Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Lie.

Here is one MRA's view of Gender Relations today:

The Men:

Inconsistent messages are bombarding men daily, with calls to "man up" conflicting with demands to be more sensitive and nurturing (suppress your feelings while embracing those of others). Men are told that their sex is an inferior form of the female sex, and the default social position is increasingly that men are defective women (witness the education establishment's response to boys crisis in education), and must be educated into humanity. Male sexuality has been stigmatized and criminalized, with every stage of the normal courtship ritual exposing the man to possible arrest and imprisonment, entirely dependant on the woman's feelings about the encounter. Should a successful pairing occur, social pressure (including legal and financial incentive) seeks to tear the couple apart, and affords men in particular no protection from abuse of the system, either from within or without.

The Women:

They have been told their whole life that they can be anything they want to be (message to boys? Better make sure you get a good job, or you'll never get married), and furthermore deserve nothing but the best. They are told their life is MUCH more difficult than a man's, from childhood on, and need special protection and benefits to balance the odds of success. They work hard in their chosen endeavors, by and large, and seemingly succeed in much greater numbers than men. Their instinct, as well as social expectation, demands a "good provider", and the disdain of her friends typically restricts the available dating pool of men. This is especially true given the ever dwindling number of men throughout her education. She is told that even though she worked this hard, men will make more than her simply because they're male. This clashes oddly with her daily experience of meeting ever fewer men that did not make significantly less than her. Her impression of men as "losers" solidifies with time.

The result:

The lack of attention to what is happening to males, and indeed the wholesale acceptance of Feminist characterizations of men and maleness, has created unrealistic expectations of men by women, and insurmountable obstacles for men to retain her interest. The unrealistically supportive atmosphere around women and girls (in relation to that surrounding men and boys) causes distorted expectations of men. After all, if it was that easy for her to accomplish what she did, and life is even easier for men, how bad of a loser do they have to be to end up like that?

Here's something for the guys to remember...

It's OK to see a gorgeous apple-bottom ass, and fantasize about diving deep between the cheeks. It's not criminal to be interested in talking to a girl ONLY because you want to fuck her. It's want to know why?

Because women look at men's crotches and visualize the penis they usually can pretty easily see. They also talk to men purely for the purposes of wanting to get him naked, and furthermore, they have the exact same motivation as men, and by and large in the same measure as well.

We have entered a new Victorian Age, where men are saddled with ALL of the responsibility for repurcussions of sex (continued from the original Victorian Age), and the woman has ALL of the choice (a product of the new one), should there be need. Where being sufficiently socially awkward can land you in jail, and casual attitudes toward sex (if you're male, that is) can lose you your job, your friends, your freedom, or even your life. As a man, you are expected to trust the woman to act kindly towards you, and if she does not, you are blamed for failing to properly discriminate, or you somehow deserve it. In short, you are increasingly at the mercy of her (collective) good graces.

Now, I can see how women might not object to this (especially given it's close parrallel to the cartoonish view of history most feminists have), but I ask healthy do you think this is? Do men seem happy with you?

A while back, I made the point that the constant struggle and castigation has made women increasingly undesireable to men. A poster responded by saying that only by competing do women win the respect of the men they want, and that they are largely only doing what "works". To that poster, I urge you to rethink where you are getting this impression from, because it bears no resemblance to my experience as a man. A partner is a cushion to the vagaries of life, the other half to "Us against the World"....not the competition perched on chairs on the other side of the boardroom table. You want men to love and respect you? The song hasn't changed much.

Make a choice to love a man.
Do so even when presented with "better" opportunities.

That's pretty much it.

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