Thursday, June 10, 2010

A post I believe I want to share...

The following is a post on Reddit regarding the Abortion for Men debate. many of the Feminists there argue that men SHOULD have this right - an interesting development. Some, or rather MOST, see the current situation as not going far enough, or 'just right'.

Here is my response:

Legal rights are legal rights. You either have them, or you don't.

Men don't.

The majority seem to be arguing that this state of affairs is neither remarkable, nor unjust - that men are jerks if they don't 'step up' to support the mother's sole decision.

Most of these issues inter-relate, all of which add up to some pretty dire consequences that precious few of you Feminist types give ANY consideration to, which baffles me to no end, since it would explain a lot of stuff to you...

For instance:

Men have no choice in Reproduction, unintended consequences of which mean at least 18 years of poverty (yes, the child support tables in Canada specifically give the lion's share of 'disposable income' at nearly all income levels to the 'custodial parent'. Commonly referred to as 'indentured servitude'.

Sexual harassment laws are skewed HEAVILY toward discouraging men's normal 'overtures' in a work setting, using lecherous bosses as the excuse...all the while championing women's 'right' to be 'sexy' at work (the female form of sexual harassment - if you choose to recognize such things). The very act of introducing yourself as a man is becoming criminalized (see: attempts to criminalize the 'male gaze' and 'catcalling').

The ever-expanding definition of 'rape' (yes, I know this is a political sacred cow), coupled with an 'always believe the woman' mindset, has led to demonstrable risk of imprisonment with every single sexual encounter. The current legal stance of 'guilty until proven innocent' (her word is gold until proven otherwise) as evidenced by Duke, Hofstra, Tailhook, etc. ad nauseum - coupled with the publicity and social ostracism even in the face of an 'innocent' verdict (which most people equate to 'he got away with it'), make the very real possibility of mistaking a psychopath bent on imprisoning as many men as possible for an amorous invitation likely (like recently in the UK - one accused killed himself, so she did it again to another guy), if not inevitable. There is never, in a man's entire lifetime, a single sexual encounter that he can be assured he will not be prosecuted for at some time in the future, since it's been shown repeatedly that he does not actually have to have committed this particular crime to 'pay' for it anyway.

DV/restraining orders are another source of concern, and for much of the same reason rape laws are so unfair. The decision to 'err on the side of caution' directly translates into 'treat the man like a criminal'. These are routinely used in divorce situations for legal advantage, as readily admitted to by nearly every Bar Association. But they are also used as sympathy ploys, or one means to harass a man through the legal system. Conversely, consider for a moment all the women doing things like shooting their husband in the BACK, while he's sleeping, claiming 'battered WOMEN's defense' and then not only serving less than 6 MONTHS for murder (hey, it's only a man after all), she GETS CUSTODY of the kids to the applause of Feminists everywhere! (I know that sure makes ME feel safe at night. But she 'would NEVER do that! Right...?)

Which brings up Family Court. Here in Canada the 'primary residence' for children is with the mother 93% of the time.


Can anyone seriously attempt to explain away this bias? Oh yeah sure, it's Teh Patriarchy's fault and all that nonsense...if so, where are the Feminist voices trying to Stamp it Out?

All of these things, taken in part, are serious problems in need of study at the bare minimum (from a non-Feminist perspective...I'm afraid Feminist 'scholarship' leaves much to be desired). Taken together, all you women, ask yourself this...

Would YOU be happy with the situation? Want to jump into relationships with both feet would you? Knowing all this, would you EVER trust someone who could do that to you not only with society's blessing, but HELP?

Me either.


  1. This the C4M movement (also known Choice for Men). I first heard about it in 1991 on the internet but older MRA's tell me it goes back beyond that.

    Here's the fundamental idea: If women are able to get an abortion EITHER due to "privacy" in the USA Constitution (even as this "privacy" right doesn't allow us to do drugs, buy hookers, etc. but that's off topic), anyways, OR women are able to get abortions because abortion isn't murder and it's just cells being sucked out... EITHER WAY it's HER choice.

    So it's rather amusing to hear chivalrous men or self-serving women then claim that, apparently, a man "co-creates" children at conception which then go into some kind of parallel universe while the fetus is just a blob of cells and then is magically reincarnated at birth as "half" his responsibility (or more than that financially if the woman can get it.)

    It's such a wonderfully female centric point of view that makes the child into chattel, human cattle.

    Think for a moment: What kind of woman would do such a thing? If she's "pro life" and is sleeping around and then decides to have children out of wedlock, then she's admittantly grossly incompetent and it should be asked why she should be a single mother to begin with. It also explains why so many criminals come out of single mother households and not just due to poverty.

    But the other side of the coin is even more telling: What kind of woman thinks abortion is alright but then chooses NOT to get one anyway and exploit the kid to make another human being into a slave? What kind of relationship does she have with her child and the father? What kind of morally bankrupt monster does such a thing?

    It doesn't surprise me considering that when I was young I surmised the moral laxness of such women from the moment I met them. They played little passive-aggressive games, tried to stick men for dates even as they preached "equality", and often continually griped about their personal problems as if the world ran around them without any concern for anyone else.

    The USA appears to be FULL of such women. Not all of them, but a majority of women have the morality of a 19th century slave trader. And I put a lot of this blame on men who never call them on it. One needed join an MRA organization or even vote but simply stand up for themselves and their fellow men in incidents in their daily lives.

    Anyways, even as chivalrous society doesn't see a problem with the above women-do-as-they-please paradigm while men-must-be-saints, but problem is one of practicality. A society that expects men to be perfect responsible fathers if they have a child out of wedlock, but treats them all as criminals winds up driving away good men and leaving bad.

    And this is why Obama's pontificating about how fathers need to stick around, especially considering his own family background, are hilarious.

    Anyways, the sexual revolution is over (check out Austin Powers) and the main goal of most smart, heterosexual young women has come full circle to finding a breadwinning man to fund them to be a mother before the age of 40. At the same time, however, the traditional moral virtues of female chastity have been blown away, or shall we say, Monica Lewinskyed? Such women can't play that card anymore especially after having destroying the incentives men were given in traditional courtship.

  2. I don't think many women realize yet the extent to which their entire sex has screwed up their own chances at happiness.

    I find, typically, that most women don't think the repurcussions should apply to them, even though they admit to sucking the Teat of Public Largesse frequently. They believe they're 'not like that' (and what woman, really, has ever admitted to it), and should therefore not have to deal with a generation or two of men that are this fed up with women's crap.

    It's funny, but sad. Even stranger, when you tell them why it's happening, and how common it is....they GET MAD AT MEN!

    How utterly ridiculous.

    When this whole thing comes crashing down around women's ears, and no one cares for their 'suffering', I wonder how many will actually admit to their crap.