Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Mens Rights Movement, and going public...

There's no longer any doubt about it. The Mens Rights Movement needs to develop a branding message.

I know, it sounds crass and high-falutin' at the same time, but it's true.

We have entered an almost propaganda-war stage of our evolution, where our issues are ignored and mischaracterized, our members cast as villians.

This is to be expected, of course, but that does not mean we can't deal with these things more effectively. For starters, we can stop responding to them in their own frames of reference (which we have largely's been a long time since I've seen someone begin a statement with “I don't hate women but...”). Second, we can start defining ourselves as a movement (which we have more work to do on, obviously).

Third, and the part I am specifically addressing here...we can recruit.

Which is, of course, the point of branding.

When people have no idea what you're about, or they hear false information louder than factual, they tend to form an opinion based on what they “heard”. It's the “everyone knows” factor, and ignore it at your peril.

Case in point? “Everyone knows” not all men are rapists...

We cannot sit back, let the Feminists cast us in a bad light, and believe people will investigate for themselves, and come around. That kind of thinking is EXACTLY why things got as bad as they are, and shouldn't even be on the MRM's RADAR.

Nope, it's time to bring the message to the public – in a cohesive, purposeful manner.

What do I suggest we do?

Well, as I understand it, Argus Eyes is setting up a site for central gathering of material. I propose we add a database of people with location, email, and skills (job, hobby, etc) known – regardless of what they are. These people would be available to take part in a task as they are able – from developing marketing material to making signs...

I also suggest a series of short YouTube “commercial” spots, both detailing what an MRA is, and what our issues are. As a possible addition, “attack ads” against those who stand in the way would garner a bit of attention I would think...

One page ads, and “billboard” ads, could be developed, and stored at full res on a server for use in whichever city someone wants to pay for a billboard in.. Come to think of it, a database of anti-male rhetoric spewed by politicians would be good to keep (video, text, etc)... That kind of thing would be most effective to be circulated via Facebook and the like whenever an election is called...

Anyone who knows cartooning could pitch in too.. :)

I would also like to see the “Mens Rights Manifesto” officially endorsed at the OnStep conference as the guiding principles to any male studies programme, which MAY forestall attempts to co-opt this program into “Gender Studies” programs.

We also need a logo, instantly recognizable as MRA in nature. Graphic Artists are worth their weight in gold. I simply refuse to believe there's not one GA in the whole MRM, there's no way that could be possible.... So step up, we need you!

It goes without saying that the aforementioned efforts MUST be of the highest professional caliber. We cannot afford to present an amateurish facade if we expect to be taken seriously.

These efforts are absolutely VITAL to be taken care of now.... actually, not now, but RIGHT NOW. The twisting of the MRM is already happening, and we have done nothing to counter it... an EXACT repeat of how Feminism got us in the first place. We can NOT allow it to happen again.

So...get off your ass, and help out. We can do this.


  1. The main reason for the "twisting", is that too many people are saying politically stupid things which give ammunition to the enemy.

    The question is, how do we shut those people up?

    The answer is, that we don't, because we can't.

    What we CAN do is create a "column" of rhetorically disciplined preachers who stay within a certain frame of reference and can be depended on to NOT say certain things.

    This central, disciplined Voice will develop into an intellectual center of gravity that will gradually overshadow the fringe of babbling fools who don't understand how to govern their mouths properly.

    A logo would be an excellent idea, since it offers a visual focal point - and the game here is to create focus in every way possible.

    I would also suggest an invite-only forum where the more competent thinkers and writers can submit proposals, position papers, action plans, etc....

  2. I like your ideas and I like your videos but there could be issues with regard to organisation such as this.

    Coming from the Libertarian movement myself, we have always shied away from an organisied structure as structures can be taken over and used against the very people who we are trying to help.

    From a male viewpoint, I think the adage: "one man can make a difference" is true. Throughout western history it is always the "one-man" making the difference.

    For women, it is always the sisterhood - groups - that change or attempt to change - hence your accurate points about Feminism being a Marxist/Communist attempt to undermine the Male bedrock - family.

    Once this bedrock has gone - like a Samson who has his hair cut off - there is only strength left to pull the pillars down.

    Wait - a second.....Samson - had his hair cut off by Delilah, made him less masculine, summoned his strength to pull the pillars down....

    There you go - your iconic figure can be Samson - standing between 2 pillars - ready to push the fuckers down.....

  3. Heres a link to a picture - but it would have to be stylised.

  4. I think the organization that works best in this instance is like a group of independant units. Each takes on a project with an eye towards what the others are doing....

    The point to the message board is to have people with actual projects that are underway able to connect with those who want to help. It's not autocratic any more than each individual project, but those who are actually doing things would sort of form a defacto "council" responsible for shaping the image of the Mens Movement...

  5. I want to wear a sandwich sign that says. "I am Man. Don't abuse me!!" And I'll dance on the street corners and hand out pamphlets.
    ON the other side of my sandwich sign it will say "Honk if you think women smell funny."