tanks, forthwith.

Thankfully, Top Gear is having none of it...


The statement below is written by Andy Wilman, the Producer of our favorite hit TV show, Top Gear, regarding a recent plan unveiled by Britain's ruling political party, Labour, to ensure diversity in state-funded organizations. This includes the BBC and, by extension, Top Gear.


I was going to write about how the new series is getting on, but that'll have to wait, because Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman, obviously completely happy with the way the economy is going, has decided instead to turn her attention to the massive issue of women and Top Gear.

Under her new proposals we'd have to boost the number of women on the show to reflect the make up of the population. That means mathematically one of our three presenters would have to be a transsexual, so James is firing up the bandsaw and digging out the Kate Moss Top Shop collection as we speak.

And just as we duck to dodge Harriet's missile, in comes a two-inch mortar from Dr Louise Livesey of Oxford University, who claims Top Gear is shot through with "entrenched institutional sexism," and that the show has a "boys' club" production team.

Interesting that last bit, since this woman has never spoken to us, or been near our office, but never mind: if it's more women in the office she wants, I've already put the call in to Spearmint Rhino."

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