Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Angst, the angst...oh God, the angst....

All the handwringing of the political classes (at least, that of the rightward-leaning variety) over this election was almost as predictable as the media shilling for the Dems.  The current issue at hand seems to be "where is the White Voter?'

Of course, no one seems to be stating the painfully obvious - completely in accordance with the obfusticating behaviour of the chattering classes that is now par for the course.  The 'hidden' solution to such questions is to do what nearly anyone versed in Philosophy, Science, etc CLAIMS to be second nature.

Ask the right friggin questions, and you'll get useful information.

But as always, there is no doubt in my mind that the 'analysts' surrounding media driven political whining will fail, as it has so predictably thus far, to ask anything even remotely resembling relevant questions.

Here's one to start with:

What did this election say to anyone not female or of a 'minority' class?

Absolutely fuck all, that's what.

I just finished reading an article called "The Case of the Missing White Voters", which does a fairly convincing job of laying out a basic truth:

It was not an increase in 'minority' votes that decided this election.  It was a precipitous drop in White participation that did it.

But, as is so typical of the chronically myopic media, again, this is not the whole story.  A more salient data point would be the White Male vote...what happened?  Of course it's not politically correct to express anythig resembling concern for white this line of questioning is buried, as are so many other concerns of white men, in as generic an approach as possible.

Here's my prediction (doesn't anyone writing on political issues get to issue one of those?):

When someone finally comes up with the balls to ask the right question, they will find that white males have not only continued their long decline of interest in politics, they have nearly outright abandoned any pretense of giving a shit anymore.

Why?  Because none of the candidates have addressed anything remotely important to white males in damn near 30 years.  Look at the last campaign while it's fresh in your much of the rhetoric, what percentage of the platitudes, were even tangentially aimed at getting the white male vote?

Leave aside the 'generic' issues like the economy, or taxes, or any of that stuff (unless you truly believe ONLY white males care about this which case put on this dunce cap and go sit in the corner), and try and find ONE issue that speaks to men directly.

White males are looking at elections of all kinds, and are increasingly seeing nothing at all in it for them.  So why vote?  Where are the politicians speaking about boys education and self esteem issues?  Where are the politicians pointing out the obvious hypocrisy sold as 'equality' that punishes white males specifically?

In short, speaking as a white male, just what the fuck difference does it make to me WHO gets to hold the reins, when every candidate seems to be fighting over the best method to fuck me and mine over for the benefit of others?

It's beyond comprehension that the entire Republican party is as stupid as they would have to be to ignore this reality.  It is also beyond comprehension that the strategists involved would disregard the white male vote to that extent.

The problem is, it's PAINFULLY obvious that they are indeed that stupid.  And then some.

Here's a hint Republicans:  when the only difference between the two parties is the method advocated for bleeding the 'priveleged oppressors' dry...well, NEITHER of you deserve our support.  And Democrats get by just fine without us.  So, as long as you continue to ignore the ugly reality in front of you, and take the white male vote for granted, you will continue to have your ass handed to you.

And it goes without saying that in such a case, you richly deserve the political drubbing you will continue to take.

As to the Democrats:  well, you know which side your bread is buttered on, obviously, so what can a guy like me offer?  At least you're not trying to pursue the exact same losing strategy every time, hoping that this time things will work out 'right'.  Which, I suppose, makes you a lot less moronic than the average Republitard.

I'm not an American, and frankly that makes me very happy indeed at times like this.  The USA is one fucked up place, probably beyond redemption actually, and the pie-in-the-sky thinking of the 'elites' that has made it so, if you ask me.

But then again, y'all are too busy watching Here Comes Honey Boo really, the whole fucking lot of you deserve what you get.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch.

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  1. The problem is, it's PAINFULLY obvious that they are indeed that stupid. And then some

    yr essay is right on-point, but the problem has v little to do with stupidity

    it's about willful denial

    whether left or right, there can be no discussion of the 40-year crushing of males, and especially white males, and their obvious mass disconnection from not only voting, but participation in western cultures that make no secret of despising them, and that take every opportunity to destroy their lives

    this is the truth that cannot be spoken anywhere in western cultures -- obviously, it's also why so many white guys are driving cars into office buildings and shooting up schools

    but. . . can't talk about that -- and solve the problem -- b/c that would mean acknowledging that a problem actually exists. . . and that means acknowleding that western societies persecute males, particularly white males

    and that CANNOT be acknowledged, b/c then the whole feminist victimocracy goes pfttt

    so the Silence continues, and the Beat goes on, and Barry's second term as Punisher in Chief will make american males think the first go-round was a picnic