Sunday, February 7, 2010

Click this link, see what Male Studies is all about!!!


  1. When I first heard about this, I figured it was either pretty good or really bad. Really good as in they'll teach how Men and Boys are denegrated in today's society and overcoming the injustice we face each day. Really bad as in a bunch of feminists teaching the class in a "patriarchy hurts men too!" slur.

    Overall, I think this is... good. Probably not really good from what I've seen since I'm sure not many Men are going to take the classes if it's only for one major (Men's studies), and if that's anything like Women's studies, it'll have little reward outside the university.

    What do you think, Factory?

  2. I think that Academia is certain to be the foremost battleground we need to win to gain acceptance in the public at large. Like it or not, we live in an age of "experts", and until we have them to say what men experience (which, incidentally, COULD be wildly divergent from the experiences of your average's possible), no one gets to say...

    With actual studies, actual data, and an academic counterpoint to the myriad Feminist studies released each year, men have a chance at being heard.,

    But until men are studied as a Sex, no one can say for certain to what extent bias plays a role in our daily lives.

    Thankfully, I'm an MRA... I think this is a great step in the right direction, but the literal meaning of MRA applies..

    I want legal equality.

    This course goes a long way towards changing the attitudes that support the cultural bias that allows legal inequality to continue. The more we get the word out there that men are people too, the faster the acceptance of said truth.

    And University Students LOVE counter-culture.

    And that can only help speed legislative change.

  3. I agree with factory. The point here is also that male studies can become a breeding ground for activists. Women's studies graduates women all the time that go on to work in government, the legal and educational systems, etc.

    All it takes in any of those areas is a handful of reasoned voices that refused to be silenced to make a world of difference.

    The whole package is good here.

  4. That such a thing as male studies is thought to be needed at all seems to me to be a terrible indictment of how bad things have become. Some how it just smells of the very thing that I most oppose in the present set up. That is the idea that we need 'experts' to guide us and tell us who we are. Having to be taught how to be a man negates being a man in the first place.

    This idea is also just another example of surrendering ones own judgement to those of academics and psychologists. These are the very people who have lead us down the garden path in the first place.

    All in all I see this as a sorry development and one which can only lead to more confusion and decline.

  5. This assumes the public will be as accepting of "victimhood for men" as it has been for women, and I think there's no way in hell that'll ever happen.

    The Men's Movement is based upon justice, and equal rights...not reparations, and special privelege. Furthermore, I don't think the public would ever support such a take on mens issues...

  6. One thing that comes to mind when thinking about this is that thoughout my 20 year involvement in these sort of things virtually every change has been a change for the worst. Even those changes that at first seemed hopeful ened up being a backwards step.

  7. I'd disagree with that statement quite a bit. The public just hasn't seen the full extent of the damage yet...that might explain your outlook too. Depressing? Yes. Getting better? Maybe.

  8. Believe me I would like to see things getting better. Superficially some things look promising. There is certainly more grumbling going on that can be detected. But when it comes to the substantial matters I can not see improvements. For example here in the UK there is about to be a General Election. Both of the main parties will fight this election using imposed women only short list to select candidates. So no matter what the outcome there will be more women MPs. So you see in terms of the acquisition of power women are still advancing. There is also an increase in anti male child related legislation that is being applied currently. I won't delay you with the details.