Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MRm! magazine information, and direction.

I've been getting quite a few enquiries into a wide array of things, through multiple email accounts and channels...it's getting hard to keep track so I'll answer what I can, in the form of an article here....

Those of you who are familiar with my posts in other areas already know this, but I say again...

We ignore the successful methods Feminism employed at our peril. There is a reason why it is as wide ranging and deeply penetrating an ideology as it is. So much so, that even those who make a face at being called a feminist will readily repeat Feminist propaganda without ever checking the facts.

In the magazine, these people are referenced metaphorically in the quote from Mein Kampf, and that quote was deliberately placed there to remind people of those facts while they read the articles. It is also directed at us, to remind US what we are dealing with.

The very reason the magazine exists is to package men's issues in such a way as to be an interesting, enjoyable, and informative read. It is aimed specifically at those who have had absolutely no exposure at all to MRA writing. It is not, I repeat NOT a "newsletter" for MRA's or any such thing. We have forums and websites that are much better suited to that kind of thing.

This is one of hopefully many "public faces" of the MRM. And in response to one question, yes indeed I think this publication, or one similar, will serve as the "Ms Magazine" for the MRM. It was successful then, and we definitely can be today. Moreover, the reason it was introduced then (the need to get the message out to the general public) is the exact same reason this type of thing is needed now.

Yes, there is a huge explosion in media since then...there is no diminishment of the relevance of this publication, given the paucity of available competition and the (I believe) vast, unrecognized market for this type of thing...

As to the manner I want to go forward, and what you can do to help, I'd like to start with this:

Download the high resolution version
Print 10 copies at the local Kinko's or whatever (it's a bit of cash, I know and I apologize)
Distribute sparsely in areas likely to be trafficked by college aged men, preferably with as little female traffic as possible
email a link to all your contacts

That should be enough if enough of you do it.

As for helping in the production of the upcoming issues, I need the following:

Graphic Designers (from people willing to draw things like pie charts, to those wanting to help with overall design)
People with "sales skills"
People who can write
***People who can research available information***

People in or closely associated with:
Law Professions (Family especially)
Health Professions (from Medical through Psychological)
Marketing / PR firms
Social Services
Government / Politics
These people would be needed more for perspective than anything resembling advice, for instance a lawyer would help understand immensely the accuracy of an article on Family Law. Better yet, that lawyer could write the article. :)

Don't see your skillset? Not to worry, I also need:

*People to gather contact info for morning radio shows in your local market*
Computer / Technical people for hosting/distribution issues
Someone to help me organize all this info so I can use it when needed
People to forward on interesting articles they come across

I'm sure more will occur to me as time goes by....

As for the Editorial direction I want this to go in, I want you the reader to understand that this is a Men's ISsues magazine, not an anti-feminist one. Feminism as an ideology will doublessly crop up quite regularly in the articles, but I would like to take a male-centric stance on these issues (ie. falsely accused male IS the "real victim", not any fictional woman "afraid to come forward"). I also want as much fact as possible, with as many citations as possible. Inflammatory language is encouraged, but I'll edit out anything that is slanderous (obviously) or belligerent (ironically).

Each issue will ideally be devoted to, well, an Issue. The next one is Marriage, Divorce, and Child Custody. Articles can (and hopefully will) encompass imbalanced custody laws, Child Support (history and current practices), no fault divorce (and related issues), the breakdown of the family / single motherhood...you see the panoply of articles possible....

This is not an ego thing, this is about making a difference...and quickly. We have a worldwide talent pool to draw from, so this shouldn't be hard. It doesn't pay (yet), but the idea of taking this magazine commercial (don't worry, everyone will get a share if that happens, including past contributors) has definitely crossed my mind.

I also very much want to get a PUA perspective in the magazine, along with MGTOW, etc. If this is aimed at college aged men, it wouldn't hurt to have stuff they probably read online in there...

Anyway, I'm out of Gas for now. More when I think of it I suppose....

Oh yeah, the email you should use to get in touch is mrm.magazine@gmail.com


  1. I openly encourage all men to do whatever they can to make MRmagazine a success! I have printed more than ten copiesand will distribute them wherever I can. We men NEED this magazine and I am going to be actively promoting it.

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