Friday, April 9, 2010

Mainstream media proves their Feminist bona fides, as expected.

So the initial reaction is in on Male Studies from several media sources, such as Newsweek, as well as online sources such as Salon and the like...

You know what I see in these articles?

Bigotry. Fear. Ridicule as argument against. Etc.

In fact, I would bet these same sorts of things were said about Feminism right at the early stages. Not that I care..

It's obvious these people do not want a Male perspective on anything to become well known, or widely accepted. Only Feminist-filtered thoughts can be taught to men about themselves (Men's/Gender Studies).

Want proof of the last?

Every single argument against Male Studies has included the existing Mens Studies as reason why Male Studies is superfluous. None of these arguments address why men themselves might find Mens Studies to be little more than re-wording Gender Feminist Man Hate into PHMT arguments. None of these arguments even acknowledge, let alone address, ANY of the main issues men face.

In fact, MOST of these articles describe blatant inequality ("Feminism is fighting to expand PARENTAL leave, you know - including MEN") without once admitting MEN HAVE NO PARENTAL RIGHTS, and MEN HAVE NO REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, and furthermore, that Feminist ideologues ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.


Needless to say the transparent hypocrisy and sexist hatred and contempt are so thick as to be choking at times....

Yeah, there's need for a Male Studies department...and to the multitudes of men who thought this sort of course was "silly" these responses again. Read what these women are saying about men, their lives, and what "should be"important to men. Read what the editorial stance is of the newspaper or magazine you're you agree with their assessment of who YOU are?

Do these people REALLY speak for you?

If not, take a Male Studies the foundation, anything...

Just get these bigots out of a position where they feel ENTITLED enough to tell men what they should care about...

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