Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Office of Men's Health...

Here is a link to a form letter asking for the establishment of an office of men's health to mirror the functions of the Office of Women's Health already in place. I understand the legislation is currently going through review, so please, fill it out AND pass on the link...

Link Here.


  1. Personally, I think establishing an Office of Men's Health is a silly idea. We shouldn't have a million and one different bureaucracies catering to every demographic.

    A better proposal would be to abolish the Office of Women's Health and demand that government funding for research and treatment of illnesses be allocated equally between men and women.

  2. Except that would have the unintended consequence of leaving the default position as one overwhelmingly "favoring" women. Attention needs to be drawn to a whole host of male issues, not only because some balance to the all women all the time perspective, but also because there's a genuine need to focus on some of these issues all on their own.

    Sometimes, it's OK to focus just on men...we don't ALWAYS have to be 100% neutral. That's a feminism thing, not an MRA thing.

  3. Factory, sorry it's been a while.

    I agree that we don't always have to be gender-neutral. I just don't support the idea of having numerous government bureaucracies catering to every group.

    Other than that, I agree that we don't have to be gender-neutral, and that it's okay to just focus on men sometimes. Indeed I don't care all that much if women have problems nowadays, as women have had more than their fair share of attention during the current era.

    I'm not suggesting that we have to pretend to care as much about women's problems as men's. Indeed, I don't have much time for people who go in for that kind of conciliatory, mealy-mouthed SNAG bullshit.