Friday, June 11, 2010

It's about Goddamn time!

The UK actually has real political will to help men in some way? Ok sure, it's only one person, but if this woman were anywhere near me, I'd MOVE if that's what I had to do to vote for her:

THE COUNTY’S newest MP used her maiden speech in the House of Commons to highlight domestic abuse and the lack of provision for male victims in Oxfordshire.

She also praised a county initiative to make it easier for all victims to access help and support.

Nicola Blackwood, who won the Oxford West and Abingdon seat by just 176 votes in last month’s General Election, told the Commons that domestic incidents accounted for 16 per cent of violent crime and added: “Despite the fact that most people still think of it as a women’s issue, a third of victims are men.”

The 30-year-old Conservative MP said: “Although roughly a third of victims are male, only one per cent of refuge space is available for men.

“In Oxfordshire, there is no provision for male victims fleeing domestic abuse.”

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