Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Zeta Masculinity: a proto curriculum.

The Path to Zeta Masculinity: a proto curriculum.  
I hear the complaint that there's no good source of info on basic mens rights issues a lot.  So, I started hanging on to links of articles that explain certain issues.  While I do read a limited number of sites, it just so happens most of these articles are reproduced on one or two might as well give em the traffic.

This is what I would consider a bare minimum of understanding.  There is obviously no need to agree  with all of this, only that you are aware of the basic positions outlined.  This goes double for Game Theory and stuff...dismissing that out of hand means you leave a LOT of potential effectiveness on the table...refusing to even consider the viewpoint beforehand is even worse.,

Anyway, click links as you feel inclined, but this is a decent collection of articles to start with.  And yes, I'm quite aware there are huge holes in this 'curriculum'...if you have an article to add, feel free to leave a  link in the comments...


Relationships, Women, and Game

Just Be Yourself Rollo Tomassi

War Brides Rollo Tomassi

The Sixteen Commandments Of Poon Heartiste

Case Study – Wanted: New Daddy Rollo Tomassi

Game is the Red Pill Hawaiian Libertarian

Dating and Value -Living Life Without a Net 

“Guys Lust, Women Love,” and Other Lies CMDN

The Un-Marriageable Evangelical American Princess CMDN

Operative Social Conventions Rollo Tomassi

Don’t Get Married Heartiste 

Men’s Liberation Through “Game” Delusion Damage

Relationship Dynamics Hawaiian Libertarian

Final Exam – Navigating the SMP Rollo Tomassi



Male Disposability


The Meaning of Sacrifice Rollo Tomassi

They Were Expendable Elusive Wapiti

Man-Bashing On The Road to Serfdom Elusive Wapiti 

The Invisible Man Ken Knight

Boys: The Second-Class Citizens Pierce Harlan

Legal Issues

Reframing Christian marriage Dalrock

Marriage and the Snake Oil Jesus CMDN

Caveat Amator Ken Kupstis

Equal Protection Under the Law Una Salus Victus

The biggest financial decision a young man will ever make Ethical

Tying the Knot in the Age of Marriage 2.0

Top Ten Divorce Attorney Dirty Tricks Hasmat

The Primary Caregiver Fraud Professor F. M. Christensen

Marriage Isn’t About Perpetual Happiness CMDN

How Rape Laws Remove the Presumption of Innocence S.A.V.E.

The Childishness of the Public Discourse About Rape Pierce Harlan

The legal infirmities in punishing 'sexual coercion' COTWA

Not enough falsely accused "to worry about" . . . . Seriously? COTWA

The Eye of Sauron AfOR

Media, Cultural Expectations and Mainstream Misandry


Why won’t these Peter Pan manboys man up and marry aging flighty selfish career gal sluts already? Dalrock

The Wall Rollo Tomassi

Patriarchy for Dummies Paul Elam

The Secret of Life: Shut up and Shovel the Fuckin’ Gravel. Zed

The Pathologization of Positive Aggression Joe Zamboni

The Baby Bomb: How the Boomers were Used to Demolish a Culture Zed

Effacing the Male: Gender, Misrepresentation, and Exclusion in the Kosovo War Adam Jones

Everyone Lives through History, We Just don’t Realize It… Zed

Guilty As Charged: How the American News Media Blithely Destroys Men Accused of Rape Pierce Harlan

Speaking with Zed: Interview With an Underground Warrior Paul Elam

MGTOW vs WGTOW Captain Capitalism

Who Eats the Mushroom? Zed











  1. what is "zeta masculinity"? never heard the term before.

  2. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.