Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anonymity for Rape Defendants - Make Your Voices Heard in England!

"I have published 2 or 3 posts at the Counter-Feminist, concerning a proposal now before the UK Parliament to extend anonymity in rape cases to defendants. This proposal came hard upon the heels of a recent electoral upset which unseated the Labour government that had formerly ruled the country—and had made itself widely hated through its corrupt, abusive, tyrannical behavior.

The new regime in Great Britain is a coalition divided between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

So. . the anonymity proposal of the Lib-Con coalition has been attacked by feminists and Labourites (the two are somewhat synonymous), and a motion in Parliament, called the Early Day Motion 150, has been put forward. This motion attempts to block the anonymity proposal and preserve the status quo—in which men who are merely ACCUSED of rape may have their identities published to the world at large in spite of any adverse consequences, and despite the fact that the accusers are shielded by law from such publicity."


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