Friday, February 1, 2013

Rape is a 'Gendered Crime'?

Going as far back as the early 70's, Feminists have gleefully repeated the phrase "All men are rapists", if not in actual quote then definitely in intent.  This hateful view was ensconced in Law in the form of such things as the Rape Shield Law and whatnot, as we all know....but that's not the point of this note.

The feminist view of the crime itself is.

The claim 'Rape is a gendered crime' is flat out false, and the ironic application of the term 'Rape Culture' is all the proof needed.  You see, the term 'Rape Culture' was originally used to describe PRISON 'Rape Culture', but was co-opted by Feminists (who then erased any consideration of Prison rape from the public discourse).

So, how can Rape be a 'gendered crime' when it's plainly obvious that men are raped too (and supported by the adoption of a phrase used to describe this phenomenon)?

Because rape is 'gendered' in the Feminist eye as such:

"MEN rape".

Every single piece of feminist rape propaganda is aimed at driving this point home.  Not that rape is bad.  Not that it is a serious crime.  No, the point of all of it, is to lay the blame for the crime of rape at the feet of men.

All men.  As a sex.  Because they are men.  And men are 'evil'.

They twist and turn and jump through rhetorical hoops to try and hide this basic truth, sure, but not nearly as much as they would have to if people would actually call them on their Hate once in a while.

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