Thursday, March 19, 2009

Misunderstood my ass.

What a lot of the feminists that come on these MRA boards and sites miss, and what is also paradoxically the most important thing for them to learn, is that MRA's are not "leading" anyone. We are the bleeding edge of a much larger social attitude, we're simply more vocal about injustice.

Maybe that's because many of us have nothing left to lose, maybe it's because we have children that we want to see in a happy, healthy relationship. Maybe it's just because we're really fucking tired of the abuse heaped upon us daily.

But we are not telling anyone what to do, or supplying men in general with anything for that matter...(we don't have that kind of political reach). We simply say out loud what most men are thinking...

Feminist man-haters come here and elsewhere to try and argue against many of the issues MRA's have raised. This is all fine and good, since any political position is, and should be, assailable. The fact that these selfsame feminists accuse men and MRA's of "misunderstanding" feminism, given their collective (lack of) grasp of Men's Issues, betrays their desire not to engage and understand men and MRA's, but to misdirect, muffle, and otherwise frustrate efforts for reform.

We understand it all right. We understand it just fine. It is a movement dedicated to removing every last vestige of male power (leaving men, obviously, powerless)...i.e. "The Patriarchy". It is a movement that has continuously, and vocally, denigrated men...and continues to do so to this day. It is a movement that has promoted a negative male image consistently, and looks at Masculinity as a social disorder, and testosterone as a poison.

It is man hate.

As to the feminists who would "never act like that" (and neither do ANY of their friends..of course), the inability to admit even ONE thing done to men, in the name of women, by feminists, betrays their moral position.

The inability to admit men have a serious image problem (created via feminist rhetoric), that we are aggressively put down in every area, we are routinely denied opportunity while women get incentives, our problems are ignored or diminished, and resisted at every turn when we try and balance things a bit...and all the while they blame lawmakers, and society, and ad if these people came to these conclusions all by themselves...

It's the sheer refusal to believe women have had it much better than men for decades, if not for history...

In other words...these feminists who care for men so much, betray their hatred of men every single time they minimize men's suffering, every single time they try and steer the conversation away from men and onto women, every single time they defend not funding men's initiatives because "there's already not enough"...(lady, there will NEVER be enough for your type to share...).

If you want to see a man hater...bring up men's rights.

If they laugh, or deny, or misdirect, or place women above men....well, you have your answer.

It really IS that simple.

Excellent summary:

Monday, March 16, 2009

I agree with Marc...

I just read an interesting article by Marc Rudov, and it's one that I think every man needs to take to heart. I know, both by personal experience and through observation, that women are very much just as horny, if not more so, as men.

No really, it's true.

I've worked in sex shops (ever notice how many more dildos and vibrators there are than pocket pussies and molded asses? And lots of them aren't cheap either! Some of those vibrators were over a hundred dollars for crying out loud).

Anyway, Marc basically made the point that women are using sex as a method of control over men...or rather the promise of sex. What he wants men to understand is if they stopped doing the bullshit for a little while, women would get so horny they'd start to pursue rather than manipulate.

And mutual pursuit is far healthier than a relationship founded on manipulation and denial in my books.

MGTOW, the Ghost Nation, those guys are the extreme of this approach. The rest of us can still pursue women all we want (obviously), but please for God's sake stop buying women stuff. ESPECIALLY gifts to impress or apologize. That behaviour really does beg for manipulation, and more importantly...YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

That's right. You don't have to apologize when you know you're right. She doesn't either, even if she's wrong, but what does that say about her character?

It's time we started judging women's behaviour, and calling them on their shit. It's time we stopped playing the game their way. If enough of us wake up, it'll be over before you know it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Things women don't want to hear...

Here's a thing that makes me laugh. More and more you hear about the concept of "going John Galt". If you haven't heard of it yet, the concept is simply working less to pay less taxes. It's a cost / benefit analysis where the increased free time is worth more than the paltry after tax financial return. And it means a lot of high achievers are becoming less and less ... high achieving.

Granted, this will have the effect of fathers being able to spend more time with their children...but I doubt very much that was intended.

But all that aside, I find it funny that the very same type of person to feel affront at the idea of working less to avoid punitive taxation also misses the boat on why "men won't commit".

Look at it this way:

A relationship is work. Everyone knows that. And sometimes the workplace carries risks that go beyond the typical (like death or disfigurement). The people that do those jobs choose to do so for the higher pay (otherwise no one would do it...too dangerous). So, when increased risk, or harder work, result in greater rewards men will step up to the plate and do what has to be done. Those who "go John Galt" do so because the rewards have been diminished to the point where it's no longer desireable to continue working so hard.

And here's the "giggle"... The same principle applies to relationships. Women listen up....

If you wish to continue to increase the cost of being in a relationship, as in increased risk of ruin at any potential ending, or blindsided by accusations, or taken to the cleaners for 18 years, or abused with zero public sympathy, you will find fewer and fewer men interested. To simultaneously demand more of your partner, and demand fewer requirements on yourselves.....well, you're pretty much dooming yourself to an old age alone in a house full of cats.

The part you need to take note of here is that it doesn't matter ONE BIT that neither you nor anyone you know would ever do "that sort of thing". What matters is that these things are not only possible, some of them are legal strategies! Your silence, your acceptance of this atrocity is directly analogous to NAZI Germany and all those citizens that did and said nothing. If you like men, and you want relationships back, then you absolutely MUST start looking at Feminism objectively, ask why things have gotten the way they are, ask who and what are responsible, and ask who stands in the way of changes to address the issues men face.

You will find a Feminist standing there each and every time.

These people are destroying your relationships, your families, your happiness....all for a few bucks and the thrill of telling other people what to do. You're casting away happiness to enable purveyors of narcissistic emotional junkfood to make money by destroying society.

Stand up to them! Speak your mind, knowing there are others who agree with you. If you love men, if you believe in Gender Equality, if you see no reason for the hatred and demonization of men, if you want your son to have as much success as your daughter, if you can't stand the injustices men face every day based solely on the fact they're male....then for God's sake SAY SOMETHING!

MRA's sometimes tell me that I shouldn't get so my arguments. That we need to enlist women, be nice, blah blah blah. I think this is bullshit.

I personally think that women in general should be encouraged to speak up and oppose Feminist injustices, but after an awareness period, I believe silence is support. So what is it, do women care about men, or are they throwing us under a bus?

I guess we'll see...