Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Questions for David Cameron

Hey Mr Cameron, I've got some questions for you.

You say youth violence is the fault of absent Dads. So, can you tell me this:

What about government policies that stand in the way of fatherhood? Are there any efforts to enforce the visitation Dads are legally entitled to? Why are you not trying to find out what is behind this rise in Fatherlessness? For that matter isn't it time we started holding women accountable for their own choices? Isn't it about time men had reproductive choice to mirror women's, or do you want to continue to put the financial burden for women's choices on individual men – to enable more Government money for vote-buying programs for 'single mothers'?

Why does government do nothing to assure that Paternity is only assigned to the actual father? For that matter, why is there no policy in place to assure men, as a matter of course, that the child they are signing the Birth Certificate of is actually his? How can we take your 'fatherhood is important' type bullshit shaming language seriously when you don't even care if it's the real father yourself...any old man will do for your purposes after all. If you define fatherhood as 'any man who takes responsibility for a child', why is it not fair to say that since Daddy Government is taking 'responsibility', that Daddy Government is freaking responsible...for Daddy Government's own choices.

Accountability, it works on the National scale too.

What about government's role in education, the failure of boys for the last 3 decades and the utter disaster that was the political non-response to this impending crisis. Why are there no 'outreach programs' for boys, particularly white ones? Why the lack of scholarships and why do they still mostly exclude white males? Why is there no effort to hire and train more male teachers, and why are there no safeguards being put in place to make sure they don't lose their career and freedom to the first kid with a grudge and a willingness to accuse him of impropriety?

How much policy is geared towards understanding, and actually easing, the concerns of young (and old) men? Why is it that Government can't focus on 'men' as a Demographic, and how much is that near-Religious aversion to particular modes of thinking affecting what is happening today? More importantly, why should that particular ideology hold sway over any other?

What about the rank-and-file folks? How is their attitude and what are their policies, official and unofficial? Why has Government not used it's vast sexism-seeking apparatus in BOTH directions?

And finally, you cowardly little pissant, why the hell don't you talk to Fathers Rights groups when you 'investigate' these things?

Answer me these things with any kind of satisfaction and I'll shut up forever.

A safe bet, I'm sure.


  1. Did you e-mail him a link to this? And/or the text of it in toto?

  2. No I haven't. I guess I probably should eh?