Sunday, November 8, 2009

A call...

As some of you may already know, I have begun to create a series of "magazines" centered around men's issues, the first issue of which was entitled "The Counter Feminist Issue". The second issue is being (slowly) put together right now, the theme of which is Marriage, Divorce, and Child Custody.

The purpose of this magazine is NOT commercial, but rather a quick and easy resource to point to when questioned about our issues. The sheer enormity of what faces us is working against us, and while the web is an excellent resource, it doesn't take the place of a quick, prepackaged (no searching) magazine.

With this in mind, I am putting out a call to anyone who fancies taking a crack at tackling some of these issues in an article. Anything from the prospect of marriage to the average guy, through Family Court injustice, through child custody hell, including false assignation of paternity...hell, there's a whole book in those subjects alone..

The point is, I want issue- and solution-driven articles, that outline clearly the actual mechanics of the process. I hope to show through the entirelty of the magazine that all these "punishments" that many women seem to be OK with men suffering are seriously going to affect them, and it doesn't matter if they're "like that" or not. I want to show the injustice, and the effects of such.

I have been asked if this is an ego thing, the answer is no. Is this a commercial thing? Hopefully, but right now it serves a purely informational purpose. Also, I am not asking for new work, just anything you may have that's germaine, or anything you know of that struck you as a good article.

If you would be so kind as to email these links and articles to my Gmail account, mrm.magazine (a)

This is not to be a feminist bashing magazine (fun as that is), I want to keep it purpose driven, but the odd crack is no big deal. :)

I know this is "spam", but I'm hoping given the cause that it'll be ok to post...


  1. I saw Fedrz post this on the Spearhead....

    Are you and Fedrz the same person?

  2. Never mind, I read "Factory" as "Fedrz" for some reason.

  3. Factory,

    I may be interested in writing an article, particularly on the Divorce Machine/Divorce Regime, and prospective steps to dismantle the various interests and unchecked mechanisms that drive the violations of father's rights.

    If you are interested in me writing an article, please tell me the submission guidelines, including length parameters. I'd be interested in hearing from you.