Friday, January 25, 2013

Women in the military

The recent decision to 'include' women in combat decisions has a few people up in arms about such things as physical fitness standards and whatnot.

Hogwash I say.

First of all, obesity is a far bigger 'problem' by most accounts.  Second of all, the existence of these:

I remember watching a documentary about the college professor who developed exoskeleton technology, with the help of one of his grad students, who was a paraplegic.  The technology gave him the chance to walk again.  Stuff like this:

And as it turns out, that department is mentioned in the video. 

Point is, it's likely to get a whole lot more 'equal' on the battlefield, because infantry soldiers will begin to resemble pilots of robotic suits more than footsoldiers.

All this being the case, the only physical requirements a soldier would have, would relate purely to being able to do stuff wearing 'gun's n ammo only' type stuff...and as demonstrated by this tasty little morsel:

...such a thing is clearly possible.  Apparently, they even make lighter vests that accommodate even that has been taken care of.

Sure a little bit of this is a few years off n why 'allow' it now?  Doomsday/Obama's gonna-start-a-war conspiracies aside, a real good reason might be one women and feminists might find less appealing...

They might need the extra time to train the Chivalry out of the men.

Food for thought.

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